One of the most incredible experiences we had on our trip to Thailand has to be witnessing the Thai Cultural Show called FantaSea Show Phuket.

After a day full of islands, waves, ocean, swimming, snorkels and sand – we drifted to a different part of Phuket – something beyond the beaches. Something, magical.

FantaSea Show Phuket
FantaSea Show Phuket

The FantaSea Show in Phuket was the first experience for us both, of actually sitting in a large house full theatre to watch a live storytelling: with so many different acts from air acrobats and dance performances to magical acts with elephants and dreamy sets.

It was worth every penny and everything else to go and witness the magical place, the performers and the entire vibe that it held.

Today, we talk about our experience of it all and let you know whatever you need to about experiencing the FantaSea Show Phuket at its full glory.

Essential Information – FantaSea Show Phuket

FantaSea Show in Phuket
FantaSea Show in Phuket
  • Location: The FantaSea Show Phuket takes place in Kamala Beach area, approximately 10km from Patong Beach.
  • Ticket Prices: The ticket prices vary as per the package you tend to choose.
    • Show Only: 1,800 THB for adults & 1,800 THB for children.
    • Show + Dinner: 2,200 THB for adults & 2,000 THB for children.
  • Show Timings: The gate usually opens up from 5:30 PM and the main show starts from 9:00PM.
    • *Important: Make sure you have your dinner before 9:00PM from the restaurant just opposite to the main theatre. The restaurant closes just at the moment the show starts.
  • How to Book
    • You can either include the show in your travel package by enquiring with your travel agent, or
    • You can book online by visiting the official FantaSea Show Site, or
    • You can save few more bucks and book this package from viator (Transfer + Show + Dinner).
  • Dining: If you get the Dinner inclusive tickets, you are in for a delight. The dinner we had in FantaSea (although a fast-paced one as we got a little late) was the most delicious one we had on our entire trip. We both can vouch for that, and I’m sure the others with us would too. The buffet setup looked brilliant and the food tasted just the same. From onion rings to soups to Indian curries and hot rice and so much more, it was a treat for everyone.
  • Other Activities: Beyond the show and the dinner, you get to explore the large area spread with so many unique stores and games. The ambiance feels like you’re in some alternate Disney world of sorts – with colorful lights, unique interiors, 3D-esque designs and so much more.

FantaSea Show in Phuket Experience

Arrival at FantaSea Show

As you make your way into the grand entrance of the FantaSea Show, you witness a majestic cultural theme park full of neon lights and exciting colors.

It feels like a grand carnival. And maybe as we travelled here just before Christmas, we got even more lights and decor with the large Christmas trees and unique hoardings, etc.

FantaSea Show Phuket
FantaSea Show Phuket

As you enter through the gates, you witness a large pond with fishes. Just as you look above, you see a demon dressed in gold and blue holding seemingly the sun in one hand.

Beyond that you see a fascinating waterfall with different lights covering it with hues of blue, greens and reds. There’s also some statues of mermaids sitting over rocks over the pond.

The exteriors of the entrance was adorned with intricate Thai architecture, which beautifully set the stage for the enchanting evening that awaited us.

Pre-Show Attractions

Before you witness the main event, there’s plenty to do and explore in the pre-show world at the FantaSea Show Phuket.

fantasea show phuket price
FantaSea show Phuket price
  • Village Market: Stalls adorned with traditional Thai handicrafts, clothing and souvenirs align through this market setting – offering a perfect opportunity to pick up unique treasures and keepsakes.
  • Carnival Games: With a lively carnival atmosphere, you can try your hands at various games from: ring toss to shooting galleries and more. Add to that some talented street performers with their awe-inspiring acts keeping you entertained while you wait for the main event.
  • Similan Entertainment Center: If you seek a bit of thrill before you sit back and enjoy the show, do not forget to stroll around the Similan Entertainment Center. It provides you with arcade games, virtual reality adventures and exciting rides.
  • Photo Ops: You get many photo-ops throughout the FantaSea complex. There are numerous photo spots featuring Thai backdrops, intricate decors, fascinating entrances and more.

As we both explored these pre-show attractions, it became evident that the FantaSea Show Phuket is not merely a grand show, but a comprehensive entertainment experience that everyone must have when in Phuket.

The thoughtful inclusion of these elements added a sort of dynamic and immersive quality to the entire evening, setting the stage for the massive spectacle that awaited us.

The Main Event: Palace of the Elephants

After all the photos, the strolling around, the fast-paced dinner – finally the time came when the gates of the Palace of the Elephants opened up and everyone moved into the long queues and then inside the massive hall where magic was about to happen.

Palace of the Elephants
Palace of the Elephants

*Important: You are not allowed to take your phone, any kind of camera or digital stuff inside the main hall. And the experience somehow seems more interesting due to that. Like you are transported into a world without any connection to reality. It’s magic in all its senses.

The walk to the theatre entrance was in itself an experience, as we witnessed some BTS (no! not the Korean thingy) behind-the-scenes of some performers getting ready, stretching and getting ready for their entrances.

The sheer scale of the theater left us in awe – it was almost like two large cinema halls could live here peacefully. The surroundings were adorned with intricate carvings, majestic elephants and a warm, glow of golden lights.

FantaSea Show Phuket
FantaSea Show Phuket
  • The lights went off as the grand curtain rose and captivating performances commenced. With a perfect blend of traditional Thai dance, music and acrobatics.
  • The performances all had vibrant costumes, intricate choreography and state-of-the-art special effects transported us to a world where myths and legends seems to be real.
  • The highlight of the show had to be the storytelling wherein we saw a love story climaxing into a battle between two realms with a spellbinding showcase of the rich Thai cultural heritage.
  • From mystical illusions to heart-stopping stunts and elephant runs and so much more, every moment left us on the edges of our seats, completely engrossing us in the narrative that unfolded.
  • With each act and each stage setup, the colors and energy seemed to get more fascinating. The precision and skills displayed by the performers right above us leaving everyone in the audience saying: WOW!
  • The grand finale brought together the entire cast (including the elephants) in the form of a grand parade. All dressed in elaborate costumes representing various characters from the local folklore. The energy was infectious and the grandness of the finale was felt right to the last seat.

Leaving the Palace, we couldn’t help but feel a deep appreciation for all the performers, the set curators, and everyone included in making this marvelous show.

It was much more than just a performance, it was a cultural fest immersing every viewer from every corner of the world into it, it was a journey through the heart and soul of Thailand that will forever be etched into our memories.

Wrapping it up – Is FantaSea Show Phuket worth it?

The FantaSea Show in Phuket is a testament to the power of storytelling through art, leaving its audience with a sense of awe and a newfound appreciation for the beauty of Thai culture.

FantaSea Show Phuket
FantaSea Show Phuket Timings

The FantaSea Show Phuket is definitely worth everything. Our experience at the show was nothing short of magical. It was a mesmerizing journey blending tradition with modernized entertainment.

As you witness it all, you feel an undefinable vibe which makes you appreciated everything that it offers and everyone that came together to set up such a grand scale event for viewers from across the world.

FantaSea, with its perfect blend of tradition and entertainment, truly deserves its reputation as one of Phuket’s must-visit attractions.

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