Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, has grown throughout different eras into being something people never imagined it to be. From a land of the Nawabs to a city surrounded with history to a city known for its unique restaurants, cafes and some of the most incredible shopping complexes.

10 Most Aesthetic Cafe in Lucknow
10 Most Aesthetic Cafe in Lucknow

And Lucknow has accepted all that modernity without risking its true Nawabi-era nature. It is one among those fewer cities around the globe which has found the secret to perfectly blending modernity and technology with the traditional essence of the city.

Today, after a long break, TravelSole is back with a unique blog about the 10 most aesthetic cafe in Lucknow. From Indira Nagar to Hazratganj and beyond, this list has Lucknowites favorite cafes from all around the magnificent city.

So, why wait? Let’s begin!

10 Most Aesthetic Cafe in Lucknow

The Popular Ones

Starting our list of the best cafe in Lucknow, we mention some of the most popular ones in the city: from the most aesthetic vibes to the more diverse menu – we have it all covered.

Cafe Repertwahr

Cafe in Lucknow
Cafe Repertwahr

Cozy ambiance, creative interiors and a vibrant literary scene – all best describe this one of the most popular and highly recommended book cafe in Lucknow.

Repertwahr is described and mentioned everywhere as an Art Cafe and that is what it stands out for – being one of the most amazing and loved cafes for book lovers.

It also often hosts live music, poetry readings, and provides a unique experience with a large collection of books from your favorite authors.

All in all, Cafe Repertwahr is such a cafe which needs to be visited if you are in Lucknow, at least once. It has all that one seeks from a well-spent-day: books, vibes and delicious coffee.

Popular Dishes: Drums of Heaven, Lasagna, Paneer Tikka, Hot Chocolate

Location: Address: 3rd floor, Kala Niketan, A2, Faizabad Rd, above Khosla Electronics, Maruti Puram, Rabindra Palli Colony, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226016

The Flying Saucer Cafe

Cafe in Lucknow
Best Cafes in Lucknow

Next on our list of the most aesthetic cafes in Lucknow is The Flying Saucer Cafe – offering a vibrant dining and nightlife experience.

It is popular among youngsters for its stylish interiors, spacious seating and a lively ambiance throughout the evening.

The menu includes a pretty wide range of dishes and bar snacks from various cuisines, to go along with an impressive selection of drinks.

As far as the entertainment quotient goes, Flying Saucer hosts live music, DJ nights and other events almost every night – making it one of the best spot for both casual outings and special occasions.

Popular Dishes: Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tandoori, Nachos, Creative Cocktails

Location: G.F 14-18, Rohtas Presidential Arcade, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226010

Farzi Cafe

Cafe in Lucknow
Cafes in Lucknow

Another very popular cafe in Lucknow known for its perfect blend of modern cooking with traditional flavors, forming a unique amalgamation of traditional global cuisine and Indian influences – is the one called Farzi Cafe.

Do not fret when you see in the menu some dishes like: Dal Chawal Arancini or Papdi Chaat Nachos – because that is a part of what makes this cafe a very unique, unmissable experience for food lovers.

The place is pretty well recommended for its music and dance area, amazing fusion food and an impressive bar.

Farzi Cafe is known for its unique emphasis on molecular gastronomythe unique fusion not only remains in the food, but also the overall ambiance of the place feels unique and exciting.

Popular Dishes: Lahori Chicken, Bombay Bhel, Cocktails, Masala Chicken Nuggets

Location: Ground Floor, Rohtas Summit, Vibhuti Khand, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226010

Roastery Coffee House

Cafe in Lucknow
Aesthetic Cafes in Lucknow

Talking about cafes and not mentioning the best coffee houses in town – should be a crime in somewhat senses, right?

Well, that’s why we have the Roastery Coffee House in Lucknow so people can grab their favorite cup-a-joe whenever they need one.

RCH is one of the most unique Cafe in Lucknow because while it offers mostly what all other do – but it also features coffee workshops and events related to coffee brewing techniques and fascinating coffee tastings as well.

It is a very calm and comforting place for having a conversation, gossip sessions and maybe even a first date at.

Popular Dishes: Zucchini Fries, Farm Fresh Pizza, Onion Rings, Cascara (Roastery’s Invention)

Location: 1, 158, Railway Station Rd, Vivek Khand 1, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226010

Cafe Hons – House of No Sugar

Cafe in Lucknow
Cafe in Lucknow

Kisaan Bazaar in Lucknow is one such place which has grown to become a unique place hosting some of the city’s most amazing, unique and pretty classy cafes and restaurants.

One of the most popular and aesthetic cafes in Lucknow is the Cafe Hons, hosted inside the Kisaan Bazaar.

H.O.N.S. here stands for House of No Sugar and that is what makes this cafe in Lucknow one among the most unique additions to the food-verse in the city.

As the name suggests, this cafe includes a no-sugar policy and has Gud (Jaggery) in place of sugar added into most delicacies – from coffee to other sweeties.

Popular Dishes: Irish Cream Cold Brew, Iced Cappuccino, Waffles, Pancakes, Prawns

Location: Shop no A-9, Kisan Bazar, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226010

The Highly Rates Ones

Now that we have discussed the popular cafes in Lucknow, comes the time to also mention the highest rated cafes in the city.

The Fancave

Cafe in Lucknow
Aesthetic Cafes in Lucknow

Beautiful interiors, themed ambiance, affordability and an elaborate menu defines The Fancave in Lucknow. And that is why this is a very highly rated and recommended cafe in Lucknow.

With absolutely amazing and vibrant menu offering many beverages, bar options and fan favorite snacks, The Fancave can easily make it to your visiting list when in the city with friends.

With an ambiance covered with pop-culture figurines, movie posters from Avengers, Star Wars and Wonder Woman, one instantly gets why the cafe is named what it is.

This place is loved by teens, young adults and people looking for a vibrant place for spending some evening in with friends.

Popular Dishes: Grilled Mac & Cheese, Soft Shell Tacos, Vader’s Darth Chocolate Cake

Location: Naubasta Kala, Deva Rd, opposite to The Wood Apartment, Chinhat, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226028

Cafe Delhi Heights

Cafe in Lucknow
Cafe in Lucknow Gomti Nagar

Cafe Delhi Heights is another highly recommended cafe in Lucknow known for its eclectic menu, vibrant ambiance and a casual dining experience.

With its roots in Delhi, the Cafe has expanded to several cities across India, including the UP Capital – Lucknow.

The ambiance typically features a mix of rustic and contemporary decor, creating a pretty cozy and calming yet stylish atmosphere.

Whether you are in a mood for a quick coffee, a casual meal, unique burger experience or a more elaborate family dining, Cafe Delhi Heights in Lucknow caters to every taste.

Popular Dishes: Pan Fried Noodles, Cheesecake, Burger, Drinks

Location: 3rd Floor, RiverSide Mall, Vipul Khand 3, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226010

Cafe 1991

Cafe in Lucknow
Best Cafe in Lucknow

A very popular spot, yet a hidden gem in the city, Cafe 1991 is known for stylish interiors, a cozy, inviting atmosphere and a variety of dishes including: Continental, Italian & Indian Cuisine.

It also offers live music and other entertaining events making it a lively place to hang out with friends or enjoy a quiet meal with friends.

One of the most amazing cafe in Lucknow Gomti Nagar, Cafe 1991 promises a perfect, well-spent evening with friends and family by offering good music, unique menu and a fun vibe.

The variety of Pizzas that this cafe offers is an add-on to the vibe it features and makes it an attractive destination for food lovers in general.

Popular Dishes: Pizza, Sandwiches, Peri Peri Chicken Wings, Hot Brews

Location: 2/163, Vivek Khand 2, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226010


Cafe in Lucknow
Mocha Cafe and Bar

Famous for its extensive menu, a cozy ambiance and a vibrant atmosphere, Mocha is a widely recognized Cafe Chain in India.

Ever since it first came in Lucknow, people have been gathering at this amazing destination for most of their fun outings.

From a wide range of coffee options, variety of tea, refreshing non-alcoholic beverages and popular appetizers, to specialties from across the world – Mocha Cafe gives it all to you.

Also called as one of the most pretty and instagrammable cafe in Lucknow, Mocha offers stunning interiors with artistic elements and comfort seating.

Popular Dishes: Veg Mezze Platter, Coffee Hazelnut, Lebanese Platter, Non-Veg Platter, Long Island Iced Tea

Location: 2nd Floor, Anand Plaza, Patrakarpuram Rd, Patrakar Puram, Viram Khand 1, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226010

The Hazelnut Factory

Aesthetic Cafes in Lucknow
Aesthetic Cafes in Lucknow

Last but not the least addition to our list of finding the most aesthetic and best cafe in the city, is none other than this unique cafe in Hazratganj Lucknow called The Hazelnut Factory.

The blue decor and aesthetics of this Cafe in Lucknow already attracts you to enter. And once you do – you just cannot get out without trying out their unique blended coffee or the tasty looking pastries and more.

It is a very amazing place for hangouts with friends, first dates, birthdays and more. Whether you are at the Summit Building entrance or in Aliganj, both are pretty amazing when it comes to the rating and reviews.

Popular Dishes: Eclair, Blueberry Pastry, Veggie Burger, Pancake

Location: Math, B-192, Aliganj Main Rd, opp. Ram Krishna Marg, Nirala Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226020

Wrapping it up

The cafe culture in Lucknow is rapidly evolving, offering a wide variety of aesthetic and unique spots for coffee lovers, couples and food enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to read, work, etc. or a vibrant hangout place or a cozy corner to enjoy delicious meals with your favorite person – the many Cafe in Lucknow will be providing you with everything.

If you have a favorite Lucknow Cafe not mentioned in here, feel free to comment below and share with our readers!

That’s All Folks!

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