Traveling alone or solo has a very different and unique approach to exploring. It can be really interesting, adventurous or maybe even a li’l terrifying at times.

But it is an experience worth having, at least once in a lifetime.

how does it feel to travel alone
How does it feel to travel alone?

And today, on this blog post we talk about how does it feel to travel alone, and:

How does it feel to travel alone for the first time

Traveling alone for the first time can give you a mix of emotions of both: excitement and apprehension. You get a sense of freedom. It feels like nothing can stop you. Like nothing can control you. It’s just you and the entire world to explore. It’s like a free roam in the real world. However, it might get lonely at times but when done right it can turn out to be the most empowering travel experience of self-discovery and personal growth that a person can get.

Traveling solo or alone is a fascinating experience as you navigate through unknown and unfamiliar streets, find out the most beautiful spots, meet new and likeminded people from across the world, learn about new cultures and try out the most finer things in life.

how does it feel to travel alone
Travelling alone for the first time

Traveling solo for the first time might feel overwhelming when you think about it. But you just have to do it to experience it on your own. Its like a way of leveling up in life. It gives you so much time with your own self. It helps you learn more about you, in the most magical ways. It is just one of the most exciting things you must at least once do in life.

Pros and cons of traveling alone

Traveling alone can be a very remarkable experience for many, but it’s not without its challenges. Here are the most essential pros and cons of traveling solo:

Pros of traveling alone:

  • Independence and freedom: Solo travel gives you complete control on your travel itinerary. This allows you to go wherever you want, whenever you want, without any compromise for others.
  • Self-discovery: There are several psychological benefits of traveling alone and self-discovery is up top on that list. You have the opportunity to spend more time with yourself.
  • Self-growth: Just like self-discovery, another great pro for traveling alone is self-growth. You become more self-reliant and a different level of confidence is experienced when traveling solo.
  • Meet new people: Another great solo travel pro is the opportunity to meet new people. You become more approachable by travelers as well as locals.
  • Flexibility: Your plans are your story. When you travel alone, you have complete flexibility to turn your plans in whichever way you want.
  • Budget Control: When you travel alone, you get to control your budget as per your own needs. You know what you want from this trip, and can plan ahead as to how you want to spend your budget in the destination(s) you travel to alone.
how does it feel to travel alone
Is traveling alone worth it?

Cons of traveling alone:

  • Loneliness: It is not a hidden thing that there comes some loneliness when we talk about traveling solo. It is one of the most significant drawbacks one can face while on a solo adventure.
  • Safety Concerns: When you travel alone, safety concerns tend to 2x as compared to when you are with your comfort buddies or family. You are all you have in a distant world.
  • Costs: When you stay alone in an accommodation or travel to a place alone, the costs obviously will be more when compared to traveling in a group.
  • Decision Fatigue: With so much planning to do before-hand as well as on-the-go, it might get overwhelming, at times. Choosing where to stay, what to eat, where to go next, and so much more can be mentally taxing for you.
  • Limited shared experiences: Even though you enjoy being alone, when you experience unique or interesting things along your journey, you sometimes want someone to share it all with.
  • Vulnerability: Being alone in a different place makes you more vulnerable to scams and unwanted attention. You need to think fast and tackle those situation in the best way possible, alone.

How does it feel to travel alone can all depend on how your experiences go when you have your solo adventure for the first time. It will all be more comfortable and seamless when you already know the pros and cons listed above before heading to a new adventure.

Do you feel lonely travelling alone?

Yes, you do feel lonely traveling alone – a few times, at least. You have all the adventures throughout the day and get the most exciting experiences checked out off your bucket list for the chosen destination, but when you get back to your hotel, you just want to share all those stories with someone. Many-a-times you want someone to share the experiences with, as well. This feeling could arise during lonely dinners or navigating unfamiliar terrains without someone for backup.

Loneliness can be particularly poignant when you encounter something truly remarkable or breathtaking on your journey. You want to share that view with someone: a friend, a lover or a family member.

However, a thing to remember here is that it is just a part of traveling solo for the first time. While you experience slight loneliness, you also have a brilliant experience on your own and discover self-growth and so many opportunities which you might not get when you have someone with you.

How does it feel to travel alone
How does it feel to travel alone?

Why do you feel lonely traveling alone?

  • Lack of Companionship: Traveling alone means no companionship of friends or family. Which could lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, especially if it’s your first solo-venture.
  • Shared Experience: Part of the joy which comes with travel is to share your experiences with the ones you care about. Solo travel means you are your own company, and TBH it can get pretty boring, at times.
  • Solitude: Solo travel often means more solitude, which can be double-edged sword. While some might enjoy it, mostly it isn’t a great experience to feel solitude – when you don’t want it.
  • Missing Conversations: There is no one to talk to during long waits at the airport, long bus journeys or over meals. These missed conversation opportunities could lead to loneliness when traveling alone.

Tips to not feel so lonely while traveling alone:

  1. Select Social Accommodations: Social accommodations like hostels or boutique hotels might give you a social ambiance where you can meet new people who share your love of travel.
  2. Join Group Tours: Group tours are fun when you’re into it. You meet new people and most of the times even form newer, longer bonds.
  3. Use Social Media: Social media offers you to join groups on Facebook, connect with couchsurfers and look for social events you could attend at your destination to not feel lonely.
  4. Visit Social Spaces: Coffee shops, bars and common areas within your hostel can be the best places to spend some time socializing.
  5. Stay Connected: Staying connected with friends and family back home is essential to not feel lonely when on a solo adventure.

Can an introvert travel alone?

Yes, an introvert can indeed travel alone and it might just be the most amazing things for them. It allows introverts to fully immerse themselves in the experience, providing a break from constant social drama which mostly drains their energy. It brings you into a new place, where no one knows you – which is a blast for introverts! While solo travel might seem daunting initially, it also encourages introverts to step out of their comfort zone and expand their horizons.

Tips for an introvert traveling alone:

Traveling solo can be a very rewarding experience for introverts. Here are some tips to make your solo venture more enjoyable and comfortable:

How does it feel to travel alone
How does it feel to travel alone?
  1. Choose suitable stays: Opting for quiet hostels, small boutique hotels and AirBnB makes it a very suitable environment for introverts choosing to have a solo travel experience.
  2. Stay connected: Staying connected with friends and family is important when you are all alone in the world out there.
  3. Engage in solo-activities: Go visit an art museum, local parks, historic monuments and enjoy walking in a new city, new place all by yourself.
  4. Carry a good book or journal: A book or a journal can be a great companion on your solo journey in and around a new country.
  5. Travel at your pace: It is okay to recharge and take a break from your traveling. Introverts enjoy their own company and slow travel can provide you that in the most perfect way possible.

Tips for Travelling alone as a woman

How does it feel to travel alone as a woman? Traveling is something that is for everyone: people of every gender and every age. And solo travel for a woman can be an interesting and empowering experience, when done right.

You need to plan ahead and make sure you know what your purpose for the trip is gonna be, about the safety precautions you need to follow while traveling at your chosen destination and more.

How does it feel to travel alone
Traveling alone as a woman

Here is a list of 10 most important tips for travelling alone as a woman:

  1. Understand your purpose: Have a clear purpose for the solo venture. Whether it is for adventure, relaxation or self-discovery, you need to know why you are doing what you’re doing.
  2. Learn about safety precautions: Research and understand the safety precautions one needs to follow at the chosen destination. Look for areas to avoid, infamous scams, certain cultural norms, etc. to keep the adventure seamless and secure.
  3. Keep home updated: Make sure you share your entire itinerary with your friends and family back home. They must know where you are in your journey at all times.
  4. Insure your travel: Invest in a comprehensive travel insurance plan which covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations and loss of belongings. (Don’t know where to start? Try this one!)
  5. Minimize luggage: Traveling light has many benefits and in a solo venture, it is one of the safest thing you can do. When you travel light, you can easily manage your belongings.
  6. Minimize unwanted attention: Dress as per the local customs, respect the culture, keep the alcohol intake into a minimum and project confidence when traveling alone in a unique destination.
  7. Safety Tips: Carry a whistle or a personal alarm that you can use during emergencies or when feeling threatened.
  8. Blend in: Read about the culture and dressing sense of the destination before going, and buy those dresses which can help you blend in with the locals. It helps you avoid unwanted attention from tourist scammers.
  9. Learn basic phrases: Learn some basic phrases in the local language which could help you navigate through the location without any problem.
  10. Trust your instincts: Our biggest savior is our own self. Always listen to your heart and trust in your instincts in every situation or challenge that comes your way.

While it’s crucial to take all these precautions for keeping safe while traveling solo as a woman, remember to just let the experience and the city introduce itself to you. Do not let the fear hold you back from exploring the world. I mean, the world is indeed your oyster, ladies.

Safest places to travel alone

Safety needs to be your topmost priority in general lifestyle as well as during your solo travel experiences. Here are some of the safest places to travel alone for introverts, woman and first-timers:

How does it feel to travel alone
Safest places to travel alone


Known for its low crime rate, politeness and a strong sense of safety, Japan is one of the safest places to travel alone. Crime is relatively rare and the people of Japan are known for their helpfulness and respect for others.

Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo or the serene temples in Kyoto, Japan has a safe and welcoming environment for solo travelers.


Famous for its stunning natural landscapes and safety in travel, Iceland is another safe place to venture alone. Violent crime in the city is extremely rare and the country is considered one of the safest in the world.

The small, tight-knit communities make it easy for solo venturers and woman to feel secure and enjoy themselves at the fullest amidst the unique beauty of Iceland’s geysers, waterfalls and stunning glaciers.

New Zealand

Another very safe destination for solo travelers, New Zealand is a place which is in every travel lovers bucket list of places to visit. With the low crime rate and friendly locals, this breathtaking masterpiece of a destination becomes even more popular and dreamy for many.

Indulge in the breathtaking scenery, diverse landscapes and the well-developed tourism infrastructure, New Zealand is an excellent choice for your next solo travel venture.


Ah, we all tend to love Singapore in one way or the other. One of the most exciting family destinations and safest places in the world, Singapore has very strict laws and an efficient law enforcement.

Solo travelers can explore the city’s diverse neighborhoods, try out their delicious food scene and take pictures of its modern attractions with peace of mind.


Norway has always been one of the safest places in the world for solo travelers. With a low crime rate and a very strong social safety net, it is an excellent destination for solo travel lovers.

Whether you are out exploring the charming streets of Bergen, on a excavation to find the Northern Lights or hiking up in the Norwegian wilderness, you can do so with peace of mind.

Note: Although these destinations are considered safe, it is very important for solo travelers to take common-sense precautions like keeping an eye out for your belongings, staying aware of your surroundings and following local customs and regulations.

Is Travelling Alone Worth It?

Yes! Travelling alone is absolutely worth it. It offers an unparalleled personal growth, self-discovery and culturally immersive experience which cannot be possible in the general traveling. It gives you the opportunity embrace the freedom to set your own path, become more self-reliant and forge meaningful connections with people worldwide.


How does it feel to travel alone? It is an experience that transcends words and emotions, a journey of self-discovery, independence and personal growth.

How does it feel to travel alone
How does it feel to travel alone?

While you may encounter moments of solitude and occasional loneliness along with few challenges, it rewards you with a freedom to shape your own adventure, meet new friends, have a profound sense of achievement and find your own self and your purpose in life.

If you have been considering to embark on a solo adventure, now is the best time to do it. The world is full of exciting scenes and fascinating adventures waiting for you.

If this blog felt inspiring to you, do not forget to share it with friends, family and fellow travel enthusiasts. If you’ve had your own travel experiences, feel free to comment down below and share them with our readers.

That’s All Folks!

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