“Man, this job sucks! I have no time for myself.”

“I don’t have no time for my family.”

“If I had time, you know, I’d definitely be working on my dreams.”

Working on your dreams. Creating a blog, maybe. Working out. Spending some quality time with your family.

All these were your ideas for when you get some time-off from your busy job schedule. Many of you might want to do something with yourself, to work on your dreams, or maybe even just relax with your family: your parents, your spouse, your kids.

Well, thanks to Corona, we have been all locked up in our houses throughout the world. And yes, it is not something which any of us wanted. But maybe, this is something we needed. No, not Corona. But, the Time. The time, that we have for us now. 

You can finally complete that Novel kept in the lower drawer of your room which you have just kept half-read for months now, maybe. 

Maybe now is the time for you to make that Creator Instagram Account and post all the high quality photographs you took. 

Maybe now is the time for you to start that workout to push that beer belly back to the base.

Maybe now is the time for you to start your lifestyle blog.

Or maybe now is the time for you to just finally relax, for some days. 

Whatever it is you had long awaited for, to do when you get some time-off from the busy days in the office environment. Now is the time to do it.

Stop crying and getting irritated on the Virus or the Government to open up the Lockdown. Stop being a sloth and doing nothing. And when going to sleep, stop thinking about the stuff you might have done in the whole day, the tasks you might have completed, not for your boss this time, but for yourself. 

Stop it.

Work on yourself. This is the time of your life. Which you might not get anytime soon in the future. Well, I really hope we don’t. Not Ever. Again.

But Since we have it now. The Time. In our hands. We can do whatever the hell we wanted to. No more problems. 

No more waiting up for holidays.

No more thinking, “if I had time I’d do this and I’d do that”.

No. More. Excuses. 

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