Puerto Vallarta
Welcome to Vallarta..!!

The Corona Pandemic messed everything up. Businesses started to fail. Trades between countries faltered. And most importantly, that bastard took away TRAVEL from us..!! 

It’s been seven months. More than half of the “worst year” has ended. The world has experienced a global lockdown situation for months. And now, slowly but finally, the world is opening up again. With precautions, of course. 

Among these beautiful places now unlocking for vacationers, there is this astonishing wonder situated on Mexico’s Pacific Coast – called Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is basically a beach resort-town glowing along the coasts of Bahiade Banderas or the Baderas Bay. 

How to get to Puerto Vallarta?

The city can be reached right now only by air. The routes connecting US and Mexico by road and by sea have been restricted for non-essential travel due to the pandemic and still remain so. The flights are the only options for one to get inside.

Puerto Vallarta

Few flights of USA and Mexico have resumed travel into Vallarta following the re-opening.

The airports will be conducting an amount of safety measures at both, the origin and the destination airports.

Where to Stay in Puerto Vallarta | Puerto Vallarta Hotels?

According to the latest updates, the town of Puerto Vallarta has opened forty-five of it’s hotels throughout the city for incoming travelers. Keeping up with the Covid-19 security measures, all these hotels are providing a maximum of 30% occupancy with an updated and safe access to the on-site pools, restaurants and beaches.

Hotels Operating in Vallarta under the right protocols:

1. Velas Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta
All Inclusive Family Beach Resort

Distance from Airport: 2.1 km |5 minutes

Location: Marina Vallarta

Star Rating: 4*

Best Price: $333 per night (Source: Hotels.com)

2. Garza Blanca Preserve Resort

Puerto Vallarta
Source: Trivago

Distance from Airport: 6.8 km | 17 minutes

Star Rating: 5*

Best Price: $228 per night (Source: Expedia.com)

3. Crown Paradise Club

puerto vallarta travel guide

Distance from Airport: 3.6 km | 5 minutes

Location: Zona Hotelera

Star Rating: 4*

Best Price: $182 per night (Source: Hotels.com)  

Top Things To Do in Puerto Vallarta 

Puerto Vallerta has a lot to offer for Adventure Seekers, Resort Junkies, Water Sport Enthusiasts and Travelers in general. Let’s find out the Top Things To Do in Puerto Vallarta..!!

1. The Most Obvious | HIT THE BEACH 

Its a beach resort town, duh.. Get up and head to the beach!!

Located around the coastline of the marvelous Banderas Bay, each of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta, have something magical about them. With the crystal blue waters and it’s blissful tropical climate, Puerto Vallarta is any beach lover’s heaven. And the beaches here have everything to offer to everyone who comes here. Let’s discuss a few of the most idyllic beaches in the world.

Conchas Chinas, Puerto Vallarta | The Wedding Beach | The Beach of Romance

puerto vallarta travel guide

The Conchas Chinas of Puerto Vallarta has experienced ‘n’ number of weddings from the time it was discovered. The setting, the scenic views, the happiness and the peace this place gives anyone who steps foot in their is beyond words and beyond imagination.

When you’re with your loved one, do not miss out on this perfect romantic beach. You can find one of the finest natural pools formed among the rock formations here, to relax with your other-half and make lots of memories. The pristine waters, the glowing sands and the perfect rock formations shape up a perfect background for a couple of hashtag #couplegoals snaps for sure.

Los Muertos Beach | People Watching | Puerto Vallarta

puerto vallarta travel guide

Los Muertos or the Deadman’s Beach is the most famous, most populous and the best beach of Puerto Vallarta. During normal times i.e. pre-Covid, you could see people at all the places you set your eyes to in this beach.

As the city re-opens, people have already started coming to this beach for fresh air and to relax. One can pull up a lounge chair and just relax with the amazing sea views and with the sounds of the waves and the people. Los Muertos also has plenty to offer the adventure seeking souls.

This wondrous beach is a hub for a variety of water sports one can opt for, including: insane banana boat rides and competitive volley ball games along the seashores. Cleopatra (1963) starring Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor was the cult classic movie shot here. The movie helped in popularizing the place among a very large audience throughout the globe.

2. ATV Adventure in Sierra Madre

puerto vallarta travel guide

Unleash the adventurous soul looking for the adrenaline rush to flow through your body, and indulge in the ATV adventure in the Sierra Madre mountains. You can book ATV tours online through a couple of sites according to your wish. 

Unleash the adventurous soul looking for the adrenaline rush to flow through your body, and indulge in the ATV adventure in the Sierra Madre mountains. You can book ATV tours online through a couple of sites according to your wish. 

3. Walk down the Malecon

puerto vallarta travel guide

Walk down this beautiful boardwalk, hand-in-hand with your other half, or maybe with friends. The beautiful, scenic views along side you while you’re gossiping about the adventure’s you had or will have in this magical place. 

Renovated a few years earlier, the Malecon is much wider and the best thing about it, is that it’s pedestrian only. Only the few lovely people walking down the road discussing love, life and laughter: at peace.

“Bro-code Tip #01” If your crush is a shopaholic, or even if she’s not, Bro! you need to take her there..! You will find so many unique & small designer shops, restaurants, bars and ICE CREAM stores spread throughout the line. And who say’s “No” when you have ice cream in the other hand, right?(insert stickin-the-tongue-out smily here)

4. Visit the Botanical Gardens | Experience Flora of Puerto Vallarta

puerto vallarta travel guide
puerto vallarta travel guide

Discover the exuberant and the colorful flora of Puerto Vallarta in the VT Botanical Gardens. 

The Botanical Garden in Puerto Vallarta is a Green paradise for the Nature enthusiasts and for the ones looking for colors in the world. Appreciate and learn few amazing things about the various plants you’ll find there in the gardens. Besides the glamorous plants and flowers, there are also some other quite amazing stuff we could do here like: hiking along the trails, bird and butterfly watching, purchase souvenirs at the local stores and the most famous: Swimming in the Horcones River.

 5. Shop at the Local Markets | Puerto Vallarta

puerto vallarta travel guide

Visiting a place and not going to the local markets is like……… okay, I don’t really know what that’s like.. But you should visit the local markets for shopping the local artifacts and the souvenirs from any place in the world. It helps the artisans, the locals and the culture as a whole.

Enjoy some live music with a delicious Thai meal in the local craft stands of the Olas Altas farmers Market. This particular market happens every Saturday in the city from morning 0930 to 1400 in the Afternoon.

What to Eat & Drink in Puerto Vallarta | Calling all the foodies..!!

TACOS | The Favorite Mexican Food

Well who doesn’t like TACOS, right? I mean, it’s not a compulsion or something you have to do. But TACOS..!!! 

And where else to have the best Mexican food, than Mexico itself. 

puerto vallarta travel guide

Some of the best food stalls and restaurants for having a deliccioooouuss… oops, don’t mind me suddenly heading to the land of Tacos… 

The best food stands in Puerto Vallarta for Tacos are: –

  • Taquieria El Cunado | Francisa Rodriguez
  • La Hormiga | Lazaro Cardenas
  • Tacos Robles | Emiliano Zapata

Best Food Tours of Puerto Vallarta (Source: Viator)

1. Signature Taco and Street Food Tour | Puerto Vallarta

Take a massive bite into the mouthwatering Tacos, Tostadas and more on this famous street food tour of Puerto Vallarta. 

2. Downtown Puerto Vallarta Food Tour

Explore the local streets and Experience the local hormone-triggering foods on this Eat and Walk tour of Puerto Vallarta.

3. Tasting Vallarta Gourmet Food Tour

Visit four award-winning establishments on this night Gourmet Food Tour in Puerto Vallarta. 

  • family-owned eatery
  • an acclaimed local restaurant
  • a seafood place in Old Town Vallarta
  • a dessert haven on the Malecon

Craft Beer in Puerto Vallarta

puerto vallarta travel guide

Los Muertos Brewery is the oldest in the game of all the breweries in Puerto Vallarta. Trying the Craft Beer should be in your to-do list when visiting the place.

Best Time To Visit

puerto vallarta travel guide
puerto vallarta travel guide

Best time to Visit this magical place is between the months of April and June. The climate is pleasant and the room rates are much more affordable. You will find less amount of tourists in these months as compared to the high season of Winters.

” Paradise isn’t a place, it’s a feeling “

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