Traveling with your family is a marvelous way to create some incredible memories with them and share a bond that keeps growing. However, the cost of international travel can be a major barrier for many families, especially those on a tight budget.

Cheapest Countries to Visit from India with Family
Cheapest Countries to Visit from India with Family

Fortunately, there are many affordable countries that you can visit with your family from India that offer a range of experiences from culture to nature to adventure.

Today, we discuss some of the most popular and cheapest countries to visit from India with family members.

Top 7 cheapest countries to visit from India with family:


India to Nepal Packages starting from: ₹20k per person.

The first on the list of the most cheapest countries to visit from India with family is our neighboring country filled with towering Himalayan ranges, lush green forest lands and scenic rivers – Nepal.

Popular among tourists for the natural sights, the infamous temples, historic cities and so much more, Nepal attracts thousands of travellers from across the world.

Cheapest Countries to Visit from India with Family
Cheapest Countries to Visit from India

One of the most fascinating treks in the world, the Everest Base Camp Trek is a major USP for Nepal Tourism and is an experience considered to be heavenly by tourists, explorers and mountaineers alike.

Other than the natural beauty and an experience of a lifetime, Nepal also has something for people of all ages: fascinating temples with a lot of stories, incredible national parks with rhinos and elephants, the bustling Durbar Squares and more.

Some of the most worthy family destinations to travel in Nepal include: Chitwan National Park, Kathmandu, Pokhara and Manakamna Temple.

Sri Lanka

India to Sri Lanka Packages starting from: ₹30k per person

The next spot on our journey towards the cheapest countries to visit from India with family is this land of immense history, mythology and an incredible story that continues to live on for centuries.

Sri Lanka is believed to be the reminiscence of what once was the Golden Lanka of the Demon King, Ravana. It plays an important role in the Hindu epic Ramayana and the story of Lord Rama.

Other than the historic aspect and the culture of the nation, there are many other fascinating traits about the destination that attracts a lot of visitors from India and abroad towards it. These include the serene beaches, magnificent caves, ancient temples and a beautiful wildlife.

Cheapest Countries to Visit from India with Family
Cheapest Countries to Visit from India with Family

One of the most talked about destinations to visit in Sri Lanka is this ancient city of Anuradhapura, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which dates back to the 4th century BCE. You can explore the ruins and remains of the ancient civilization and learn more about how life was back then.

Some of the most popular destinations within the island country of Sri Lanka include: the Tooth Temple and the Dambulla Caves in Kandy, the wildlife in Yala National Park and the most exciting beaches filled with tranquil blue waters and adventure opportunities like surfing, snorkeling and diving, etc.

Other popular cultural sites in Sri Lanka include the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, and the Dambulla Cave Temples.


India to Thailand Packages starting from: ₹35k per person

As we move towards the south-eastern part of Asia, we come across this land immersed with culture, history, myths, adventures, beauty and whatnot.

We come across a must-visit destination among the list of the cheapest countries to visit from India with family – Thailand!

Thailand is a destination filled with fun adventures, colorful beaches, friendly people, exciting nightlife and mouth-watering delicacies.

There is nothing that could go wrong when it comes to exploring this wonderland of a country.

Bangkok, the capital city is filled with a vibrant and rich cultural heritage. You can explore spots like the Grand Palace, the Chatuchak Weekend Market and the Wat Phra Kaew for an incredible day trip around here.

Cheapest Countries to Visit from India with Family
Cheapest Countries to Visit from India with Family

Another popular destination for family travel, honeymoon or even a trip with friends in Thailand is none other than the island of Phuket. Famous for its beaches, water sports, sunsets and a calming vibe mixed with party fiesta, Phuket must not be missed during your visit to this country.

Another interesting thing that attracts thousands of visitors and travel/food bloggers from across the world to this country is its food! It offers a wide variety of mouth-watering delicacies on the streets and that too at affordable prices. You must try their pad thai, som tam and mango sticky rice which could be found at most of the food stalls across the country.

Other than the temples, the food attractions, the beaches and islands, Thailand also offers stuff for kids. You can visit places like the Bangkok Safari World and Marine Park, the Ayutthaya Historical Park and Chang Mai’s Night Safari which would all be loved by child explorers.

Also, how can one forget to mention the relaxing nature of the country. It does not have to be surprising that when a person mentions Thailand, we immediately go towards the term “Spa”.

Well there can be different layers to the word, I know. But the thing is, Thailand offers one of the world’s most incredible and rejuvenating spa treatments. You can book a family or couple spa and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere for hours.


India to Cambodia Packages starting from: ₹45k per person

Cambodia is our fourth destination when it comes to the most affordable or budget-freindly countries to visit for Indian families. And what’s not to love about it.

I mean even if we keep one of the most famous temples in the world, the Angkor Wat aside, the country still has so much more to offer.

One can spend days just exploring this temple in itself. But Cambodia is not a country that has nothing else to offer. It also has the Royal Palace and the SIlver Pagoda located in the Phnom Penh. Apart from this one can visit the incredible city of Siem Reap and visit the Banteay Srei Temple

Cheapest Countries to Visit from India with Family
Cheapest Countries to Visit from India with Family

One can also visit and shop souvenirs from the many marketing and street stalls spread at almost everywhere you go.

Do not forget to try the local delicacies like fish amok, kuy teav and the num pang while you are exploring the Cambodian streets.

Traveling with family means finding places that your children will love just as much as you did while exploring the temples, historic monuments, etc. And the best thing about Cambodia is that it offers many places that are made just so the kids can have fun and remember the country as well.

These places include the Angkor Butterfly Centre, exploring the Tonle Sap Lake and the Phare Ponleu Circus that takes place in Battambang.


India to Vietnam Packages starting from: ₹40k per person

Vietnam is a country which is highly rich in cultural and historic aspects. And is also considered to be one of the cheapest countries to visit from India with family and friends.

It is known for its pristine beaches, historic temples and flavorsome food.

When it comes to beaches, the Nha Trang, Phu Quoc and Da Nang are a few names that you need to remember and note down in your “To Do List” for a relaxing beach venture in Vietnam. You can have a relaxing evening spent there, enjoy water sports, take amazing photographs and experience one of the most brilliant sunsets ever.

Cheapest Countries to Visit from India with Family
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The ancient city of Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh are two of the most infamous ancient cities in the world. Both are famous for their history, wonderful architecture, bustling markets, old houses and temples.

The Ancient City of Hoi An has made it into the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites due to the history the city represents. While the Ho Chi Minh city has found popularity due to its street food along with the museums and historic structures as of lately.

Other family destinations in the country of Vietnam include amusement parks and wildlife parks one can explore with children, friends or even on a solo trip.


India to Malaysia Packages starting from: ₹45k per person

Just a little south of the previous destination, lies a modern, urban country called Malaysia.

Malaysia is an outstanding and incredibly popular destinations for Indian tourists – be it with family, with friends or with oneself.

It offers some of the most magnificent combination of natural wonders in the form of its beaches, the Borneo rainforests, the Batu Caves and urbanized destinations like the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

Other destinations one must visit when traveling around Malaysia is the island of Langkawi. You will find one of the most calming beach resorts, adventure activities, relaxing waves and fascinating golden hours around here.

Cheapest Countries to Visit from India with Family
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Another incredible, but lesser traveled destination around Malaysia is known as Malacca. Malacca has gained popularity for being one of the most fun, affordable weekend getaways for people around the country.

It offers rich history, culture, incredible colonial buildings, ancient landmarks and yummy local cuisines. Malacca is famous for its Chicken Rice Balls found in the Kedai Kopi Chung Wah Coffee shop.

The child-friendly activities in Malaysia include visiting the Sunway Lagoon Water Park in Lumpur, the Legoland Malaysia Theme Park in Johor Bahru and the Sabah Orangutan Rehabilitation Center.


India to Indonesia Packages starting from: ₹70k per person

Our next destination on the list of the cheapest countries to visit from India with family is the largest archipelago in the world: Indonesia.

Indonesia has over 17,000 islands and a rich cultural heritage with fun adventure activities, wonderful beaches, diverse wildlife and ancient temples.

Another aspect of the immense popularity of this country is due to the romantic atmosphere the place has. Not just one location, but the entirety of Indonesia feels as if someone just painted the skies with the color of love and romance throughout. That makes it one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations in the world for Indian couples.

The island of Bali situated in Indonesia is considered to be the one of the most attractive destinations across the world. It is known for it’s beaches, underwater ventures, Hindu temples and rice terraces – and also for those mischievous macaques you find running around the temples here.

Cheapest Countries to Visit from India with Family
Cheapest Countries to Visit from India with Family

The city of Yogyakarta is another great destination to explore in Indonesia for a family getaway. Home to the Prambanan Temples, the island of Komodo, the largest Buddhist temple in the world called Borobudur Temple in Jawa.

Komodo Dragons are in themselves a fascinating species, imagine an island covered with them. Komodo Island is an incredible place filled with these magnificent creatures and adventure activities for family trips.

Another destination that must not be skipped while traveling in Indonesia or Bali, is the Nusa Penida Island. An island colored with lush greens, the sea blues and the shining gold of the sun.

The Bali Safari and Marine Park, the Taman Mini Indonesian Culture Park in Jakrata and the Bali Bird Park are some of the child-friendly destinations to explore and experience in Indonesia.


There are many other places if you go hunting down the cheapest destinations to visit from India with family with a unique set of cultures, experiences, natural adventures and stories to tell.

So why wait, start planning your next big international trip with your family members in one of these fun places to explore.

Tell me in the comments below which among these have you visited and what did you like about these destinations. Share this blog post with your family.

That’s All Folks!

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