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All Heart

Random Thoughts 02: Three Phases of Love..!

Three Phases of Love Love.What does it mean?Is it a feeling, an emotion, a devastating sensation, or something entirely different.Maybe Love is the most amazing thing in this world.Maybe Love is what holds us all together. Not just us humans. But the entire multiverse itself.Love can be different for different people, or even animals.Love for …

Itinerary Kerala

Friends in Kerala | A Unique Kerala Travel Guide and Itinerary

“Sometimes, all you need in life is a couple of good friends and a thirst for adventure!” Kerala, a state in the southernmost tip of India, is known for its tropical climate and backwaters. The uniqueness of Kerala’s history and distinctive culture are reflected in every aspect of its arts, music and dance. Paralleled by …

Itinerary Himachal

Manali Itinerary for 2 days | How I Fell in Love with My Best Friend

“You. Me. A Lifetime of Adventures 💙 “ My exams were over and it was the time for winter holidays. I and my family had been thinking to go somewhere to chill for a few days but we didn’t have a place in mind yet. Then a few days later, it just came to me …