The year is 2020. The month, April is about to end.
And just within 4 months of this year.
The Human race has seen many of the messed up stuff the world is dealing with.
The Corona Virus has been spreading rapidly across nations.
Across the whole world we live in.
Thousands of people getting diagnosed of the virus.
Many are dying too. 

But with the people locked away in their homes,
the Nature is healing itself.
The stars are more brighter and can be seen from the roofs of our houses.
The fishes are returning back to the ponds.
The lakes, the ocean and everything is becoming beautiful again.
Forests are growing.
Animals are having the time of their lives.

It’s becoming as it was before.
Before us, the humans, the great creation of God, were born, and ruined it.
We ruined a beautiful world.
But it wasn’t our fault, right.
We had to do stuff for survival, first.
And then, for development.

But what we didn’t know,
was that messing up with nature for our development,
would be coming back to bite us.
Maybe it’s karma playing its course.
And it chose a unique year to do that.
The year Two Thousand and Twenty.

It’s getting real bad. 
Wise men are dying.
People have been locked down inside of their homes.
An uncontrollable disease has been floating around person to person across the globe.
And amidst all this chaos,
Nature is healing itself.

Maybe it’s the end, as many of us believe.
Or maybe, it’s a new beginning, a start of a new world.
A world like before. Like a thousand years ago. 
A world full of greenery, full of crystal clear water bodies.
A world with a lot of animals, lots of different species.
A world with less pollution. A world with peace

It could be a beginning of a beautiful world. But the thing is,
that many of us, might not be there to see it.

Is it really, the end?

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  1. The answer may be no or yes but we loose and may in gain let the time pass .Testimony of humankind beginning of new era may be history of pages with blank or filled may be our future or lessons to revive in lifestyle and be kind to humanity.alots of questions and perhaps answers are hidden .let us see howWorld rregain it's power to overcome the calm patience and om Shanti chat else be positive jaljala aaya chla jayega insan ko insan banajayega .

  2. We all know everything has two sides good and bad. This year 2020 taught us every negative thing also has positive side, through your blog it's clear that the truth is corona virus has also has both negative and positive impacts for us like you told us in your thought that some people are dying because of corona and that's why most of the countries are on lockdown right now and because of that nature is healing itself. So it's good for us as well as bad.

  3. Yes, it is horrifying. Its terrible. But all what we can do is to stay positive and believe in this process. And keep ourselves remind that nothing last forever. Neither good time nor bad. It shall pass too.

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