Hola there, matey! I know you must be tired of the same old routine of planning a vacation, right?

Well, I got something amazing for y’all – it’s basically the same planning stages – but IN REVERSE!

Trust me, it’s like discovering a whole new world of travel possibilities and that’s what makes all the difference.

So, what exactly is this whole “planning in reverse” thing all about?

Find out on this little blog!


Planning your trip in reverse essentially means just flipping the steps of a traditional approach of travel planning.

Planning Your Trip in Reverse
Planning Your Trip in Reverse

Which means, instead of starting with picking a destination, we start our planning with the end goal in mind – i.e. returning back home!

(You can choose destinations which suit your budget for planning a return home flight from.)

You work backwards from there, considering how you can optimize your itinerary and expenses to make the most out of your journey.

Picture This : A European Trip (Think Big!)

Planning Your Trip in Reverse
Planning Your Trip in Reverse

Let’s say you want to plan a 1-week vacation to Europe, and you need to be back home on the 1st of July.

So, instead of choosing your European destination(s) first, we start by researching flights that would take you back home on this departing day.

Once you are done with that and found a good deal on return flight, you work backwards to plan up your itinerary, book accommodations and activities in each destination – leading up to your departure date.

When you have a departing time in mind before-hand, you can optimize your entire trip and pack in the most amazing activities and experiences you could have at the destination.

Let’s Plan A Trip in Reverse: A Step-by-Step Process Breakdown

To make you understand more about how this planning venture works, let’s break it down into a step-by-step format as I plan a trip in reverse from Western Europe to India:

Step 1: Set Your Return Date & Destination

Start off by locking in from where and when you will be coming back home. Hence, starting from the trip’s finish line.

Once you have your return date fixed! Now comes the time to decide where you want to end your trip.

Planning Your Trip in Reverse
Planning Your Trip in Reverse

As for the example above, we lock in our returning date (July 1) and decide on our final destination of the trip (where it all ends) to be Amsterdam.

Next, comes the time to book your flights!

The best way for this could be to use online sites/apps like Skyscanner, where you could add the From destination as the final destination you have chosen (Amsterdam, in our case) and the To destination as your home (India, for me).

Out of the many options, you can then choose the flight which suits you best.

If the prices seem too high, you can choose another destination to be your FROM, and then book it as per your own budget.

For this example, suppose we book our return flight from Amsterdam to New Delhi.

Step 2: Scout Out Transportation

Now that we have our final destination, returning home flight and the returning date booked before hand, comes the time to plan out all the destinations one wants to visit and explore before reaching the final location.

But for that, we must keep in mind the transportation aspects and distances from one place to another and then finally reaching Amsterdam (for our example).

Let’s say we have a somewhat of a mid-budget and want to explore London & Paris before ending our trip in Amsterdam.

Planning Your Trip in Reverse
Planning Your Trip in Reverse

We must now figure out how we will be transporting through these 3 destinations.

Starting backwards, we look for the best and cheapest transportation options from:

  1. Paris to Amsterdam
  2. London to Paris

PS – Essentially the best, more convenient way to get from one destination to another in Europe, is by train: the high-speed Thalys train from Paris to Amsterdam & the Eurostar train from London to Paris.

If you want a more cost-effective option, opt for buses (can be found on Flexibus and Ouibus) for good deals.

When you decide on the other destinations you want to visit, you also easily figure out what you starting point of the journey could/should be.

You can sit down and jot down the experiences you and/or your partners would want to have on this trip, the destinations in mind and then go ahead on any flight search platform and book a flight from home to that destination whichever suits your budget.

Step 3: Find Your Crash Pods (Accommodation)

Now, that we have all the essentials figured out: the destinations, transportation details and returning flights – comes the time for booking your crash pods!

Think cozy hostels, quirky guesthouses or maybe even crashing on a friendly local’s couch (couchsurfing). The options are endless!

Planning Your Trip in Reverse
Planning Your Trip in Reverse

By researching and booking accommodations for each stop along your itinerary, starting from the final destination and moving backwards – you can ensure a comfy and budget-friendly stay during the trip.

Whether you prefer the social atmosphere of a hostel, the privacy of a vacation rental or the charm of a guesthouse, you can get the best deals if you know what you need!

For our hypothetical Europe trip, we decided on the final destination to be Amsterdam, before which we would be walking around the City of Love, Paris and even before that, we start the journey from London.

So, for our accommodations we first decide and book a suitable stay in Amsterdam, then Paris and finally for London as per our budgets and itinerary.

Step 4: Plot Your Adventures

Now for the fun part – planning an epic itinerary packed with the most amazing, fascinating and memorable experiences one could have in all the chosen destinations of the trip.

Research the best, unmissable activities, sights and experiences along your route – starting from the last destination (yet again) and working backward to the first.

Planning Your Trip in Reverse
Planning Your Trip in Reverse

You can read the many articles online about your chosen destination and figure out the best things to do as per your own time and budget constraints.

Or, you could figure out all that you and your travel buddies want to do on this little trip to wherever. And then see if all that suits your budget and plannings.

For our example of Europe, we would choose the best, unmissable and maybe some hidden experiences one could have on the destinations- London, Paris and Amsterdam.

PS – If its your first time visiting any destination, do not hesitate to roam around and view the popular sights and have the popular experiences. They might be overdone and all over the news, but it’s all worth it for first timers. You’d be missing the essence of the city if you miss the popular spots.

You can mix it all up in a smart way to include the popular and not-so-popular sights and adventures in your itinerary to get the best of both worlds!


Want to know what all would we include in our hypothetical trip to Europe’s incredible destinations London, Paris & Amsterdam? Here is the itinerary for free! (All I ask in return: is to share this blog with your friends and family 🙂


  • Reach London & Check in to hotel.
  • Morning: Visit the British Museum to explore its vast collection of art and artefacts.
  • Afternoon: Take a leisurely stroll in Hyde Park and enjoy near the Serpentine lake.
  • Evening: Head to Little Venice to wander along the picturesque canals and dine at a waterside cafe.
  • Back to bed.


Planning Your Trip in Reverse
  • Morning: Tour the historic Tower of London and marvel at the Crown Jewels.
  • Afternoon: Discover the fascinating collections at Sir John Soane’s Museum.
  • Evening: Experience the vibrant nightlife of London’s West End.
  • Back to bed.


  • Morning: Leave for Paris, Reach Paris and Check in to hotel.
  • Afternoon: Visit the iconic Eiffel Tower for breathtaking views of the city of light and love.
  • Visit the Musée de l’Orangerie (Art Gallery) to explore some hidden artistic treasures.
  • Evening: Take a romantic stroll along the Promenade Plantée and enjoy dinner at a charming little bistro in Le Marais.
  • Back to bed.


  • Morning: Immerse your soul in the majestic art at the world-renowned Louvre Museum.
  • Afternoon: Discover the tranquil beauty of Montmartre & visit the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.
  • Evening: Experience Parisian nightlife along the Seine River (opt for a dinner cruise).
  • Back to bed.


  • Morning: Leave for Amsterdam, Reach Amsterdam and Check in to hotel.
  • Afternoon: Visit the poignant Anne Frank House and learn about her life during the World War II.
  • Explore the vibrant neighborhood of De Pijp: a home to stylish eateries, bars and cafes with sidewalk terraces.
  • Evening: Indulge in a Dutch cuisine at a local restaurant and try out traditional snacks like bitterballen and stroopwafels.
  • Back to bed.


  • Morning: Explore the infamous Van Gogh Museum and admire the masterpieces while you try and figure out the stories behind each.
  • Afternoon: Take a scenic canal cruise and admire Amsterdam’s historical architecture.
  • Evening: Venture into the NDSM Wharf for street art, live music, and an eclectic dining experience.
  • Back to bed.


  • Marking the final day on the tour, you pack your bags, leave for the airport and take back stunning and exciting memories back home from this trip.

PS – This itinerary includes a combination of the popular as well as the hidden experience in each destination. You can customize it as per your choice if need be. You can also book the provided tours from Viator attached with these destinations.

Step 5: Lock It In

Once you have all of the above figured out, comes the time to seal the deal!

Book those tickets, reserve those rooms and get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Once all that is also covered, you must look for visa requirements – making sure you have your passport and visa approvals well in advance for the upcoming trip.

Planning Your Trip in Reverse
Planning Your Trip in Reverse

Look for other travel requirements (travel insurance, bank balance, currency exchange and whatnot) you must have and carry for a smoother immigration process. (Each destination/country has their own rules, so make sure you check them out.)

Lastly, just PACK AND PREPARE!


The Million Dollar Question: Pros & Cons of Planning Your Trip in Reverse

Now, before you head out to plan your next venture into the unknown, let us all sit back down and know about the pros and cons of this type of planning, aight?

Planning Your Trip in Reverse
Planning Your Trip in Reverse

Pros of Planning Your Trip in Reverse:

  1. Cost Savings: By starting with your return date and working backward, you can identify cheaper transportation options & stay options, saving you a significant amount of money.
  2. Flexibility: Planning your trip in reverse allows for greater flexibility in your itinerary – enabling you to make spontaneous decisions and adjust plans as you go.
  3. Efficient use of time: By starting with your return date and planning backwards, you can optimize your itinerary to minimize travel time and maximize your experiences.

Cons of Planning Your Trip in Reverse:

  1. Limited Availability: Depending on your destination and travel dates, you may encounter limited availability for transportation and accommodations, especially when booking last-minute.
  2. Less Control: Planning in reverse requires a certain level of flexibility and adaptability, so it might not be the best for travelers who prefer a structured itinerary.
  3. Risk of missing out: While spontaneity can be really exciting, it also runs with the risk of missing out on popular attractions/experiences (especially the ones which require advanced booking or have limited availability.)


So, there you have it, my beloved travel-loving amigo – the inside scoop on planning your trip in reverse.

Planning Your Trip in Reverse
Planning Your Trip in Reverse

It is a wild ride full of adventures, cost-savings and unforgettable experiences.

So grab your backpack, pack your sense of adventure – and let’s hit the road!

Who knows where this backward journey will take us? One thing’s for sure – IT’S GONNA BE EPIC!

Share this blog with your fellow travelers and let us know what you think in the comments down below.

That’s All Folks!

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