In the sweet whispers of the mountain breeze and the stillness of snow-capped mountains, six years ago, a love story found its humble beginning.

The compass of our relationship has always been set to the magnetic north of exploration. The allure of distant lands, exotic escapades, fascinating stories and the wonderment of the unknown has been our guiding stars.


We plan on traveling to different corners of the world, like Bunny promised Naina: with two tickets, hand in hand, creating sort of an atlas of our own with our shared experiences.

In all these years, our shared odyssey has been akin to an expertly curated and fascinating travel itinerary, with each destination revealing an amazing facet of our intertwined lives.

From Manali’s embrace and the universe’ conspiracy to Kerala’s languid backwaters painting a serene landscape for our evolving bond to Udaipur’s regal allure becoming a canvas for our union, with every destination, our friendship and love grew together, hand in hand.

And today, I take you on that adventure speaking about of how travel and the universe came together to shape our story.

Chapter 1: Manali’s Embrace & a Symphony of the Universe

The cradle of this journey lay nestled in the heart of Manali – a place that witnessed the unspoken poetry created by the universe as it formed a symphony of sorts where the clouds, the sun, the pointy hills and the entire landscape came together to make me realize, it’s love that I was feeling. Love, in the most amazing, craziest of forms. Hopeless. Infinite. Irretrievable. A love, for my best friend.

Manali's Embrace

We never planned on finding each other. Just like that poem goes “Our love came when we both had given up on asking love to come. Unannounced. In the middle of the night.”

We like to think that the universe planned it all to happen, maybe destiny played a part. We met, became friends. One of those rare instant friendships, you know? You think you know each other since more than a hundred years or for more than a lifetime. Like, soulmates.

Manali became much more than just a beautiful place, it became witness to the nascent blossoming of a love that dared not speak its name – not even to us.

A family vacay became the backdrop against which the veil was lifted, revealing a tale of affection, craziness and love that was yet to be fully realized.

Chapter 2: Kerala’s Serene Backdrop | Journey with Friends

Kerala was our first voyage together with friends from college and the verdant backwaters of God’s Own Country set the stage incredibly for etching memories for a lifetime.

Kerala Friends Vacay

Our shared passion for travel guided us as we navigated through the hills of Mannar, the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey and the stunning vistas of Kochi, mirroring the unhurried pace of our budding relationship.

The laughter we shared, the camaraderie that formed the essence of our entire group, hinted at something more profound – like an unspeakable understanding that transcended beyond a mere relationship. Our connection deepened amidst the scenic and mesmerizing places spread around Kerala, laying the groundwork for us being unbreakable in the coming time.

As the golden hues of the sunset cruise painted a canvas of peace and tranquility upon us, each shared glance, every whispered conversation seemed to hold the promise of a future unknown.

This college journey through the best of Kerala was not just a trip; it was the genesis for our bond growing stronger with every morning sunrise.

Chapter 3: Udaipur’s Regal Affair

After several years of our journey together, during a significant juncture, our paths led us to the opulent white city of India.

White City of India

Udaipur’s regal allure set the stage for both scholarly endeavors and shared experiences within the shining castle, the man-made lakes and so much more.

The grandeur of the city with its shimmering lakes, towering palaces and storied past, seemed to become more than just a backdrop. It became a muse, inspiring resolve and fortitude.

This trip, although short and precise, was a testament to the strength of our bond – marked not only by the landmarks we explored but also by the intangible threads of support and understanding uniting us.

This chapter in our story was not just about the architectural marvels of the enchanting sights of the city; it was about the gentle yet profound merging of family bonds & the exploration of a beloved city.

Chapter 4: You


You. Amidst our journey you were the one who understood me, like no one else ever could. Not even me.

You found my demons, understood my darkness and brought light into my life, without even knowing.

In your company, the world revealed its magic. Its hues became more vibrant.

Your laughter became a melody that danced through my soul, painting the most exquisite portraits of joy.

In your eyes, I found the reflection of my truest self.

In your embrace, I found a sanctuary that feels more like a home I never knew I was seeking.

And it is with an unshakable certainty that I vow to cherish, protect and stand by your side through every joy and every challenge life may bring upon us – in sickness and in health.

Chapter 5: Into the Magical Future

As we stand on the brink of this new chapter unfolding, I am overcome with gratitude with the love that we share. Our journey together has been a tapestry of understanding, compassion, madness, laughter and unwavering support.


Ours is a story yet to be fully unfolded, an odyssey brimming with the whispers of love and the vibrant hues of uncharted paths.

With gratitude and profound joy, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all who have journeyed alongside us, through words and shared experiences.

Together, we stand at the threshold of November 2023, ready to script a new chapter overflowing with boundless love and a perpetual thirst for exploration.

This forthcoming journey is a testament to the unspoken vow we make—to wander the world together, discovering its myriad treasures, all while hand-in-hand, creating an eternal tapestry of love and travel.

That’s All Folks!

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  1. Oh! our magical Love story. I believe that God has blessed Us in immeasurable ways, Universe bought us together, Choice made us friends, Destiny made us a couple but Our Love made us forever together. I’ll be forever grateful for having you in my life. ♥️

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