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Best places to visit in Kenya with family
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Kenya Visa Free: Best Places to Visit in Kenya with Family

From the sweeping savannahs of Maasai Mara to the pristine beaches along the Indian Ocean, Kenya is now open to everyone across the world after its visa-waiver! Kenya has always been a destination which people look forward to visiting with all that it has to offer. And today, we unveil the best places to visit …

Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

The City of Nawabs | Lucknow through My Pen Part l – History and Monuments

When you hear about various tales about the capital of Uttar Pradesh, you hear about the delicious melt-in-the-mouth kebabs, the mannerisms, the Nazakat and the hospitality of the City of Nawabs – Lucknow.

Lucknow has plenty to offer ā€“ from the historical sites depicting the ways and lives of the Nawabi rulers to the more urban side of the city with the Science Centre, the Saturn-shaped Planetarium and the plenty of different malls spread all over the city.