Norway or the Land of the Midnight Sun has everything a nature lover wants in a destination: the large deep and extensive fjord systems, the incredible mountain range with the rugged coastline, and magic.

Magic is the soul of the beautiful destination that Norway is. And that is one major reason it has been in the list of most beautiful places in the world of mostly all the bloggers around the globe. Today, TravelSole will be discussing the few extraordinary and magical Reasons to Visit Norway.

Reasons to Visit Norway #1: Experience the Midnight Sun

reasons to visit Norway
reasons to visit Norway

Have you ever really looked at the sun while it’s rising, it looks smaller, so much less bright – weaker. One can easily look at it without squeezing your eyes.

But when slowly and steadily it starts to rise above our world, the rays coming from it goes brighter, so much that you can no longer look at it directly, it becomes stronger. Like a king, it slowly and silently controls the world. It rules it. And then as the night arrives, it goes to sleep, to rest.

Imagine the bright ruler of our world rising in the morning and not setting even when the night arrives.

Imagine a place where the “sun never sets”, where it gloriously shines throughout the day and throughout the night as well. This phenomenon of the midnight sun is seen and experienced in Norway for a few months every year; hence the name, The Land of the Midnight Sun.

The midnight sun is basically a natural – quite magical – phenomenon which occurs in the places situated at the south of the Antarctic Circle and north of the Arctic Circle.

In the most basic sense, the reason this happens is due to the physics of earth and the sun.

During the summers, when the Earth’s hemisphere tilts towards the sun, the poles start to experience a 24 hour full sunlight: or the Midnight Sun phenomenon. There are a few places where the sun never sets but Norway’s location is ideal to experience the beautiful phenomenon mostly around the months of late April till August.

Where to Experience: Tromso, Hammerfest, Lofoten Islands

When to Experience: Late April till Early August

Reasons to Visit Norway #2: Aurora Borealis

reasons to visit Norway
northern lights at Norway

The northern lights or the Aurora Borealis is another magical phenomenon people from around the globe come to visit Norway for beside the midnight sun. Norway is indeed a land of magic.

The glowing, dancing and colorful natural light show is otherworldly and gives out an extraordinary vibe to the places it occurs in and to the the people who come there to experience it.

These magical lights begin real high in our atmosphere, when the charged particles coming from the sun become trapped under the magnetic field of the earth. It results in the rise of the Northern lights.

If visiting Norway, experiencing or at least trying to experience this naturally enchanting phenomenon is a must-do. All the travelers in all parts of the world will mention it for your visit to Norway.  

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Where to Experience: Ersfjordbotn (near Tromso), Lofoten Islands, Nordkapp, Alt

When to Experience: Mid- September till Late March

Reasons to Visit Norway #3: Whale Watching 

reasons to visit Norway
Whale Watching Experience at Norway

We talked about the natural phenomena happening above the land, high above in the sky of Norway. Now, let’s go underneath the land, towards the sea.

Whales are beautiful creatures – massive, but beautiful. And seeing them with their own surrounding is one thing people from corners of the world really want to do.

A whale safari in Norway is something that must be in your bucket list. If you do not have a bucket list yet, what are you waiting for? Make one!

Ok I know you all are smart and all, still, I need to tell you, a whale safari does not mean you’ll be on top of a whale going throughout the ocean, a big no. Although come to think of it, it would have been so cool, right.

Actually it is more like a “Whale Watching Experience” wherein you cruise to a place where you can see and maybe capture a few shots of the massive creature. It is an experience of a lifetime for sure.

Where to Experience: Andenes, Tromsø, Svolvær and Alta

When to Experience: Late October to mid-January  

Reasons to Visit Norway #4: Drinking World’s Best Hot Chocolate

reasons to visit Norway
Hot chocolate

Do you know that a chocolate contains phenylethylamine – the same chemical which is released in our brains when we fall in love? Hence, chocolate is love. It makes us feel good. And Norway is one of the best places to fulfil your choco-desiring sensations.

The hot chocolate found in parts of Norway is considered to be the best in the world. This “best in the world” hot chocolate is prepared by using Belgian Chocolates, real whipped cream and whole milk. Nothing artificial is added in it whatsoever.

Neither too thick like a pudding, nor too light like some chocolate water; it’s just a perfect balanced and oh-so delicious Hot Chocolate made with love. Norwegians refer to it as the varm sjokolade.

Where to Experience: Stavanger

When to Experience: Winters

These are just a few Reasons to visit Norway, the Homeland of the Vikings. It should definitely be in your places to visit before you die, because it is beautiful and massively majestic and magical.

That’s All Folks!

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