It’s a beautiful dream, A beautiful night.
A beautiful world, When we dance in the light.”

The Most Beautiful Places in the World

Most Beautiful Places in the World
The world we live in is an epitome of beauty and it is full of treasures. There are places both natural and manmade which burst out these amazing and extraordinary vibes out of them whenever you visit. Be it your first time, or maybe even the 90th!
The world is wonderful and today together we will learn about some of The Most Beautiful Places in the World ready to be explored, experienced and energize your soul at.
Alright People, get ready to Explore some of the most amazing and the best vacation spots throughout the planet with me..!!

#1 Angel Falls, Venezuela

Highest Waterfall in the World
Most Beautiful Places in the World

Popular worldwide to be the “world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall“, the Angel Falls exist beautifully in Venezuela, South America. The interesting thing about this wonderful waterfall, besides the massive height, is it’s history.

The Angel Falls was found accidently by this person called Jimmy Angel back in the 30s.

James Crawford Angel or Jimmy was an American Excavator, a person who searches for gold, oil and other essential substances under the Earth’s surface – a gold…digger (insert appropriate smiley here) . 

He was very keen in what he did and it had been almost 3 years for him in the excavation journey when one fine day, he found MAGIC!

Most Beautiful Places in the World

One day while looking for a “stratum of ore”, his flamingo monoplane happened to fly above this wonderous waterfalls flowing through the heart shaped summit of the Auyan Tepui or the table-top mountain.

He returned back along with his wife and a few associates after almost 2 years of discovering the place, to show them one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Interesting Fact: You will recognize this beautiful vacation spot as the very famous Paradise Falls from the Disney Classic Flick, Up!

#2 Banff National Park, Canada

Canada’s Oldest National Park
Most Beautiful Places in the World

The Banff National Park in Canada is said to be boasting out the most fantastic views of the scenic nature among all of North America.

The Snow-Capped Peaks, the Astonishing Alpine Lakes, the Wonderous Waterfalls and the ton of adventurous activities you can try out in here, makes the Banff National Park a “Bucket List Worthy” and one of the most incredible vacation spots to travel to.

Along with being the OLDEST national park in Canada, the Banff includes the well known and lavishing looking Louise Lake, mostly termed on Instagram as one of the “Most Photographed Lakes in the World“.

Most Beautiful Places in the World
Having n number of spots throughout the massive area it exists in, the Banff National Park is without a doubt one of the Most Beautiful Places in the World.

#3 The Isle of Skye, Scotland

An Enchanting Scottish Island
Most Beautiful Places in the World

The Isle of Skye is the largest among the many islands in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides. It is mostly famous for the beautiful landscapes, the mystical Medieval Castles, it’s delightful fishing villages and the Enchantment.

It is believed by the people who come to this wonderful destination and by the locals as well, that the water flowing below the Old Sligachan Bridge can grant you Eternal Beauty if you put your face in it for 7 seconds and let it dry off. Interesting, ain’t it?

Most Beautiful Places in the World

The story goes that there was once a fierce battle between the World’s Greatest Warrior and Ireland’s Favorite Warrior.

The battle went on for weeks. And only stopped when a daughter of one of these warriors somehow got help from the faeries through the magical waters under the Old Bridge.

The battle took place at the Isle of Skye that we know today as one of the best places to visit with friends, family and alone, even.

#4 Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy’s Most Memorable Destination
Most Beautiful Places in the World

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is deemed by UNESCO as an astonishing example of the Mediterranean Landscape.

The Costiera Amalfitana (Amalfi Coast) is among the most favorite honeymoon spots for the A-class Hollywood Stars like Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian.

Another interesting fact of this beautiful vacation spot for more than hundreds of thousands of tourists, is that the world renowned “Cappuccino” was first introduced in a monastery located here.

Most Beautiful Places in the World
It is said that many years ago, in a monastery – now, turned into the Capuchin Convent Hotel, lived many monks. They introduced the concept of mixing warm milk with their coffee- thus creating Cappuccino!!
Coffee is Love, right..!!!

#5 The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Iceland’s Most Popular
Most Beautiful Places in the World

Nearly everyone who visits the beautiful country of Iceland, cannot miss a chance to visit this wonderful man-made spa resort famous for many things from the activities to the lavishness the place offers.

The Blue Lagoon is a wonderful outdoor spa with activities ranging from relaxing massages to incredible cocktails as well as from scrumptious food items to mesmerizing views. You will find whatever you need in here. Maybe even a little bit of – YOURSELF.

Most Beautiful Places in the World

The interesting thing about this place and the major reason it made to our list of The Most Beautiful Places in the World is that it is a result of a magical collaboration between nature and man.

The land is natural and the beautiful shape of the pool is made by the the molten lava. And the natural looking waters are a result of the nearby geothermal powerplant setup at the location.

#6 Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

Experience the blush-tinted blooms

Most Beautiful Places in the World

Known in Japan as Sakura, these pink blooming flowers stands for renewal and hope. And they symbolize the arrival of Spring in the country.

During this time, the Japanese people perform the infamous “flower viewing” ceremony, also referred in the local language as hanami.

The Cherry Blossom Season in Japan begins in April and goes to bloom out all across the country for the next two weeks.

Japan becomes one of the Most Beautiful Places in the World to visit, especially during the Spring season.

Best places to experience this Wonder in Japan are Mount Yushino, Himeji Castle and the Fuji Five Lakes.

#7 Marrakech, Morocco

The Red City of Morrocco
Most Beautiful Places in the World

The Old Medina situated in Marrakech makes one feel as if you’ve somehow achieved the impossible. People say it’s like some other dimension of peace and positive vibes.

You can find some very amazing and lavish markets around the place. And people come to Marrakech from many different places to experience the biggest souks or markets that are setup there.

The name “Red City” and the major reason it has made its way to our list of the Most Beautiful Places in the World is due to the colors of the large walls surrounding the city. These walls are made up of reddish- clay and chalk serving the construction of various buildings around the city.

Most Beautiful Places in the World
The maze-like alleyways, colorful souks, powerful palaces and lavish gardens make it a very popular vacation spot for everyone.
#8 Bora Bora Islands, French Polynesia
The Island of Paradise
Most Beautiful Places in the World

Blessed with one of the most magical looking turquoise lagoons, wonderful coral reefs and astonishing aquatic life, the Bora Bora Islands in French Polynesia is a must visit place if you really want to explore the most beautiful vacation spots around the globe.

It is famous for many luxurious and amazing looking island resorts which also offer many adventure activities you can indulge in when here.

Most Beautiful Places in the World
The Bora Bora Island in the French Polynesia is truly a marvel and said to be an amazing example of Heaven on Earth.

#9 Oia, Santorini

Welcome to the Greek Paradise
Most Beautiful Places in the World

Oia is a beautiful hillside town located in the Greek paradise of Santorini. The blue-white colored structures spread throughout the place makes it look gorgeous and perfectly compatible with the blue waters spread through and through.

The most famous and remarkable thing to do in Oia is experiencing the incredible breathtaking sunsets. It is said that the sunsets of Oia are made of Magic.

Most Beautiful Places in the World

Oia is the most famous of all the villages of Santorini. The sunset, the luxurious resorts and the aquatic activities make Oia one of the most desirable vacation spots and earns its position in The Most Beautiful Places in the World.

#10 The Antarctic Peninsula

The Ice Cold No Man’s Land
Most Beautiful Places in the World

One of the world’s most massive and also most mysterious place is the Frozen Realm we call Antarctica.

Stretched out at a large distance of more than 14 million square kilometers, the frozen landmass is home to some of the most extraordinary and exquisite scenarios as well as an astonishing array of Aquatic animals like Emperor Penguins, Seals, Walrus and even the Arctic Foxes.

Most Beautiful Places in the World

The most interesting thing about this place is the mystery it holds within. That’s what makes it beautiful and earns it a place on our list of best places around the world. Mystery fascinates us, ain’t it?

There you have it. My Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In the World.

The world is full of mystery, amazing vibes, beautiful landscapes, steamy hot springs, and a whole lot of MAGIC. And the best part about it is that – it’s open for us to visit, to experience, and to remember.

That’s All Folks..!!! 

Do You Agree with my list of top 10 Most Beautiful Places in the World? Tell me Which Place you think is the Most Beautiful?

“The World is an Endless Prospect
of Magic and Wonder”

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  1. Wow!! The world is full of beautiful places and yes I agree with your list, these are breathtaking beautiful places which we dream of visiting once in our lifetime… I like Bora Bora island,it's the most beautiful place in this list as this place has everything and such a nice view 😍

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