After entering Krabi on our 5th day of Honeymooning in Thailand, we had our 4 island tour planned!

Visiting the 4 islands: Koh Poda, Tup Island, Chicken Island & Phranang Cave Beach, was a fantastic experience. We had watched these islands on many Instagram pages, and seeing them all for real – is a totally different feeling.

4 island tour Krabi review
4 island tour Krabi review

You know, people who have visited the most popular places around the world have a different view on those: maybe they’ll say it’s not worth the hype, or maybe they’d suggest you a different location with lesser crowds. But the truth is, when you visit those places, they have a story to share and a kind of vibe that maybe their counterparts won’t have.

Today, we share with you our 4 island tour Krabi review and tell you how the experience was, how long the tour is, itinerary and is it worth it.

Let’s Go!

The Journey Begins – 4 Island Tour Krabi Review

Our adventure began, like all the previous days did – mid-breakfast. We were called upon to hop on our minivan and be ready for a half-day adventure. Yes, the 4-island tour was about 7 hours long (which is qactually half-day and you will be free at approximately 4:00PM to roam around the Krabi markets and beaches).

Our journey began from the Ao-Nang beach in Krabi where we had to hop in on our speedboat. We were given yellow bands this time.

Phranang Cave & Beach

The first stop for our ride through the limestone rock formations over the serene waters of the Andaman Sea was: Phranang Cave Beach.

When you exit your boat to enter this island, you see quite a large beach with light sand spread all over and a backdrop with large greens.

4 island tour Krabi review
4 island tour Krabi review

You can choose to directly go to the beach from here, or opt for a more fun way to reach the beach, through the backside, where you get to watch the cave structure in all its glory!

The trees with haywire branches guide your way towards your destination. You can stop here and experience the caves by climbing over those structures and clicking some interesting pictures to forward back home.

Famous for its surreal atmosphere and a legend related to a mythical sea princess.

As you move through the caves, you see it’s walls adorned with many offerings and gifts, in the form of flowers, fruits and wooden carvings & colorful sarongs. All these are the offerings dedicated to the Sea Princess called Phra Nang.

4 island tour Krabi review
4 island tour Krabi review

The local fishermen who rely on the sea for their livelihoods, believe that this cave (also called Tham Phra Nang Nok) is home to the spirit of the ancient sea princess. They believe that she resides in those caves and brings good fortune to those who seek her blessing and offer her with beautiful gifts.

Beyond the cave, the beach of Phranang also has a dedicated rock climbing space where one could try their hands (and feet) to climb up towards the overhanging cliffs.

The beach is a fun place to hangout and click amazing pictures with the sun providing fascinating golden-esque natural lighting.

Chicken Island

The most popular treat for your eyes is to see the Chicken Island for real! It’s like one of those IG pages have come alive, right in front of your eyes.

We did not have a stop at the island, but near it.

4 island tour Krabi review
4 island tour Krabi review

It was basically a snorkeling-hub for people who love to enjoy the underwater realm. We already had our experience in the Phi Phi Island tour, so we just happened to stay on the boat and view the magical limestone formations.

The snorkeling in Chicken Island is celebrated for its thriving coral reefs, making it an absolutely stunning place to try out this underwater experience for the first time.

Other than this marvelous activity, another obvious thing that has made this particular island, immensely popular is none other than it’s cliff – shaped like a chicken head.

As our boat reached the rocky outcrop, it was evident why the locals gave it this endearing name. The resemblance to a chicken’s head and neck is uncanny and adds a touch of whimsy to the charm of the island.

Tup island

The highlight of Tup Island is undoubtedly its iconic sandbar that emerges during low tide, connecting Tup Island with Chicken Island.

This phenomenon creates a fantastic surreal pathway across the shallow waters, allowing visitors to stroll between the two islands.

4 island tour Krabi review
4 island tour Krabi review

The crystal-clear waters surrounding this sandbar makes for an amazing Instagram-worthy scene – with towering limestone cliffs at the backdrops.

For the water sport enthusiasts, Tup Island offers excellent snorkeling opportunities – at the same place as the Chicken Island does.

Other than that, you can enjoy at the white sand beach, climb up a few stairs to sit back and watch the nature unfold its magic in front of you.

Poda Island – Sun, Sand & Serenity

Poda’s allure lies in its simplicity: a stretch of unspoiled coastline decorated with swaying palm trees and the distant silhouette of limestone cliffs.

4 island tour Krabi review
4 island tour Krabi review

For those seeking a relaxing time at the warm sands, Poda Island is a sunbather’s paradise. We laid down our towels, basked in the warmth of the tropical sun and let go of all our worries of the world, slowly drifting away with the gentle sea breeze.

Our journey to this peaceful island was punctuated with a pretty decent picnic lunch, thoughtfully arranged by our travel guides. (PS- the lunch here was much better than what we got in Phi Phi. But James Bond’s was my personal favorite.)

After lunch, you can stroll around the beach: take pictures, relax under the shade of many trees, and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the horizon.

We travel straight to where we started after having our lunch at this marvelous island.

Is the 4 island Krabi tour worth it?

If you are planning to visit Krabi, the 4 island tour is unequivocally worth your time. The experience offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, adventure and relaxation – which makes it a must-do for anyone visiting the region.

4 island tour Krabi review
4 island tour Krabi review

Here are a few reasons why it’s worth every moment and penny:

  1. Scenic Views: All the islands on this 4-island tour boast of stunning limestone cliffs, turquoise waters and pristine sandy beaches. These landscapes are straight out of a postcard, with ample amount of opportunities for breathtaking photos and unforgettable views.
  2. Unique Experiences: Each island on this tour offers you with a stunning and unique experience: from the chicken head’s resemblance of the Chicken Island, the snorkeling experience nearby Tup Island, the relaxing vibe of Poda and the mystical stories related to the Phra Nang Cave.
  3. Time Duration: When compared to other island hopping adventures in Thailand: Phi Phi or James Bond, the time duration of this particular tour is much lesser. And it provides you with opportunity to relax for some time at your stay and then have plenty time to explore the surrounding areas on your own.
  4. Memorable Moments: This tour is packed with moments that have made their way into our memories. From walking on the sandbar between Tup & Chicken, encounter exotic marine life while snorkeling and absorbing the enchanting ambiance of Phra Nang Cave Beach.


The 4 island tour Krabi review ends with this. The island hopping experience is really immersive and offers a wide variety of things to do from snorkeling to photo-ops and relaxation in the little time that it has.

It is a perfect tour to have if you happen to visit Krabi for the first time. You may indulge in unique activities, explore the beautiful corals under the Andaman Sea and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

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