Our second day in our Honeymoon in Thailand had us thrilled for another island hopping experience after Phi Phi Islands.

The James Bond Island tour was the one which I was extremely excited for due to a few reasons:

  • To explore the place where a classic James Bond movie “The Man with The Golden Gun” was shot at.
  • The pictures of the Khao Phing Kan (or the James Bond island) were everywhere on the internet during our planning stage.
  • Witnessing the most interesting rock formations of Koh Tapu piercing through the water.
  • Experiencing Canoeing for the first time.
James Bond Island Tour
James Bond Island Tour

And that is what all we did on our 6-hour journey through the Andaman Sea, hopping through various small and large islands.

Today, we discuss with you all what you can expect from a James Bond Island tour and if it is better than Phi Phi islands or not and more.

Let’s begin!

Our Experience

Our adventure began bright and early as our minivan arrived outside our hotel at the correct time.

Armed with excitement and a lot of SPF 50, we set out for our rendezvous into the world of James Bond.

The air went thicker with anticipation as we hopped over the minivan, ready for the ride of a lifetime.

As we reached our pier, we were given orange bands and were briefed for our journey ahead. After some time, we were then taken to our speedboats.

The journey from Phuket to James Bond was a picturesque escapade and our guide regaled us with fascinating tales of the islands and their storied history.

James Bond Island Tour
James Bond Island Tour

The drive was filled with laughter, a lot of selfies, and the occasional snooze every now and then as the cold breeze from the sea mixed with some sparkles of water fell onto our faces.

As we approached the Phang Nga Bay, it welcomed us with a mesmerizing display of limestone karsts jutting out of the emerald-green waters.

It was a magical moment to witness and felt like we were into a scene from the Bond movie. (Cue the Bond theme music in your head!)

You do not see the Koh Tapu (James Bond Island) at the first glimpse when you enter the Khao Phing-Kan island.

What you get to witness first is a large cave. We entered it and it was like an absolutely brilliant setting for adventurers as well as photography enthusiasts. With so many natural viewpoints and cave structures coming together as you moved deeper into the caves.

James Bond Island Tour
James Bond Island Tour Caves

Once you’re done with the cave exploration and move to the opposite side of the island – there you see it. The James Bond Island emerging from the sea like a cinematic superstar or a natural skyscraper of sorts.

This limestone marvel rose majestically against the horizon and one cannot resist snapping a dozen selfies and photos of the scenery. It makes you feel like maybe you’re both undercover agents on a top-secret mission on international lands.

James Bond Island Tour
Jellybean Canoeing

After our Bond-inspired photo session was done, we had to leave for our next adventure – Canoeing at Hong Island.

It was really a moment of a lifetime as we ventured into a thrilling sea canoeing expedition through the hidden caves and lagoons near the island. We luckily got a really fun and talkative guide who sailed us through the incredible landscapes and took some incredible photos of us as he went “ooh, honeymoon honeymoon, happy happy!

Gliding through the serene waters, we marveled at the breathtaking stalactite formations and secret lagoons tucked away from the prying eyes of villains (or tourists).

James Bond Island Tour
Happy Happy!

As if we weren’t already on cloud nine, it was time for our onboard buffet lunch.

Picture this: you are with the love of your life, enjoying a delectable spread while cruising through the stunning waters of Phang Nga Bay.

It was a lunch date with a view that could give any rooftop restaurant a run for its money. As far as the food is concerned: it was way better than the one we got in Phi Phi Island. It seemed fresher and tasted pretty good. Also, the view was just out of the world for us.

Lastly, as we returned back to our hotels, we couldn’t stop but think that the James Bond Island tour is not just a mere sightseeing experience, but a full-blown cinematic experience that both of us will cherish till eternity.

Why is James Bond Island so famous?

Now that we have done the James Bond Island Tour and know what all it brings as experiences and memories – we can say that a James Bond Island tour is a must-do thing when you are in and around Phuket or Krabi at any point of time, be it solo, with family or with your partner.

James Bond Island Tour
James Bond Island Tour

Here are some reasons why James Bond Island has achieved such widespread fame:

  1. Film Location:
    • The Man with the Golden Gun: The James Bond Island gets its name after being a key filming location in this classic movie which starred Roger Moore in the titular role.
  2. Distinctive Appearance:
    • Limestone Karst Formation: The island has the most distinctive appearance and is characterized by a slender limestone karst rising dramatically from the emerald-green sea.
  3. Cinematic Allure:
    • Bond Glamour: The island’s association with Bond adds a touch of glamour and intrigue to the island and all the visitors are automatically drawn to its allure. No body would miss a chance to step into the world of 007 and experience a slice of cinematic history.
  4. Tourist Attraction:
    • James Bond Island Tour: The island has become a popular stop on organized tours from Phuket and Krabi. Travelers can explore the iconic location, take boat trips around the bay, and relive moments from the film. The island’s fame has contributed to the growth of tourism in the region.
  5. Natural Beauty:
    • Phang Nga Bay: Beyond the cinematic ties, this island is set within the breathtaking backdrop of Phang Nga Bay, known for its limestone formations, caves and crystal-clear water body.

Should I take James Bond Island Tour from Phuket or Krabi?

Choosing whether to take the James Bond Island tour from Phuket or Krabi ultimately depends on your own personal preferences and travel itinerary.

James Bond Island Tour
James Bond Island Tour

Both these destinations offer unique experiences, but here are some factors one might consider before making a decision:


  • Phuket is a major tourist hub with well-established infrastructure and aesthetic roads. It’s easily accessible with an international airport and it acts as a central starting point for the ones wanting to explore other parts of Thailand or nearby countries.
  • Beyond the James Bond Island Tour, Phuket offers a wide range of activities and attractions: from the vibrant nightlife in Patong Beach to cultural experiences in Old Phuket Town.
  • Phuket serves as a gateway to several nearby islands and provides easy access to multiple island exploration enthusiasts.


  • Krabi is more towards the natural beauty scenes when compared to Phuket’s infrastructure. It offers stunning landscapes featuring: limestone cliffs, clear waters as well as picturesque sceneries. The James bond island tour from Krabi allows you to witness similar limestone formations and breathtaking scenes.
  • Compared to Phuket, the crowd from Krabi seems to be a bit lesser, which offers a more relaxed atmosphere. If you prefer a quieter and more laid-back experience, Krabi might be your ideal choice.
  • Krabi is closer to Railay Beach, a famous rock-climbing destination with beautiful beaches. If you like rock climbing, Krabi provides more easy access for you (for Private Tours).


  • If you have already planned your itinerary and one location fits better with your overall experience, it might be more practical to choose that destination.
  • Consider the availability and affordability of accommodations in both destinations. Check if one location aligns better with your stay budget and other preferences.
  • Always consider the atmosphere that you seek when choosing a destination as your starting point. Ask yourself: do you prefer a tourist hotspot or a more tranquil and natural setting.

In conclusion, both Phuket and Krabi offer fantastic James Bond Island Tours, but your choice should align with your overall travel goals and preferences. Whether you opt for the vibrant energy of Phuket or the serene beauty of Krabi, you’re in for an unforgettable experience.

Which is better Phi Phi or James Bond Island?

Ah, the classic debate – Phi Phi vs James Bond Island Tour. Both stunning in their own ways, providing different kinds of experiences and moments.

James Bond Island Tour
Phi Phi island vs James Bond island

But if you ask our opinion, we’d say James Bond Island takes the crown. Here’s why:

  • Iconic Cinematic Vibes: James Bond Island is not just an island but a living, breathing movie set. The dramatic limestone cliffs and the mysterious aura you seem to get in this tour cannot be compared to anything else. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a secret agent in the most stunning settings, right?
  • James Bond has everything Phi Phi does & more: When you consider stuff with things they tend to offer, James Bond Island offers you everything that a Phi Phi Island tour would – and more. It has the beaches, the water sports, snorkeling at the Andaman Sea, delicious seafood, much better inclusive lunch – and add to that the canoeing experience and the vibe of witnessing the most popular sights in Thailand’s island hopping expedition.
  • Koh Phi Phi’s Party vs James Bond’s Elegance: Phi Phi is notorious for its wild beach parties and that would be perfect for the ones who are into it. But if you are looking for a more elegant experience, James Bond Island is the epitome of sophistication.
  • James Bond Island’s Timelessness: While Phi Phi might have gained immense popularity during the recent years, James Bond has been iconic for decades. It’s timeless appeal and the fact that it’s forever linked to the world of James Bond give it a sense of never ending charm that Phi Phi cannot quite match – even with all it’s beauty.
  • Less Crowded, More Intimate: Phi Phi can feel more crowded, especially during peak tourist seasons. James Bond, on the other hand, retains a more intimate vibe. The group sizes here are smaller which allows you to truly immerse yourself in the surroundings without feeling like you’re a inside a tourist swarm.

At the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences. If you are after the ultimate cinematic experience, touch of elegance, want to explore the hidden caves over a canoe boat, James Bond Island is a clear winner.


In conclusion, our experience in the James Bond Island Tour from Phuket was nothing short of a blockbuster adventure.

From the iconic James Bond island itself to the exhilarating sea canoeing, delicious seafood feasts and underwater explorations, every moment was a testament to the magical allure of Phang Nga Bay.

James Bond Island Tour
James Bond Island Tour

This tour not only immersed us in the breathtaking natural beauty of Thailand, but also allowed us to live out our 007 fantasies – if only for a day.

Whether you are a die-hard Bond fan or just someone looking for a slice of paradise, this tour has it all – action, relaxation, romance (if you’re on a honeymoon like us) and the kind of memories that make you smile even when you write about it on your blog.

So, now that you get an idea of the experience, go pack your tuxedo or your favorite sundress, grab your shades, and get ready for a Bond-worthy adventure!

Stay tuned for more!

That’s All Folks!

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