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Tamia Hill Station in Madhya Pradesh

The world is full of so many hidden, unexplored or untouched places with beautiful landscapes and interesting tales to tell. One such place in the heart of India is called the Tamia Hill Station in Madhya Pradesh. And today, we are going to explore the unexplored to find out everything you need to know about the Pristine Tamia and learn why it is a must visit place!

The Pristine Tamia Hill Station in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is known to be a highly in demand and growing destination in the Tourism Market of India. With so many different and unique places to explore, an interesting bunch of historic tales and scenic hill stations with moonlit waterfalls and dense dark forests, the state has almost everything a traveller needs at their disposal.

One among these scenic landscapes is of a small hill station covered with cliff edges, vast greenery and deep valleys known simply as Tamia.

Simply put, Tamia is a beauty – like a princess of a hidden town away from our world has somehow landed here, among these deep forests of the night – finding her way through.

People have recently managed to find her and still prefer it to be hidden from the outside world as much as could be possible.

With the awe-inspiring landscape of the hills and picturesque forest area of the Pench Tiger Reserve, the Hills of Tamia can calm the souls of anyone who happens to spend some time there.

Let’s find out together what makes the Tamia Hill Station in Madhya Pradesh a must visit destination –

Reasons to Visit and Explore Tamia Hill Station

Following is a list of reasons depicting why you must be visiting the Pristine Tamia in Madhya Pradesh –

1. Explore the Depths in Patalkot Valley

At a distance of about 25 kilometers from the serene Tamia, is the mystical valley of Patalkot. Known for preserving the culture and customs since centuries, Patalkot Valley is like a world of it’s own with small villages where more than 2k tribes live, spread on the magnificent looking hills.

Patalkot Valley from Tamia Hill Station

When looking from Tamia, the Patalkot Valley looks like a shape of a Horse Shoe, hence it also sometimes is referred as the Horse Shoe Valley.

The Valley is full of many colorful flowers and medicinal plants or herbs and is famous mostly for its immersive eco tourism opportunities and scenic panaromas.

There is also an incredible story related to this place. Patalkot sound quite similar to another word in Hindi called Patal Lok (meaning Hell or the Underworld).

Many people around the area believe Patalkot to be somewhat like an entrance point towards the Underworld!

Patalkot Valley

As per Hindu Mythology and local belief, in the Hindu epic Ramayana – when Lord Rama and his brother Lakshman went down in the underworld to fight off the demon Ahiravana and he managed to capture the brothers, Lord Hanuman stepped up to save the two deities. He entered the underworld through the region where now Patalkot stands.

The Valley of Patalkot is so deep that right from the noontime, the entire area gets succumbed into a deep realm of darkness. This happens because of the dense forest which keeps it hidden while standing tall at a height of 1200 to 1500 ft above sea level.

2. Experience a Perfect Sunset in the Hills of Tamia

Sunset Point in Tamia Hill Station

“There’s just this indescribable feeling I get whenever I see sunsets. Beautiful endings. New beginnings. It feels like hope to me. The sun sets every day, the darkness rises every night. But it doesn’t stop there. The sun will rise again. That’s just how it works. After the darkest moment of the night, comes the dawn. Beautifully. Calming the darkness inside this world.”
– a caption from my Instagram

Sunsets have a thing about them, I think that’s why a Sunset Point is a must for every small and big hill station across the globe. The Sunset Point in the Pristine Tamia Hill Station is definitely a must visit to experience the incredible moment as the sun sets behind the everlasting sky as you look at it slowly going to sleep beneath the dense forests somewhere.

Mountain Sunset

3. Indulge in a Wild Experience at Satpura Tiger Reserve

One of the most dense forests in India, the Satpura Tiger Reserve contains an exotic diversity of flora and fauna inside the total area of 528 square kilometers.

Satpura Tiger Reserve near Tamia Hill Station

Many natural and wildlife photographer and animal enthusiasts like to visit here for some incredible photographic opportunities.

The Satpura Tiger Reserve near the Tamia Hill Station in Madhya Pradesh has a very interesting scenic landscape with varieties of different fauna like Bengal Tigers, Leopard, Indian Bison, Wild Boar, and even a sloth bear. A jungle safari could take you inside with a guided tour of the dense forest and fill your trip with memories.

Many people would love to visit Tamia for the lush green valley forest that covers a major part of the small town.

Established in 1981, this wildlife haven of dense green forests lets you immerse into the deep and dark forest vibes as you roam around deeper into the wild.

You can opt for Jungle Safari by a Jeep as well as on an Elephant to explore the forest which in itself is a thrilling activity.

Read More about the Satpura National Park here!

4. Hike over the Handi Khoh trail

Handi Khoh in Tamia Hill Station

Handi Khoh trail offers one of the most breath-taking views of the surroundings at the Tamia Hill Station. You will experience an immersive experience with beautiful trails, adventurous trekking opportunity, serene surroundings and magical Bee waterfall along the way with a refreshing sound of the river flowing nearby.

The 300 feet tall steep cliff makes an amazing place to visit for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

There’s a story behind the name “Handi Khoh” for the place. Which goes like that millennials ago a large devilish serpent guarded a large lake and used to live there. Lord Shiva happened to destroy the venomous snake when it started to disturb the nearby villagers and animals around the place.

Bee waterfall in Panchmarhi

Due to the destruction of the serpent, the large lake dried out and turned into a shape of a Handi (or pot). That’s the spot now known to be as Handi Khoh.

The USP of the place which attracts the travellers who happen to come there is that the place gives a unique and beautiful view of two mountain ranges standing side by side with a large dense depth between them.

5. Admire the Neo-Gothic Colonial Architecture at Christ Church

Churches from the British era or even before still stand strong at most parts of the world we live in. One amazing Church near the Panchmarhi region around the Tamia Hill Station is the Christ Church.

Christ Church near Tamia Hill Station

With surreal ambiance and a unique colonial neo gothic architecture from the British era, the Christ Church stands tall amidst many dense trees and is surrounded by the deep green forest.

Visiting the church will surely provide you interesting and peaceful vibes along with a way of transporting you back in time to the colonial era. There is a little burial ground in the premises, bearing tributes tracing all the way back to the 1800s up to the World Wars.

Other Important Stuff to Remember Before you Visit Tamia Hill Station

When to visit Tamia?

Being located near Panchmarhi district in the heart of the Indian subcontinent, Tamia Hill Station can be visited throughout the year for a marvelous experience. But the place is at its most beautiful experience during the Monsoon Months – when the mist covers and wraps around the dense forests and hill stations around it.

Best time to travel to the Pristine Tamia is in the months from June till September.

How to reach Tamia, MP?

Tamia Hill Station is well connected with majority of very known and wonderful hills around Madhya Pradesh. Distance from Tamia to Panchmarhi is about 58 kilometers, while distance from Tamia to Patalkot is approximately 111 kilometers.

Tamia Hill Station

There are 3 major routes or ways to get to Tamia –

  1. By Air
    Nearest Airport is in Nagpur (Distance – 185 km from Tamia)
  2. By Train
    Nearest Railway Station is in Parasia (Distance – 45 km from Tamia)
  3. By Road
    Nearest Bus Station is in Chindwara (Distance – 67 km from Tamia)

Location of the Tamia Hill Station and all that surrounds it is a pretty marvelous space to experience alone or with your loved ones. Madhya Pradesh is a wonderful state with massive amount of experiences and adventures to offer all kinds of different and unique travelers from across the globe! It is indeed The Heart of Incredible India.

Finding hidden gems, exploring the unexplored and telling stories about these places is what makes travelling a sole calming experience – at least for me! The world is full of incredible little beautiful places with plenty to offer along with serene landscapes and scenic natural presentations all around.

Comment down below, with a place you think is a hidden gem and it’s story needs to be told!

That’s All Folks!

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