For the next destination on our Honeymoon in Thailand after experiencing the aesthetic roads and beaches of Phuket and exploring the awe-struck limestone formations and islands of Phi Phi and James Bond, we packed our bags yet again to move towards Krabi.

A smaller, but more funky-esque town located at a drive of approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes from Phuket (about 162km).

Things to know before travelling to Krabi
Things to know before travelling to Krabi

Krabi welcomed us with open arms, its enchanting landscape unfolding like a dream that felt like a warm embrace of the tropical breeze mixing fascinatingly with the scent of fresh coconut.

Moving closer to our stay in the charming town of Ao Nang, we saw vibrant street markets beckoned with a kaleidoscope of colors and exotic aromas.

We had a lot of fun in Krabi: from witnessing the infamous 4-islands on a speedboat as our hair flew back just like a scene from a romantic comedy where the main characters were being revealed to exploring Ao Nang on foot and lastly getting a touch of quite a vast wildlife experiences which the little town has in store for everyone.

Today, we talk about the most important things to know before travelling to Krabi. And this blog is completely packed for you revealing all that there is to Krabi: from the pre-travel requisites to getting in and around the town, where to stay, what all to do and experience, safety tips, budgeting tips, top experiences, hidden gems and more recommendations.

If you’re planning to visit this place for beating the cold, cold winters – make sure you read this blog till the end. (You wouldn’t want to miss any information here.)

Also, feel free to comment down below if you think there’s some information which must also be shared with your fellow readers about this lit – beach town.

Here. We. Go!

Essential Pre-Travel Requisites: Things to Know Before Travelling to Krabi

First things first, let’s discuss the most essential pre-travel information that you must know before visiting or travelling to Krabi:

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Krabi to experience the most pleasant temperatures, ideal weather conditions and lesser rainfall and humidity is between November to April.

Things to know before travelling to Krabi
How to get to Krabi?
  • November to February: This is considered to be the high-season when it comes to the number of tourists coming to Krabi. The days are cooler with temperature rising from 24°C and going to 32°C. The sea seems calmer during these months and the weather is optimal for all kinds of water activities.
  • March & April: This is considered to be a season experiencing a lesser number in tourist crowds and also experiences a considerable amount of high rise in temperatures (26°C to 34°C). You can still try your favorite beach activities and excursions.

The dry season in Krabi is ideal if you want to experience the best nightlife, beach activities, water sports, and seek to witness clearer skies (mostly).

VISA & Travel Requirements

Before planning anything else for your trip anywhere, one must always check for the VISA and other travel requirements that our destinations requires. Although, we mentioned this in our previous blog (things to know before travelling to Phuket). But here is that information for the ones who got to read this one first:

  • Thailand has exempted the visa for Indian passport holders up until March 2024. So Indians do not have to pay for the visa, neither do they need to stand in long queues before the immigration is done.
  • You can also check your own country’s eligibility for the Thailand’s Visa Waiver. If not, you can check on Thailand’s official website for what kind of Visa do you need to apply before visiting the country.
  • Your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months beyond your travel date. If that’s not the case, you must first apply for a passport renewal.
  • If you want to extend your stay in Thailand for the given period that you were allowed to enter, you can visit any local immigration office in Thailand and apply for an extension.
  • The Thailand immigration is comparably a lot more smoother, especially after the 2023-visa exemption for some countries. You just make sure you have your return flight/onward flight ticket along with your hotel bookings to show the officer (if asked).

Budgeting Tips for First Timers in Krabi

When budgeting for your trip to Krabi, make sure to consider various factors to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience without having to worry about currencies and forex, etc. –

Things to know before travelling to Krabi
Things to know before travelling to Krabi
  • Currency: The official currency for Thailand is Thai Baht (1 USD = 35 THB)
  • Cash v. Cards: While cards are widely accepted throughout the world, we would suggest carrying some cash in the destination’s currency to not waste time in calculations or worrying about those stupid extra charges.
  • Seek Budget Accommodation: Krabi offers a wide range of accommodations from luxury resorts to budget-friendly hostels, guesthouses and more. You can choose whatever suits you and your budget best.
  • Dining Expenses: If you want a budgeted culinary experience, while also getting to delve into the local delicacies – opt for street food markets and local eateries.
  • Local Transport: If you are in Krabi without any travel package booked for you, you can roam all across the city with TukTuks, Local Taxis or even get a nice scooter for rent.
  • Excursions & Activities: You can find plenty small, street travel providers where you can get a suitable price for all types of tourist activities: from 4-island tour, Phi Phi island tour, Jungle tour, Elephant trekking and so much more.
  • Shopping: Bargaining is very common in street markets all around Thailand, so don’t worry and get those prices down to be at par with what you want.

*Compare prices in different stalls before making your purchase for both: souvenirs, clothing and travel packages.

Essential things to pack

Do not forget to pack these essential items for a comfortable trip to Krabi:

  • Travel Documents (obviously!):
    • Passport
    • Visa (if required)
    • Flight Tickets
    • Hotel vouchers
  • Personal Items:
    • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, etc.)
    • Sunscreen with high SPF (try this one – we used this one!)
    • Insect repellent
    • Basic first-aid kit
    • Prescription medications
  • Clothing:
    • Lightweight & Comfortable clothes
    • Beachwear
    • Swimwear
    • Hat or Cap
    • Comfy walking shoes or slippers
  • Electronics: (with recommendations)
  • Travel Gear:
  • Other Items:
    • Face Mask + Hand Sanitizer
    • Snacks + Energy Bars
    • Travel Pillow for longer journeys
    • Waterproof phone case, or those pouches that protect phones when you want to film underwater scenes (you can find those for about THB60 at local markets).

How to get to Krabi?

Air Travel – Krabi International Airport

Flights to Krabi International Airport can be found using your favorite travel app for flight bookings. I personally tend to use Skyscanner for my travels.

Many travellers who club their travel to this small town, travel to Krabi Airport from Bangkok, etc.

Road Trip from Phuket to Krabi

We had our entire trip pre-planned, which included a road trip from our stay in Phuket to Krabi’s Ao Nang.

You can get a private transfer booked from one of those local travel agencies, online or can also take local transport (a bus, for example) to Krabi.

  • You can find 3-hour buses which would drive you smoothly from Phuket to Krabi
  • Choose for the early morning buses from Phuket’s Bus Terminals for the best prices.
  • You can also book online from sites like 12Go or other.

Getting around Krabi

Getting around Krabi is a pretty easy way and there are various transportations options one can choose from for navigating through the best areas and places around town:

Things to know before travelling to Krabi
Taxi Service Charges in Krabi
  1. Taxis: Taxis in Krabi can be hired for both shorter as well as longer distances without worries. You can find these near airports, nearby various attractions and near your hotels as well. Insist on using the meter before you start your journey.
  2. Songthaews: These are shared minibuses (like travelers) which operate on fixed routes mostly. You get those when you book a travel package like: 4-island tour, phi phi island tour or jungle tour, etc.
  3. Tuk-tuks: These 3-wheeled vehicles are the most affordable and fun way to get around town and are very popular for shorter trips. Negotiate for the fare before the journey starts.
  4. Motorbike/Scooter Rentals: Best way to explore a city is either by walking or by renting a motorbike/scooty. Especially when the destination is a beach paradise. You can find a scooter for one full day for about THB 300 and they ask for your passport – which is completely safe.

*If you do not want your passport to be given to the scooter/bike/car rental providers, you need to give them a copy of your passport along with THB 3,000 refundable amount.

Things to do in Krabi

Krabi offers a myriad of natural landscapes, water activities and stunning adventures for all kinds of visitors. Here are the most fun things to do in Krabi:

Top beaches

Things to know before travelling to Krabi
Things to know before travelling to Krabi
  • Railay Beach – famous for its crystal-clear waters, white sand and rock climbing opportunities.
  • Ao Nang Beach – most popular beach bustling from day to night. Serves as a major hub for tourists in Krabi by offering a variety of water sports activities, a vibrant nightlife scene and more.
  • Klong Muang Beach – much quieter than Ao Nang. Offers a serene atmosphere for chilling or strolling through the golden sands along clear waters.
  • Tonsai Beach – known for its laidback atmosphere and a popular rock climbing expedition.
  • Phra Nang Cave Beach – known for its emerald waters, softer sands and the Princess Cave (Tham Phra Nang Nok) – filled with offerings to the spirit of the drowned princess.

Water Sports

Things to know before travelling to Krabi
Water Sports in Krabi
  1. Snorkeling: Explore the vibrant underwater scenes around Phi Phi islands or the 4-island tour and get an unforgettable experience.
  2. Scuba Diving: Witness beautiful coral reefs and a variety of marine life as you delve deeper into the underwater realm at the Andaman Sea. Few suitable spots for scuba are: Hin Daeng, Hin Muang & the Phi Phi islands.
  3. Kayaking: Paddle your way (or with a paddler) into the mangrove forests of Ao Thalane or explore the hidden lagoons and caves of the Bor Thor caves.
  4. Rock Climbing: While not technically a water sport, rock climbing is pretty popular as an activity at the Railay Beach. Climbers of all levels can enjoy the challenge and breathtaking views.
  5. Island Hopping: Boat tours are available for booking from nearby markets. You can choose or book multiple island hopping experiences like the Phi Phi Island Tour, Four Island Tour, Hong Islands Tour and Bamboo Island excursions. These mostly include adventure activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming and sunbathing experiences as pristine beaches, along with lunch and private transfers.
  6. Stand-Up Paddleboarding: Paddle along the calm waters of the Ao Thalane on a stand-up paddleboard. It is a unique, great way to enjoy the scenery while getting a good workout.
  7. Windsurfing: With favorable conditions, certain beaches in Krabi offer windsurfing opportunities. Best place to try out this particular sport is the Nopparat Thara Beach.

*Remember to prioritize your safety when choosing any of these water sport ventures. It is way better to opt for a island hopping package which includes some of these water sports than a private tour on your own.

Sunset Hotspots

Things to know before travelling to Krabi
Things to know before travelling to Krabi
  • Ao Nang Beach Sunset
    • Ao Nang gives out one of the most stunning sunset views in all of Krabi. It makes for a magical viewing experience when with the golden sands and the clear waters, the sun sets behind the magnificent cliffs.
  • Nopharat Thara Beach Sunset
    • Nopharat Thara boasts spectacular colors and stunning reflections as the sun starts to set over the horizon. The sky seems to be covered into a combination of hues of orange, pink and a little bit purple as well.
  • Tup Kaek Beach Sunset
    • A much quieter and serene experience providing a very intimate setting to enjoy the sunset with your loved ones.
  • Ko Phi Phi Don Viewpoint
    • Hiking to the Koh Phi Phi Don viewpoint is in itself a fascinating experience and to witness the magical sunset over the incredible limestone cliffs.

Krabi’s Wildlife (National Parks, Hot Springs, Emerald Pools, Bird Watching)

Things to know before travelling to Krabi
Wildlife in Krabi
  1. Khao Nor Chu Chi Wildlife Sanctuary: Home to various birds (including the rare Gurney’s pitta). It’s a very interesting place for bird watching and trekking enthusiasts.
  2. Krabi Ao Nang Elephant Sanctuary: Spend quality time with rescued elephants. You can feed them, bathe them or observe them at this ethically-run sanctuary on this half-day tour in Krabi.
  3. Thung Teao Forest Nature Park: We planned our last day to this wonderous forest nature park and witnessed the Emerald Pool, the stunning Blue Pool and nearby hot springs.
  4. Ao Phang Nga National Park: The park is renowned for its fascinating limestone karsts rising from the sea. You might spot macaques, langurs and a variety of bird species here.
  5. Klong Thom Hot Springs: Enjoy a relaxing dip in the natural hot springs waterfall, while looking at your surrounding vegetations to maybe catch a glimpse of unique and colorful birdies.

Historic Sites and Temples

Things to know before travelling to Krabi
Religious places in Krabi
  • Wat Tham Sua (Tiger Cave Temple): The most popular temple in Krabi, the Tiger Cave temple is a stunning place to explore and find peace at after a few days of water adventures. (*the stairs to reach the cave temple are 1260 steps, which takes a toll on your feet – so only do that if you really can.)
  • Wat Kaew Korawaram: It is a contemporary Buddhist temple with a striking white exterior. The temple is adorned with stunning intricate carvings and features a large, serene Buddha image.
  • Wat Sai Thai: The Wat Sai Thai is a historic temple with a unique architecture blending Thai & Chinese styles.
  • Khao Khanab Nam Caves: Although not a place of religious sentiments, the Khao Khanab Nam Caves is a pair of limestone hills with caves that house ancient human remains, ceramics, and tools.

Local Markets

Things to know before travelling to Krabi
Things to know before travelling to Krabi
  1. Krabi Town Walking Street
    • Location: Maharaj Soi 10, Krabi Town
    • Operating Days: Friday, Saturday & Sunday Evening
    • Features: Variety of local products, street food, handmade crafts & live performances
  2. Ao Nang Night Market
    • Location: Beachfront of Ao Nang
    • Operating Days: Every evening
    • Features: Variety of fresh seafood options, local snacks, souvenir stalls & shop for traditional Thai goods.
  3. Klong Haeng Market
    • Location: Klong Haeng, Krabi
    • Operating Days: Daily
    • Features: Variety of fresh produce, meats and household items for locals. People tend to come here to experience the lives of locals or maybe to find some unique items to carry back home which cannot be found at tourist markets.
  4. Chao Fah Park Market
    • Location: Chao Fah Park Pier, Krabi Town
    • Operating Days: Every evening
    • Features: Popular among both locals & tourists. Features a mix of food stalls, clothing vendors, live entertainment.
  5. Krabi Weekend Night Market
    • Location: Krabi Town, near Vogue Department Store
    • Operating Days: Friday to Sunday, evenings
    • Features: Known for its diverse food options, including grilled seafood, Pad Thai, local desserts.


Beyond what all there is to see, explore and experience in Krabi, the following festivals are some which are one among the most outstanding and vibrant must-see experiences:

Things to know before travelling to Krabi
Festivals in Krabi
  • Songkran Festival: The Thai New Year’s festival is celebrated in April and is a nationwide celebration. Songkran is famous for its water fights, where locals as well as tourists alike engage in friendly water battles (like the Indian festival of colors, Holi) to symbolize the cleansing of the past year’s misfortunes.
  • Loy Krathong: Celebrated on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month (November), Loy Krathong is a festival where people release decorated floating baskets (called Krathongs), into the rivers. This symbolizes letting go negative feelings and starting anew.
  • Ao Nang Food & Music Festival: Ao Nang hosts this annual festival in March, featuring a variety of delicious local and international cuisines, live music & cultural performances.
  • Krabi Naga Fest: Celebrated to promote the local customs, traditional music, dances and local food of the Krabi community.

Best places to stay in Krabi

Things to Know Before Travelling to Krabi
We stayed here @Krabi

Krabi offers a pretty wide variety of accommodations ranging from luxury resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses. There are many places in and around Krabi to choose as your stay for the time you’re in. Some of them are:

  • Krabi Town: If you want a very local as well as an authentic experience, Krabi Town is a good choice. It’s a transportation hub with markets, local eateries & a friendly ambiance. You can find many budget guesthouses & mid-range hotels.
  • Ao Nang: An excellent choice for those who want easy access to activities, tours & nightlife. It is a bustling tourist hub with a vibrant atmosphere, numerous restaurants, bars and shops. You can choose from many stay options: from budget to upscale resorts.

Other Essential Information

Things to know before travelling to Krabi
Things to know before travelling to Krabi
  • Laundry charges: 40THB/kg
  • Emergency Contacts
    • Ambulance: 1669
    • Fire: 199
    • Government: 1111
    • Tourist Police: 1155
  • Basic phrases
    • Hello: Sawasdee krap (male)/ Sawasdee ka (female)
    • Thank You: Khop Khun
    • Yes/No: Chai/Mai Chai
    • How much is this?: Ra khaa thao rai
  • Communication Tips
    • Politeness matters
    • Keep a friendly demeaner
    • Use hands for pointing or gesturing
    • Remove shoes when entering someone’s home or religious establishments.
    • Never be disrespectful of the Thailand monarchy. Avoid any discussions that could be considered as disrespectful.
  • Safety Tips
    • When on beaches, swim in designated safe areas & pay attention to warning flags.
    • Don’t be a hero if you’re not a swimmer. Always wear life jacket when doing water activities.
    • Use sunscreen with high SPF to protect your skin from the tropical sun.
    • When renting a motor vehicle, make sure you follow all traffic rules.
    • Stay pre-informed about the weather conditions before heading out of your hotel.
    • Keep belongings as close to you as possible at all times, especially in large crowds.
  • Responsible Tourism Tips
    • Respect the local culture
    • Choose locally owned hotels to stay in
    • Purchase handmade crafts and souvenirs from local artisans
    • Carry reusable water bottles
    • You may participate in one of many beach cleanups that locals organize from time to time
    • Do not throw plastic or snack packs everywhere, make sure to use the dustbin

FAQs for Travelling to Krabi for the First Time:

How many days in Krabi is enough?

Although, the number of days you should spend in Krabi depends on your own travel preferences and time, but if you want to experience the most interesting things to do and explore in this small beach town, you must stay here for at least 3 to 5 days.

Things to know before travelling to Krabi
Things to know before travelling to Krabi

With the most stunning beaches, exciting wildlife ventures, beautiful limestone cliffs and so many fascinating water sport adventures, Krabi promises to be a lovely travel experience for all kinds of travelers.

  • If you plan on staying in Krabi for 3 to 5 days, like we did after spending 3 days in Phuket, you get to experience the most wonderful tours that it provides like: the four-island tour and the jungle tour (with the emerald pool, hot springs and the tiger cave temple).

*You have plenty time to visit the infamous beaches of Ao Nang and Krabi Town for some relaxing evening stroll with your partner or walk around town to explore the local markets and local attractions. Or maybe catch a Thai boxing match in town.

Is Krabi family friendly?

Yes, Krabi is generally considered to be a family-friendly vacation spot offering stunning beaches like Ao Nang and Railay, family-oriented island hopping to Phi Phi Island and Four Island and nature activities like hiking, bird watching, etc at the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park.

Things to know before travelling to Krabi
Things to know before travelling to Krabi

This region is also popular for providing cultural experiences at places like Wat Tham Sua while ensuring safety for tourists.

Although, Krabi is also immensely popular among tourists for being a more party destination with many bars and weed shops spread around, it still remains safe for a family to spend a few days in this realm.

Family-friendly accommodations, hot springs, waterfalls and a welcoming ambiance, it all adds up in making Krabi a suitable destination for families with children.

Is Krabi safe for solo female travellers?

Thailand is a very safe destination all in all for all kinds of travelers: male, female, children, teens and older people. Krabi is also one destination in Thailand known for its hospitality and safety.

Things to know before travelling to Krabi
Solo female travel in Krabi

The locals are really friendly and mostly carry a smile on their faces when meeting or greeting you.

The area attracts a high amount of tourists from all over the world, including many solo female travellers.

Having said that, it is important to exercise standard safety precautions for your own safety when in any place across the world. These precautions could be: being aware of your surroundings, avoiding poorly lit areas at night, securing your belongings at all times.

Solo travelers, regardless of their gender, should stay vigilant, but overall, Krabi is a place which is definitely a safer place to travel if you are on a solo trip as a female travel venturer.


Embarking on a journey to Krabi promises a captivating experience filled with natural wonders, a vibrant culture and thrilling adventures.

By arming yourself with the given knowledge outlined in this one blog, you are now better equipped to make the most of your trip and create lasting memories.

As you gear up for your next adventure, we invite you to share your own thoughts and experiences in the comment box below. Have you discovered a hidden gem or stumbled upon a unique experience in Krabi or nearby? Let us create a community of travel enthusiasts sharing tips and tales!

Do not forget to spread the love by sharing this blog with fellow wanderers who might be planning their own Krabi-venture.

That’s All Folks!

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