As the summer heat starts to melt our desires to step out of the house for any chore, let me introduce you to the majestic land of Sikkim, tucked away in the North East by a blanket of snow-capped mountains and colored with the vibrance of cultural treasures.

Best time to visit Sikkim
Best time to visit Sikkim

Sikkim is known to be a breathtaking destination for peace-seekers, mountain lovers, adventure junkies and nature enthusiasts alike.

From the blooming rhododendrons to the thundering waterfalls and the snowy landscape, the place has something fascinating to offer for everyone – in every season.

Join us on this journey as we learn about and unveil the best time to visit Sikkim so that you can experience the timeless beauty of this Himalayan Gem with the best possible setting.

What is the Best Time to Visit Sikkim?

Spring (March to May): A Riot of Colors

As the winter settles in, comes a burst of vibrant hues that awaken this magnificent destination called Sikkim like some Sleeping Beauty.

best time to visit Sikkim
What is the time to visit Sikkim?

The splendor of rhododendrons are in full bloom this time of the year and the valleys look magical to say the least.

The popular Rhododendron Sanctuary situated in the Yumthang Valley offers a kaleidoscopic experience with all types of colors waiting for you to explore and immerse yourself amidst.

If you ask me, this would be my “best month to visit Sikkim” due to the colors, the vibe and the rhododendrons!

With the temperature going from mild to moderately cold, this season is an ideal one for outdoor activities as well. Immerse yourself into adventurous and breathtaking trails like the Goecha La Trek and Singalila Ridge Trek which take you through the panoramic views of the snow-clad mountains and alpine meadows.

Summer (June to August): A Verdant Symphony

Summer is the best time to visit Sikkim when you want to experience the beautiful transition from the sun-kissed meadows to the wonderous monsoon rains which makes the waterfalls roar like they’re announcing its’ their time to shine!

best time to visit Sikkim
Best time to go to Sikkim

With moderate temperatures and occasional showers, the land bursts out a refreshing charm. Monsoon brings with it a colorful hue that is spread all over from the trees, the meadows and the valleys.

The snowy hills transform into a lush green paradise as the rivers and the falls are at their full throttle mode.

An unmissable experience to have during this time in Sikkim has to be to visit the Kanchenjunga Waterfalls situated near Pelling and the Seven Sisters Waterfalls near Gangtok – both of which are legendary falls that would leave you spellbound, almost enchanted.

Note: If you plan on visiting during the latter months of the season, you need to keep in mind that heavy rainfall also brings with it few roadblocks and landslides. So you need to keep updated about the weather conditions before going ahead.

Autumn (September to November): The Golden Embrace

Many would tell you that Autumn is actually the best time to visit Sikkim and well, it could be.

best time to visit Sikkim
Best season to visit Sikkim

With the pleasant weather, clearer skies and the changing colors of the foliage, the vista gets even more breathtaking.

You know that time of the day when the sun is about to set? It’s called a golden hour right? It’s basically an hour where everything is covered with hues of golden all over and that is said to be the best time to take photographs. Now, imagine that “golden hour” and multiply it so much so that it covers a destination for almost two to three months! That’s Sikkim in Autumn for you!

A stunning tapestry of orange, yellow and red covers the land with the backdrop of white pointy hills covered with snow – which feels like the colors are dancing together with the stunning landscape.

Another reason why Autumn is considered to be the best time to visit Sikkim is because the infamous trek called the Dzongri-Goecha La Trek starts during this time.

It offers breathtaking vistas of the Mt. Kanchenjunga and its neighboring summits that leave trekkers awe-inspired.

Additionally, the popular Tihar Festival (Sikkim’s Diwali) is celebrated with great enthusiasm and showcases the rich cultural heritage that this marvelous state has in store for us.

Winter (December to February): A Snowy Wonderland

Winter has always been among my two favorite seasons, second to Autumn. And when we talk about the best time to visit Sikkim, we have to mention the season that covers the land in a thick blanket of snow.

best time to visit Sikkim
Best time to visit Sikkim

When the temperatures plummet and the snow creates a surreal and ethereal atmosphere, Sikkim turns into one of the best snow places in India.

The Yumthang Valley and the Tsomgo Lake emerge as a picture-perfect postcard scenes that invite you to witness nature’s artistry like no place else.

Traveling in the Himalayas in winters can be quite tricky with the snow covering major routes, but for those intrepid explorers who venture through – waits an unforgettable winter escapade.


So basically, Sikkim is an year-round destination which offers something unique and ever-changing whenever you plan on visiting. Whether its the vibrant hues of spring, the refreshing greens of the summer, the golden embrace of autumn of the snowy enchantment of the winter – Sikkim promises a fantastic experience nonetheless.

But, when we consider all the seasons and all that they offer, for a traveler like you and me the best time to visit Sikkim is from March to May for the Rhododendron experience and from September to November to witness the magnificent hills of the Himalayas with a golden ambiance all around.

Feel free to comment down below which among these you consider to be the best time to visit Sikkim? And what attracts you towards this gem of a state.

That’s All Folks!

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