Dreaming of a European Venture but worrying if you need to break the bank? TravelSole brings to our readers a tailor-made list of 22 Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into for American travelers looking for a budget-friendly and memorable experience in the peninsula of peninsulas.

From the cosmopolitan capitals to the infatuating cultural corners, from the natural landscapes to the modern architectural gems, we have all that you need to know on this list.

So why wait? Get your planning glasses on and read on as we learn about the 22 cheapest european cities to fly into and visit from major locations of the USA.

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22 Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into

Milan – Fashion & Design Capital of Italy

The fashion capital of Italy, Milan welcomes travelers with open arms with its iconic landmarks waiting for you to explore and experience.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest European cities to visit

Milan is famous for the high-end shopping at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the iconic Duomo and the Navigli district. A must-do while here includes having the most authentic Italian Pizza and Gelato.

One of the major reasons Milan remains to be a budget-friendly destination and one of the cheapest European cities to fly into is the presence of low-cost carriers that operate flights to this vibrant city.

Airliners such as RyanAir and EasyJet offer fascinating prices which makes it easier for budget travelers to visit the destination and explore the place for what all it has to offer.

Copenhagen – The Charming Scandinavian City

Scandinavia is an enchanting land and Copenhagen gives you a picturesque landscape with fantastic architectural gems like the Opera House, fairytale-ish Tivoli Gardens and awe-inspiring Nyhavn Harbor.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Affordable European Cities from USA

The Danish pastries shall not be missed when here along with a selfie with the infamous Little Mermaid Statue.

Why Copenhagen gets a spot in the cheapest European cities to fly into is because of a few factors:

  1. Competition among the airlines leads to competitive prices which allow travelers to find reasonable priced flights.
  2. The Efficient transportation system within the city makes it super easy to navigate throughout without breaking your budget.

Also, one can take advantage of the extensive bicycle lanes and bikes on rent to explore the city at your own pace.

London – Blending History & Modernity like a Pro

London is one of the most famous, incredibly historic and modern cities in the entire world.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into

Also, the British have been so generous to visit throughout the globe in one way or another since the 16th century, so we can all just return the favor, can’t we?

With the Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, the Thames River, the Big Ben and the infamous food trails and walkable tours – London is one among the most visited cities in the world and also one of the cheapest city to fly into Europe.

Several factors contribute to make the flights from the USA to London more affordable than other destinations. The major reason being that London is an international hub and serves as a gateway to not only the United Kingdom but to the continent of Europe as a whole.

Which means it is well connected to all the major airports and the amount of airlines operating flights to London is uncountable.

Rome – The Vatican City

Rome has been on my own personal list of places to visit at least once in life due to the ancient history, the architecture and just the mere vibe the place holds within which can be felt even though you haven’t still visited the city.

From the Colosseum to the Roman Forum, there are so many marvels in the Vatican City and so much to do.

The stories, the historic landscapes, the Trevi Fountain which makes wishes come true, the Italian Cuisine and the charming cobblestone streets give the city a magnificent atmosphere which cannot be felt at many other places across the world.

The affordability of Rome when it comes to being among the cheapest European cities to fly into has to be the presence of low-cost carriers and the high demand for flights into Italy.

Airlines such as the Norwegian, WoW Air and Ryanair offer budget options towards Rome and the competition among the airlines often also leads in far better prices than seem possible.

Lisbon – The Captivating Capital of Portugal

Lisbon is a land of vibrant colors, historic castles and the fun tram ride throughout the city.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into

Lose yourself in the narrow alleyways of Alfama, discover the views of the Historic São Jorge Castle and indulge in delicious custard tarts or pastéis de nata and experience the vibrant lifestyle of the Portuguese.

The increased connectivity and the presence of several budget-friendly airlines that operate flights from the US.

Airliners like TAP Air Portugal, Delta, American Airlines, etc. offer very exciting prices and frequent deals which allow passengers to find affordable airfare options making this destination one of cheapest European cities to fly into.

Amsterdam – A Unique European Experience

From the magnificent charms of the canals and the tulip-lined streets, Amsterdam is a wonderful place for those seeking a unique European Experience.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
A Unique European Experience

Few places to explore include: Anne Frank House & the Van Gogh Museum. Other experiences one can have is try the traditional Dutch pancakes and cheese delicacies along with exploring the city on a rented bike like a local.

Amsterdam is one of the most famous cities to visit in the European Peninsula and is well-connected to major cities of the USA. Several airlines offer fascinating rates when it comes to selecting the best way to venture into the destination.

Airlines such as Ryanair, EasyJet & Transavia operate flights to Amsterdam from major destinations in the United States while providing cost-effective options for travel lovers.

When compared to other destinations, Amsterdam has a reduced distance from USA which makes the tickets more affordable.

Paris – Love, Life & Light

Paris is one among the safest, most incredible destinations in the entire world and people from all across the world tend to visit this beautiful little place at least once in a lifetime.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Budget Flying Within Europe

Paris or the city of light is a marvelous place to visit with so much to see, so much to do and so much to learn about life and about love.

It exudes romance, elegance and culture – like no other place ever could.

From the world-famous Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triumph to the leisurely boat ride on the Seine River, Paris has something for everyone.

There are many reasons why Paris needs to be in our list of the cheapest European cities to fly into from the USA and the first among them has to be the competition among the airlines serving the USA-France routes.

Due to this competition, the prices can get really reasonable at times for the travelers. Additionally, the low-cost carriers flying into the city of love such as the Norwegian Air, WoW Air, etc. provide affordable options for travelers.

Another important reason for the affordable transportation from USA to France is due to multiple direct flights which increase the connectivity and the between these countries.

Madrid – Experience Lively Spanish Spirit

The lively Spanish Spirit in Madrid is like an experience that cannot be imagined anywhere else around the universe.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest city to fly into Europe

The vibrant nature of the city provides travel enthusiasts and explorers so much to offer from visiting artistic architectures, to having local delicacies like tapas, paella and sangria along with so much more.

From the Royal Palace, Puerta del Sol and the Prado Museum to other experiences, Madrid has more than plenty to offer you even if its your 100th visit to the place.

Although, Madrid cannot be named as one of the cheapest European cities to visit or explore, but when it comes to flights, major carriers and low-cost airlines can offer very competitive deals.

You just need to look for them at the correct time (before at least 4 to 5 months from your date of journey).

Since Madrid is a place which is high in demand most of the year, the competition among the flights increases. And when competition increases, it often leads to lower prices.

Dublin – The Heart & Soul of Ireland

Dublin offers a fine blend of rich history, lively pubs and a warm hospitality which makes it one of the most loved destinations along with being one among the cheapest European cities to fly into.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest European city to fly into

You can explore the Trinity college, visit the iconic Guinness Storehouse and savor traditional Irish cuisine and music.

The flights to Dublin are quite affordable from major cities of the USA and the number one factor that makes it possible is the direct flights by numerous airlines which make connectivity more easy and the competition a little healthy for the visitors.

Barcelona – A Feast for the Senses

Another on the list of Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into has to be this beautiful destination called Barcelona – a city immensely popular for its unique architecture and the vibrant culture that it offers.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into

Indulge in delicious tapas, soak up near the Mediterranean, visit the Antoni Gaudi, including the mesmerizing Sagrada Familia & Park Güell.

The reason why Barcelona is considered among the cheapest European city to fly into is the presence of low-cost carriers operating flights from USA into this Spanish wonderland.

The Barcelona-El Prat Airport is well-connected to major hubs throughout Europe which make it another great reason for the trip being a little more affordable for travelers due to a higher demand and high amounts of both major as well as low-cost airlines.

Reykjavik – The Land of Ice & Fire

*GoT theme song plays in the background.*

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest Airports to Fly to in Europe

Even though John Snow knows nothing, but when you visit this marvelous landscape in Iceland, you’d know plenty about how a place that exists in real could look like its from a fantastic fictional universe.

Iceland in itself is a masterpiece of a country, but it’s capital Reykjavik adds even more charm to the already magical land.

Visit the Blue Lagoon, explore the unique landscape of the Golden Circle, immerse yourself into the magical stories of the place, experience the dance of Aurora, the Northern Lights and indulge in a hearty delight of the Icelandic cuisine – in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

With a rise in the popularity of this tourist hotspot in Iceland, the airlines have been offering very affordable prices for flights coming from the United States.

You just keep your eye out for deals and discounts wherever possible and you’d be getting a fun, affordable vacation with loved ones without breaking your bank.

Stockholm – A True Scandinavia Treat

The capital of Sweden spread across 14 islands, Stockholm is home to the historic Gamla Stan (or Old Town) and the Vasa Museum.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Where is the cheapest place in Europe to fly into?

The boat rides through the magical archipelago also is a fun thing to do over here along with indulging in the traditional Swedish meatballs and cinnamon buns in the streets.

Major air carriers and low-cost flyers offer incredible promotions and deals for flights coming to Stockholm, which makes the travelers enjoy their journey to this eye-catchy land, even more.

The presence of budget airlines make it even more affordable for cost-conscious explorers from the USA.

Munich – The Charm of Bavaria

Munich has gained immense popularity during the recent years and mostly due to the Oktoberfest Celebration which is the world’s largest Volksfest which features a beer festival and a traveling carnival. It is held in Munich every year from September till the first Sunday in October.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest European cities to visit

As per reports, more than 6 million visitors from international and domestic destinations come to visit and experience this fest every year.

Other than that, Munich also has some iconic places to visit like the Marienplats, the Nymphenburg Palace and things to do like savoring the traditional German Beer and Pretzels at one of the lively “beer gardens“.

Eurowings and EasyJet operate flights from all major US cities to Munich while offering budget-conscious travelers an incredible opportunity to visit this city without thinking much about the total spend.

Oslo – Luxury within a Budget

Although Norway is known for its high cost of living, luxurious lifestyles and more, affordable flight options can still be found pretty easily.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest place to fly into Europe from us

Oslo offers stunning sculptures in the Vigeland Park, impressive Opera House and a fantastic Viking Ship Museum for people who love to explore and learn more about the history and lifestyle of the destination.

When in Oslo, make sure you indulge yourself into a mouth-watering Norwegian treat with fresh salmon and shrimp.

Just like the other destinations, the competition among airlines operating from USA to Norway and the presence of low-cost carriers offering seasonal discounts and plenty of offers make this place one of the cheapest European cities to fly into.

Helsinki – Modern Design & Vibrant Atmosphere

Helsinki is the capital of Finland – the happiest country in the world and offers unique architectural gems in the name of Rock Church, picturesque Suomenlinna Fort and an enigmatic experience at the Finnish sauna.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest European cities to fly into from nyc

When we talk about affordable transportation towards Helsinki, there are plenty budget-friendly options for travelers to explore this vibrant city.

When you look for seasonal promotions, book early and subscribe the airlines, you get unbeatable prices for your journey towards Finland from the States.

Zurich – Chocolate, Cheese & Charm

One of the most popular and sort after honeymoon destinations in the world, Zurich in Switzerland has so many picturesque, insta-worthy landscapes and charming small towns that cannot be missed.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into

Marvel at the art masterpieces at the Kunsthaus, indulge in Swiss chocolate and cheese, take a scenic train ride to the Swiss Alps or just relax near the Lake Zurich for hours – Zurich just has so much to offer for all kinds of travelers.

The airfare affordability of Zurich from the States can be attributed to the following factors: the competition among the airlines and the seasonal promotions that low-cost carriers provide.

Frankfurt – A Bustling Financial Hub

Frankfurt is another really fascinating and among the cheapest city to fly into Europe offering a very rich cultural experience.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into

Some of the most interesting places to visit in Frankfurt are: the historic Römer Square, Städel Museum, and the Main River.

Along with the monuments, you can also enjoy the traditional German sausages and pretzels while exploring the city.

Flying to Frankfurt is really affordable since it serves as a major transportation hub which connects to various European destinations. This level of connectivity leads to increased competitions and decreased rates for the air travelers to grab.

Istanbul – Fusion of East & West

That is what describes Istanbul or Turkey as a whole for travelers: a Fusion of the best elements from both cultures of the East and the West.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into

When you visit the iconic Hagia Sophia, the bustling Grand Bazaar of the city and cruise along the Bosphorus Strait, you experience a world that feels and looks quite different from where you come from and somehow, still manages to feel like home.

The Turkish kebabs, baklava and aromatic Turkish tea are some of the insanely enchanting delicacies one must have in Istanbul.

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Istanbul is a major transportation hub which connects Asia, Europe and the Middle East together and there are numerous airlines operating flights to major cities all around.

Cork – Second Largest City of Ireland

The second largest city of Ireland and one of the cheapest European Cities to Fly into, Cork is a lesser known destination when compared to others on the list.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest European City to Fly Into

You can explore the historic English Market, visit the Cork City Gaol, and walk along the River Lee with your loved ones. This place is a hidden gem and that gives you a place of your own to make incredible memories while sampling the local delicacies like traditional Irish stew and seafood chowder with a pint of stout.

The affordability of this destination can be attributed to the availability of alternative airports in Ireland. While Dublin is a more popular destination, but flying into Cork can offer much better airfare deals.

Additionally, the smaller size of the destination allows for a convenient transportation between cities, which make it even more easy to explore beyond Cork while staying in your budget.

Warsaw – The Phoenix City

Warsaw or the capital of Poland, combines vibrant modernity with history and is one of the most outstanding destinations to visit.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest European Cities to Visit

From discovering the Old Town, visiting the Warsaw Uprising Museum and explore the Lazienki Park to trying the traditional vodka and hearty Polish Dumplings or Pierogi are the must do things when visiting Warsaw.

With the affordable airfares from major cities of America, Warsaw presents an outstanding opportunity for the budget-conscious travelers to explore Eastern side of Europe.

Just like the other cheapest European cities to fly into, Warsaw also has low-cost carriers and competitive pricing which make it super easy to find affordable flights whenever you plan to visit Poland. Also, the lower cost of living of this destination compared to other countries translates into more budget-optimized options for travelers.

Budapest – Pearl of the Danube

Mentioning Eastern Europe without Budapest will feel very incomplete, and with the power of enchantment that the place has, it had to be on our list.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest City to Flight into Europe

The Pearl of the Danube has the most stunning architecture and magnificent buildings along with the unforgettable thermal bath experiences. Relax in the Szechenyi Thermal Baths and enjoy a wonderous cruise along with the Danube River to feel the city like it needs to be felt.

Coming to the airfares, Budapest remains pretty cheap especially for USA travelers due to competitive pricing and the low cost of living which Hungary is known to have when compared to other European countries.

Prague – Straight out of a Fairytale

Prague is like a place that seems to have been taken out from a fairytale and put out in the world to experience what fantasy feels like.

Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into
Cheapest European Cities to Fly Into

The Prague Castle along with the Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square are some of the most interesting places to explore in the city. Other than roaming around the lit streets of the city, it also offers some of the most fantastic Czech beer and the trdelník or sweet pastry that’s pretty famous.

With the picturesque architecture, the charming cobblestone streets and the colorful atmosphere, Prague offers a very budget-friendly European experience.

Some airlines or low-cost carriers operate flights to Prague and they contribute to competitive pricing which makes Prague one among the cheapest European cities to fly into.

To wrap things up

There you have it, 22 cheapest European cities to fly into from the USA. Now it’s time to plan up your budget-friendly European Getaway.

From the stylish streets of Milan to the charming history of Prague, all these destinations have so much to offer and explore without breaking your bank.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book your flights and get ready to embark on a marvelous journey to the magical peninsula of Europe.

If you found this article helpful or have any additional tips or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts, experiences, and any hidden gems you discovered in the comments below.

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