Three Phases of Love

What does it mean?
Is it a feeling, an emotion, a devastating sensation, or something entirely different.
Maybe Love is the most amazing thing in this world.
Maybe Love is what holds us all together.

Not just us humans. But the entire multiverse itself.
Love can be different for different people, or even animals.
Love for your pet dog, is you coming back home, playing with him, and maybe even, going for a walk with him.

Love for you can be anything: it can be found in a friend sharing his/her lunchbox with you, a crush in high-school, maybe even a celebrity crush, secretly eyeing someone- could all be love.
See, Love is what we want it to be.
What we experience, it to be.

I read somewhere and it really hit me hard that: In all our lives there will be three loves we experience.

The First Love – Three Phases of Love

The First Love, will be the first time we develop feelings for someone. Someone in class. Someone in your neighborhood, or anywhere. We like them, we see them. We don’t know what the hell is going on with us. Because it’s an entirely different feeling.

As we grow older and look back on stories from our First Love, we would suggest that it wasn’t love at all. But trust me on this dear, it was. It was Love for what you knew Love to be.

The Second Love – Three Phases of Love

As we go towards the next level of our lives (along the three phases of love), and grow more, we experience our Second Love.

This love starts as the most incredible thing. It feels like so too. Like the most incredible thing. Like you are with the most incredible person on earth. You feel attached, so much so, that you even get into fights with your loved ones because of them or maybe just for them, you know.

But then, it starts to get toxic. It devastates you. It destroys you. And starts to rupture your soul, entirely. You develop these demons inside your head. Maybe they were always there, but during this time, they wake up. The darkness starts spreading in your thoughts. You have no choice but to get yourself out of it. You experience heartbreak in love. And you swear to never fall in Love ever again.

The Third Love – Three Phases of Love

But then, when you are fully heartbroken, devastated, comes the Third and the Last Love of your life. The One. Your Soulmate.

You do not recognize them immediately, no. You try to keep your distance. But you just can’t help it.

You are drawn towards them. Like metal to magnets.

And they are drawn towards you too. They come closer. And just by taking one single look in your eyes, they know your demons. They understand what you couldn’t even tell anybody, not even in your head out loud. They understand your darkness. And they stay. To save you.

You have never experienced anything like it before, ever. In your entire life. You start feeling their presence everywhere you go. They become your best friend. They get things without you telling them, or even showing them.

three phases of love
three phases of love

They intoxicate you. And sometimes, when your demons try to over power and take control of your mind by suffocating you, they are the ones who stand like a shield. They resuscitate you. And the most important thing is that they save you. They tame your demons. Which you only tried and failed doing for a couple of years.

And what it takes them to do the same, is a few moments. Looking into your eyes. Maybe hugging you. They do it in a flash. They, are your bolt of lightening.

When you meet them, it feels like shooting stars. And you know what to do when you see a shooting star, right? You wish.

You wish, not her. But you wish that whatever this beautiful person desires in his/her life and everything that they deserve, shall be given to them.

By any means. Everything they know they need in life, and everything they don’t know they need.

Even if that means turning the world upside down, or bringing it all down to absolute ashes, you wish to the Heaven, the Earth, the Entire Multiverse and the Almighty to make it happen.

And you tell to all these forces and to God, that if it’s too much to ask, then he might let you do it for them, for the One. You wish from him to give you the power and whatever the hell it takes to fulfill their desires.

And guess what God does? He makes it your happily ever after!

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  1. So true 😇. I experienced that and I can say third love is like "Two broken hearts smiled at each other to heal each other and fall in love with each other in that stage". I finally got my love of my life that's You. My best friend, soulmate, life, forever, everything. We fell in love and our love story started with that moment. I'm so blessed I found you. I feel I'm luckiest person in this universe because you love me and I love you so much my forever❤

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