“Do we understand the world we live in? Do we have to?”

I sometimes think that maybe all this is a lie.
Like a massive fraud.
Everything that we know.
Everything that has been told to us.
By our parents. By our teachers.
Everything that is written. 

I want you to switch off your overthinking brains for a moment
And think out the possibility
that maybe a billion years ago,
some really, really old people sat together in a group
smoking some grass and making up these stories.

These tales which we just believe in now. 
These tales on which are lives are based upon. 
About the birth of time.
About how God created the world.
About how we, humans, came to be.

Maybe nothing of that sort actually happened.
Maybe it was all a joke.
Maybe some things in this world do not make sense.
Maybe they don’t have to. 
Maybe we don’t need to figure every damn thing out.
Maybe sometimes, we just need to let ourselves go,
through the stuff which we know nothing about.
Maybe we don’t need to understand how the world works, every time. 
Maybe we should just let the plants be plants.
The trees be trees.
And the animals be animals. 
Sometimes, maybe just for a little while, we should let the universe excite us. Right?

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  1. Right, I also think so the story we know about this world is a big lie because there is no proof of that. They make us fool about this world everyone is believing in that lie is true because they don't have other option…

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