Fairy lights covering street vendors selling all kinds of fruits with Nutella against a backdrop of unexpected winds and rain welcomed us as we set foot outside our resort to explore Phuket.

The streets seemed even more clean and mystical as the rain fell onto it. The aroma of the freshly cooked street Thai food, fruits along with the sounds of people inviting you inside their popular Indian restaurants, mixed with somewhat aesthetic sounds of people and vehicles forming a magical symphony you seem to know of, but haven’t really heard before.

Things to Know When Travelling to Phuket
Things to Know When Travelling to Phuket

The festive season is upon us and the streets of Phuket roared it as amazingly as it possibly could. With colorful bulbs forming a bokeh effect as you move forward, the colorful souvenirs you see at the small, cute shops and the people dressed in those vibrant, short and summer-viby beachwear.

The evening walk was also kind of scary as we first encountered a few ladyboys wanting to give massages, which we avoided and laughed about later. I guess its more scary for singles, or maybe that’s what they come here for.

But all in all, Phuket was much more than what we thought it would be. It was a mix of light, incredible sounds, smiling faces and gave us familiar vibes in an unfamiliar world.

Today, as we got back from our Honeymoon in Phuket & Krabi, we share with you the things to know when travelling to Phuket: from Immigration process, best time to visit and things to do to street food, currency, best way to reach, best place to stay and more.

Read on to find out all you need to know about Phuket.

Essential Pre-Travel Information (Things to know when travelling to Phuket)

Visa Free for Indians

Before anything else, the most essential pre-travel requirement you need to look into when traveling abroad is your VISA.

For Indians, the Thai Tourism Authority has waivered the VISA for six months from November 2023 till May 2024.

Which means you do not need to search for hours online finding the best VISA providers in your country, no standing in long queues, nothing like that.

Things to know when travelling to Phuke

I was doubtful about the Visa process before landing in Phuket. But as soon as we landed we were told to go straight to the Immigration.

And the immigration was as smooth as butter, if not more. They did not even ask us our hotel name, return flight or anything of that matter. We just put our fingerprints on that matrix-themed machine, let them take our photo and exit to the baggage claim.

This process, as per many online sources, used to be at least an hour long. But since the amazing Visa waiver for Indian Passport Holders, it just took max to max 4 minutes.

The VISA for Thailand for Indians is VISA on Arrival. And if this waiver was not going on, we would have paid approximately INR 6,000/- per person (about THB 2,400/-) for our VoA. Also, we would have stood in long queue for the same.

It is an absolutely brilliant step for both Indian travelers as well as the Thai tourism, because ever since the waiver was initialized, the number of Indians traveling to Thailand has been rapidly increasing.

When we were there, for about a week, we were told that this time there are more Indian travelers coming all the way from Pune, Delhi, Lucknow, etc.

Currency (How much to carry?)

Once you have figured out your VISA process, the next big thing that comes to many minds (just like us) is the cash to carry in the country.

Also, some forums online said the immigration could ask you to show how much currency (Thai or USD) you are carrying with you in cash. So they could see if you are eligible to stay in the precious country for whatever time.

Things to Know When Travelling to Phuket
Thai Baht

So, naturally, we were worried that what if the same happens to us. We must carry the necessary amount in cash just to be safe.

I also looked at many other options like a Forex Card, International Credit/Debit Cards, etc. But for Thailand and as we had our honeymoon package already booked, I thought it would be safer, and easier to carry enough cash to use for our dinner outings, shopping and miscellaneous expenses.

So, we took to BookMyForex and got ourselves THB 20,000 (approx. INR 50,000/-) for a couple. And trust me, it was a really easy process. We did not have to worry about stolen cards and just carried whatever we needed for the day when we went out for our travels.

You can also exchange your currency in Phuket airport if you want, but then again who does that.

I mean the charges are actually higher than online agencies and it would be better to carry some with you from your country, and maybe exchange more at any local currency exchange stores near your stay. We checked, they do provide pretty low extra charges.

Best time to visit Phuket

The best time to visit Thailand actually depends on what gives you as a traveler – the kicks. You know, what attracts you? Is it the beaches and the island’s cool breezes with blue skies? Or is it a more adventurous scene with mountain hikes and mystical views.

Things to know when travelling to Phuket
Phi Phi Islands

When you talk about Phuket, a hip-and-hop kind of beach paradise, the best time to visit has to be during December to March.

Most of the world experiences winters during these months, and that is when people tend to travel to places where they could get summer vibes, right? And Phuket is at its very best during this season.

It is the northeastern monsoons which provide the island a pretty cool vibrance with cold breezes and fascinating ocean vibes.

The average temperature during this time is mostly 24°C to 32°C (75°F to 89°F) and the humidity is at its lowest.

Most Essential Things to Pack:

One among the most essential things to know about a destination during your travel planning stage is none other than to understand what to pack!

Things to Know When Travelling to Phuket
Things to Pack

Since Phuket is a summer destination: beaches, islands, water sports and sun, you must carry:

  • Sunscreen – to try and protect your skin from the sun tan (which is inevitable).
  • Slippers – you need to walk, a lot, during your travels in Phuket and mostly on and around water. Comfortable slippers are the best bet for having a fun, non-stressful travel experience.
  • Swimwear/Beachwear – duh, you would need to pack your most sexy swimwear for this vacation. Who would miss the sexy photo-ops in a pool or at the beach.
  • Hat – another sun protector and it makes you look cool during your boat rides.
  • Sunglasses – they also make a dull face look cooler, and lets you watch the world around without squinting your eyes.
  • Clothing – to tackle the tropical climate, only carry lightweight, breathable clothes along. Like: t-shirts, shorts, skirts, light trousers, etc. You can also carry a nice dress (for ladies) and casual trousers with light jackets (for men) for special events or night dinners near the ocean.
Things to Know When Travelling to Phuket
Sunglasses are Mandatory

*One important thing for clothing. If you plan on visiting a temple or any religious spot during your travels, girls must carry a decent outfit which you could use for the same. Or else, you can get a blue sarong in THB 40 at the entrance of the temples.

How to Reach Phuket?

Now that we have it all figured out: the Visa, immigration process, currency to carry and things to carry. The next big thing to plan out your Phuket vacay is to get there.

Things to Know When Travelling to Phuket
Things to Know When Travelling to Phuket

Most effortless way to reach Phuket is to take a flight from your country to this pretty modern beach paradise.

When traveling from India, you have a list of options you could choose and these include: source city, flights and cheapest time to visit.

Choosing your source city

You can plan your source city by the distance and money it would charge you to get there to catch your flight. As per skyscanner, the best (connected) places in India where you could get a flight to Phuket are:

  • Chennai | Apprx. Rs.16000/- per person
  • Kolkata | Apprx. Rs. 18,000/- per person
  • Mumbai | Apprx. Rs. 21,000/- per person
  • Delhi | Apprx. Rs. 24,000/- per person

*All rates are from skyscanner for the cheapest month (March).

Things to Know When Travelling to Phuket

Let’s further discuss the pros and cons of flying from these major international airport destinations.

Chennai: Gateway to South

  • Pros:
    • Strategically located for South Indian travelers.
    • Direct flights available, ensuring shorter travel time.
    • Chennai International Airport offers modern amenities.
  • Cons:
    • Limited direct flight options compared to other cities.
    • Possible layovers for some flights.

Kolkata: Eastern Charms to Phuket

  • Pros:
    • Well-connected airport with growing international routes.
    • Kolkata’s cultural richness makes for an interesting layover.
    • May offer competitive fares depending on the season.
  • Cons:
    • Longer flight durations due to layovers.
    • Limited direct flights, requiring careful itinerary planning.

Mumbai: The Financial Hub Takes Off

  • Pros:
    • One of India’s busiest airports with numerous international connections.
    • Multiple airlines offer direct flights to Phuket.
    • Mumbai’s vibrant atmosphere provides an entertaining layover.
  • Cons:
    • Heavy air traffic may lead to longer departure queues.
    • Fares can vary, so timing is crucial for budget-conscious travelers.

Delhi: Capital Connections to Phuket

  • Pros:
    • Indira Gandhi International Airport is a major hub with extensive flight options.
    • Direct flights available, ensuring a more straightforward journey.
    • Delhi’s cultural and historical attractions make for an interesting layover.
  • Cons:
    • Weather-related delays are possible, especially during certain seasons.
    • Delhi’s airport can be crowded, leading to longer security and check-in lines.

Direct Flight or Layover Flight

The decision of choosing a direct flight vs a flight with layover(s) to Phuket depends on several factors. Mostly the major factor people tend to choose one among these is saving time and/or money.

Things to Know When Travelling to Phuket
Direct vs Layover

If you want to save your time, you choose a direct flight. Similarly, if you want to save money, you might opt for a flight with layover.

Let’s discuss each kind’s advantages:

Direct Flight Advantages:

  • Time Efficiency
  • Convenient
  • Reduced Jet Lags (which is unlikely to have for a 5-hour flight from India to Phuket)

Layover Flight Advantages:

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Opportunity to explore layover city(ies)
  • Flexible Scheduling

Best places to stay in Phuket

Patong Beach (for first timers)

Patong is like the most popular beach resort town in Phuket. Most travelers from across the world tend to stay here when visiting Phuket (especially if its their first time). And it is a perfect place to start your journey with. It has the beaches, the night markets, so many interesting street vendors, restaurants and an elegant nightlife.

Things to Know When Travelling to Phuket
Chilling at Patong Beach

You can enjoy a picturesque, cinematic stroll through the wide streets filled with different colors during the days and lights during the nights. And if you happen to come across the majestic rains, it would be like you are inside one of those peaceful 4k-like videos of people walking by in rains in magical streets.

One of the most famous nightlife and clubbing streets of Phuket, the Bangla Road is also located in Patong. And people from all genres of life needs to visit it at least once. It has all that one wishes for in a nightlife: the massages, the clubs, the booze and more.

Also, Patong is a preferred choice among Indian tourists and honeymooners as it offers some of the most delicious delicacies in many Indian restaurants spread all over the area. You even get to have the taste of back home in this different world.

And it is always great to see your own kind of people in different settings, right?

Karon Beach (Patong, but with lesser crowds)

Patong, as we said is the most popular area when it comes to choosing the best place to stay in Phuket. But if you want everything that Patong has – but not the same crowd, we have Karon for you!

Things to Know When Travelling to Phuket
Footsteps into Serenity

Karon is everything that Patong is – but better. It has peaceful beaches, a pretty decent nightlife and provides easy access to notable attractions in the destination – like the Big Buddha and the Kata Viewpoint, Karon beach, etc.

Another reason why Karon is another preferred place to stay for international travelers in Phuket has to be the breathtaking sunset experiences this place and its viewpoints have.

Karon is said to have the best sunrises and sunsets across the city and that is what attracts one to stay in and around this magic.

Karon is much quieter when compared to Patong, and provides the visitors with a more laid-back, chill and serene ambiance to explore the destination at our own pace.

When it comes to dining in Karon, you get interesting street food vendors, beachfront restaurants and upscale dining establishments which cater to all kinds of tastes and needs. You get to choose from local Thai cuisine to the more interesting dishes from all across the world.

Kata Beach (Embrace Serenity)

Lastly, if you want a more quieter, less crowded and family-friendly experience in Phuket, the best place to stay for you would be around Kata Beach.

Things to Know When Travelling to Phuket
Beaches of Phuket

It offers the most serene environment, even more than Karon. Also, it is a hotspot for surfing and surf enthusiasts mostly choose this area to stay at.

Another attraction that Kata has is its quaint, beautiful shops spread throughout the beach walk. Shoppers would have a blast when staying here as they get hands on some of the most interesting things/clothes/souvenirs in the best prices as well to carry back home.

A haven for water enthusiasts, Kata Beach has calm waters which make it ideal for swimming as well as to try out various water sports like snorkeling, kayaking and surfing/surfboarding.

Kata Beach’s food scene is a brilliant attraction for travelers as well as it offers some of the most interesting looking cafes and eateries near the beach. You can have the local Thai cuisine, try out some international dishes or even the freshest seafood varieties for dinner.

Other (interesting) things to know when travelling to Phuket

Beyond the obvious, here is some insider things to known when travelling to Phuket:

Things to Know When Travelling to Phuket
Deevana Patong Resort and Spa, Phuket
  • 7/11s at every corner. You can find these small grocery stores at every corner in Phuket. 7/11s are basically stores which are open 365 days 24 by 7 and offer food, booze and necessary things which you might need while staying in the city.
  • December is a great time to visit. Many Indian tourists start to visit Phuket during the beginning of December which makes it a really easy and safe place to travel if you are traveling abroad for the first time.
  • Laundry Charges. Laundry charges in Phuket start from THB 40 to 50 for 1kg clothes and you can find these at various local stores while your night strolls.
  • Can bargain when shopping. Bargaining when shopping can lead you to get the best prices for anything: from souvenirs to clothes and more. Also, there are some shops which have fixed prices for everything – which is great.
  • Strictly follow traffic rules. Thailand follows the traffic rules like their life depends on it. And seeing it makes you think about your own country. The people here do not overtake, they follow single lanes and stop at every zebra crossing – which might sound obvious, but is a big deal for us North Indians to see.
  • Ladyboys: Boon or Bane? You can see many girls (ladyboys, actually) sitting near massage parlors looking at you like they’d molest you with their eyes. Maybe that is something which people come here for – but for me it was weird. Also, if you travel with your partner, they won’t disturb you.
  • Aesthetic Walks – I have traveled to many places across India, but the aesthetic roads that I witnessed and experienced in Phuket during late at night was something I just watched in movies and videos. They are just magical to walk along with your life partner.
  • Unique Souvenirs to Bring Home. If you want to take something to remember this place by or for family back home you can choose from the following: keyrings and stickers with elephants and frogs, Chinese cats, Cashmere Pashmina Shawls and T-shirts.

Is Phuket safe for families

Phuket is a absolutely safe for families and couples as it has a welcoming environment. The locals are generally warm and accommodating, making it a pleasant destination.

Things to Know When Travelling to Phuket
Honeymooning at Phuket

Welcoming Culture: The culture in the nearby islands embraces family values, contributing to a safe and inclusive ambiance for the visitors.

Safe Accommodation: When it comes to accommodation, Phuket has some of the most secure options suitable for families and couples. Many resorts & hotels provide family-oriented amenities – like kid-friendly pools, play areas and babysitting services as well.

Clean, well maintained beaches: The islands (Phi Phi Islands, James Bond Island and nearby smaller islands) boast pristine beaches that are regularly maintained and monitored for cleanliness and safety. When visiting most of the beaches on your island hopping tours, you’d see lifeguards on duty – providing extra security for families looking to enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea.

Beyond Sun and Sea: If you are more into other activities expect for beaches and island-hopping, Phuket has so much more like the FantaSea show, elephant sanctuaries, Jungle Safaris, Adventure parks and waterparks.


In summary, a journey to Phuket promises a captivating fusion between cultural richness and natural beauty. From sun-kissed beaches to ornate temples, the island of Phuket invites travelers from all around to delve into its diverse offerings.

As you depart, carry the echoes of vibrant markets, the tranquility of azure waters, and the warmth of Thai smiles along with you.

If you liked this blog, share it with your buddies. Stay tuned for more blogs from our adventures in Phuket and Krabi.

That’s All Folks!

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  1. Stay away from the women, they will suck you dry, and not in a good way. They lie and manipulate like true artists

  2. Never Never go to Freedom Beach in Phuket… There are plenty of Stingray Fishes which are very dangerous….

  3. As soon as I read, this follow traffic rules I laughed, I lived in phuket for 4.5 years, they never follow traffic rules, never stop at zebra crossings and always overtake at any possibility, plus you missed the best beaches, nai harn, yan nui all way better places

    1. Well, living in a place and travelling there might give you a different perspective. For the minimum time we were there(at Patong to be specific), we had a great experience when it comes to traffic rules and otherwise as well.

      Appreciate your comment. We’d make sure to visit the suggested beaches on our next trip to Phuket. 🫡

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