Letter to My Kids
Letter to My Kids

Letter to My Kids Lesson 01 – Good & Bad


This world that we live in. This world where you will be coming to in the near future. This world is a messed up place to be at. And it has always been this way. Since the Big Guy created all of us, Humans. His most favorite creation, as we like to call it

See, it was all glowing and glittery and peaceful with the dinosaurs and the animals roaming around every corner of the world. Then came Humans, and we messed it all up

We brought with us agony, hatred, jealousy, wars, fights and killings. 

We kill each other, Kids. Not like animals. They do so for survival. We do so because, well, I don’t exactly know why, to be honest. But it has been part of our very being since the beginning.

And somewhere, somehow many of us have programmed ourselves to just believe that it’s important.

So, when you arrive in this world full of chaos, full of ultimate messes.

I want you to make Love, not War, Kids. Make Friends. Lots of ’em. I want you to travel to places. To meet new people. To study about different places, different religions, different cultures. I want you to accept that people are different. They have their own stories.

Believe that everyone you meet during your journey, is unique, in some way or the other. Even if they don’t know it yet. 

When you arrive here, kids and start to grow, I want you to know and understand that there are some bad people living among us. Many people you will meet will tell you there’s no such thing as good or bad. Do not believe them, Kids. They lie.

Because good and bad needs to exist simultaneously. People can be good. And people can be bad, too. And the thing is, the bad ones will always try to justify their deeds

But know, that nothing in the world, no excuse can be given, to justify what they did. They always have a choice. 

And they will try to make you just like them, too. Never believe in them, kids. 

How to identify the good and bad, you ask? Well, you’ll know. You’ll be smart.

Fall in love, a million times if that’s what it takes you to find the real thing. To find your peace in another person. To find your soulmate. Yes, soulmate, exists. Don’t worry, you’ll find them soon enough. 


You aren’t in this world today. But, someday, you will be.

And I need you to know how stuff works around here before you come. 

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  1. Right dear❤. Kids, you can be a mess and still be a good person, we are allowed to be both. So, you don't fit in this world because you'll born to stand out. You don't need cape to be a hero, you just need to be careful, believe in yourself and everything that you are. Just know that something inside that is greater than your obstacles in life, take risks: if you win, you'll be happy and if you lose, you'll be wise. I know you'll handle each and every situation wisely just remember that you can't change your situation only think that how to deal with it. Love you no matter what you do! I may not like it, we may argue and disagree but, I'll always love you 🤗😇

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