“When the witches go riding, and the black cats are seen,
The moon laughs and whispers, ‘it’s near Halloween'”

Halloween Town Oregon
Halloween Town Oregon 2021

With October just ’round-the-corner, the Halloween 2021 spirits are starting to lit up in most of the places in our world, today we talk about the interesting tale of a town which has already begun the festival sparks and will be celebrating it ALL MONTH LONGThe Halloween town Oregon.

St Helens Oregon Halloweentown is situated at a 45-minute ride from Portland and is one of the most interesting places to visit – especially forCelebrating Halloween, the Spooky Festival!

The Spirit of Halloween Town Celebration in Oregon is one among the most unique experiences across the world. With the costume-themed parties, costume contests, haunted tours around the city and so much more to offer, the event surely gives out the most astonishing Halloween vibes across the country.

Halloween Town Oregon
Trick or Treating at Halloween Town Oregon Adventure

But what made the town so popular, aside from the mesmerizing views of the Mount St. Helens it offers, is this very festival and today, we will find out it’s story.

Let’s Go!

Backstory – History of the Halloween Town Oregon Festival

Well, this story doesn’t have anything to do with scary witches, wild werewolves, vampires or zombies. The story started when a Hollywood crew came to the town of St Helens, back in 1998.

It was a Disney Studios crew, and they came to town to shoot for one of the most classic Disney movies ever madeHalloweentown!

Halloween Town Oregon
Halloweentown 1998 Movie

Plot of the Movie – It is a story about three kids – Marnie, Dylan and Sophie who, after watching their grandmother using magic, follows her back to a quaint and charming town called Halloweentown. Once there, they are attacked by dark forces and the movie showcases just how they do it.

Since the movie first came out, it actually ended up becoming one of the favorites movies to watch in Halloween (especially for kids). It is a lighthearted and fun movie to watch.

After the release, since the very next year itself, the town of St Helens began to be known worldwide, as Halloween Town. People started to gather around the various locations showcased in the movie and the town started to grow more and more.

The month-long event now attracts at least tens of thousands of people every year to indulge in the celebration of all things spooky!

PS – Another movie (or mostly a few scenes of it) was also shot here in Halloween Town Oregon. That movie is called Twilight.

Features of the Halloween Town Oregon Festival 2021

The event is taking place all around the days in October until the Halloween Festival actually arrives in the entire world on 31st October 2021.

Giant Jack-o-Lantern lighting ceremony at the Courthouse

Halloween Town Oregon
Jack O Lantern Lighting Ceremony in Halloween Town Oregon

The first and foremost feature of Halloween in general is the Jack-O-Lantern or the Pumpkin cut into scary faces. In front of the courthouse in St Helens, a large Jack-O-Lantern is set up which receives a very interesting lighting ceremony every year. It happens on the first Saturday of the month of October and showcases the coming of Halloween vibes across town.

Town is turned into a Replica of the Movie

The town is setup each year with the exact replicas of the movie set locations where visitors could spend their time by clicking pictures, enjoying the stroll with their loved ones and just vibing through the Halloween Town Oregon.

There are also various horror tours one can indulge in. There are a spooky ride across the town showcasing various set locations and explaining various stories from the time when the movie was shot here.

Halloween Town Oregon
Halloween Town Oregon

You can indulge in various activities with Marnie (character from the movie) – these include costumed cocktail parties, interesting photo opportunities and even a brunch with delicious bagels and Bloody Marys.

Meet people dressed up as their favorite characters strolling through the spooky streets

With so many costume – themed activities happening all through the town including parties, contests, etc. all visitors are encouraged to come wearing their Halloween Costumes and take part in the adventure.

Choose from a variety of shops to get yourself the best possible costumes. They have a wide range of interesting costumes from a deadly vampire to samurai jack, even!

Halloween Town Oregon
Costumed Parties at Halloweentown

Enjoy the horror shows, magical events, immersive late night parties and photo opportunities all around the town and watch the little quaint town of St Peters change into a spook fest called Halloweentown through the night!

List of Other things you can enjoy at the month long festival

  • Bonfires
  • Costumed Parades
  • Live Music
  • Street Performances
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Pumpkin carving contest
  • Happy hours for adults
  • Paranormal convention
  • Tractor Rides
  • Celebrity meet and photo ops
  • Lots of local food vendors


Major Attractions of Spirit of Halloweentown Festival in 2021

As you know now there are so many different kinds of stuff happening throughout October in the town, but what are the ones that attract the travellers more than any other? Let’s Find Out!

Halloween Town Oregon
Spirit of Halloween Festival 2021

Photo Ops

As mentioned earlier, the entire town is replicated into somewhat of the movie Halloweentown and thus, it has plenty of photo opportunities for interesting selfies, group photographs and just capturing the vibe of the town.

Haunted Hotel

An adventurous and spooky ride through the haunted house or hotel to be experienced with family for some horror drama.

Museum Of Peculiarities And Oddities

A museum in the town of St Helens which opens up during the Spirit of Halloween festival. It showcases few props from the movie, some odd and peculiar looking creatures, spooky paintings. One such peculiar figure is that of a deer who is wearing a business suit. It claims to be the first business deer in the town since it’s history.

Whispers In The Woods

One of the most amazing and exciting activity in the Halloween Town Oregon is the Whispers in the Woods tour. It is like a scavenger hunt wherein you need to find the three whisperers as you move through the town in a shuttle.

Important Questions Answered for Visiting Halloween Town Oregon this October

How to Visit the Spirit of Halloweentown?

The Spirit of Halloween Festival takes place every year in the month of October. You can visit the town St Helens anytime during the month to catch a tour of the interesting locations.

Situated in the state of Oregon in the United States of America, St Helens is a well connected place. You can get many public transport opportunities from nearby cities like Portland, etc.

How much does it cost to go to Halloweentown?

Starting Price for the General Admission tickets that are great for a full day tour, is from $35. It includes stage performances, the haunted house, a shuttle ride to the Whispers in the Woods and the costume competitions.

Where is the Halloweetown located?

City of St. Helens, Oregon, USA 97051

When is the Halloween Town Oregon Festival Celebrated?

September 18, 2021- October 31, 2021

Where to Book the Tickets for Spirit of Halloween Festival?


Halloween Town Oregon
Get your tickets for Halloween Town Oregon Festival

October is coming, #solemates! Light up your own Spirits of Halloween and let the horror arrive!

That’s Al Folks!

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