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Confused as to what one should gift a fellow traveller that looks good, is smart & indispensable and seamlessly complements their wanderlust lifestyle? Look no further!

After several years of traversing different landscapes and learning the ins and outs of backpacking essentials, we’ve curated a list for y’all with the top 10 best travel gifts for backpackers and travel enthusiasts.

Read on to discover truly indispensable gifts, handpicked by someone who knows the value of traveling light and smart.

Ahoy amigos, let the adventure in gifting begin!

Top Travel Gifts for Backpackers and Travelers:

Travel Adapter

travel gifts for backpackers
Travel gifts for backpackers

With the way we travel today, one of the most important things that needs to be acknowledged is charging!

So, before you jet off to your next big adventure, ensure that you can charge your devices no matter where you are – either at a weekend getaway or a world far, far away.

And the best thing for that is a universal travel adapter! This compact essential guarantees you stay connected, wherever your adventure takes you.

You can get the one that was gifted to me as well, just click the button below!

Action Camera

travel gifts for backpackers
gifts for photographers

Another pretty fascinating travel gifts for backpackers has to be the action camera.

When I say action camera, you might think of the GoPro – which is an absolutely stunning thing to gift travelers. But not everyone can afford that, so the one we are suggesting here is like one of the best, most affordable action cameras to get online.

From breathtaking landscapes to adrenaline-pumping activities, ensure to capture every thrilling moment in vivid detail.


travel gifts for backpackers
Backpacking gift ideas

Now that we discussed about chargers and cameras, how can we forget one of the best travel gifts for backpackers i.e. a Tripod!

It can be a beautiful and useful gift for solo travelers, couples and everyone for that matter.

With the fast-paced lifestyle, not many people would stop by to take your photos. And to be honest, the best photos of you, can only be taken by yourself!

Whether it is capturing a sunset timelapse, a group photo with unique backgrounds or maybe a reel that you want to put out on the socials, a tripod can help you get the most shake-proof and high quality output.

Power bank

travel gifts for backpackers
Travel gifts for backpackers

A reliable power bank is a must-have to keep your devices charged on the go. And that counts as one of the very best travel gifts for backpackers.

In the age of constant connectivity, a reliable power bank is the unsung hero of modern travel gifting. This would save your friends from the anxiety of running out of battery on their devices while on the go.

They would never miss a beat – or a photo – with the assurance that their devices are charged and ready for whatever your journey throws at you.

Bluetooth Speaker

travel gifts for backpackers
Travel gifts for backpackers

Who wouldn’t want music-on-the-go when you are traveling, right?

Imagine gifting a portable Bluetooth speaker to your travel buddies and letting them enjoy their favorite tunes on long haul journeys, boring transits or maybe a night walk.

You can enjoy that speaker when you are on a trip with your buddy for an impromptu beach party.

Whether they’re an avid music lover, podcast enthusiast or maybe someone who appreciates the ambiance of good tunes, a Bluetooth speaker is a thoughtful and versatile gift adds a touch of melody to every step of their journey.

Waterproof money belt

travel gifts for backpackers
Travel gifts for backpackers

Another among the most unique and useful travel gifts for backpackers perfectly blend of practicality and style – the Waterproof Money Belt.

Surprise your globetrotting loved ones with this perfect gift that not only adds a touch of sophistication to their travel ensemble but also provides a secure and discreet solution.

With this precious gift, your friends will stay worry-free by stashing their essentials in a waterproof money belt. It would help them secure valuables, both pickpockets and unexpected rain showers.


travel gifts for backpackers
Gifts for someone backpacking through Europe

Sometimes, while traveling, solo venturers love having a travel companion along with them to make them feel they aren’t alone. And what best companion could a person ask for than books!

Having books on travel journeys feels like carrying magic, different worlds and different stories all with you in a different landscape.

No matter, if it’s a physical book with that magnificent scent, a Kindle or another audiobook that lets one immerse themselves in those captivating stories, settings and characters.

Passport holder

travel gifts for backpackers
Backpacking gifts for her

If your buddy is a frequent international traveler, one of the best gifts for backpackers has to be a passport holder.

It adds a touch of sophistication to their adventures while also keeping their documents secured and organized.

A passport holder is not just a practical travel gift, but a fashion statement and a reminder of the exciting journeys ahead.

Travel Mug

travel gifts for backpackers
Travel gifts for backpackers

If your buddy loves their coffee while registering the most beautiful views across the world, why not gift them this beautiful travel mug?

Whether it is a hot coffee or tea in the mountains, or a cold beverage on the beach, carrying a travel mug helps one carry our preferred drink in a spill-proof and insulated travel companion.

Just imagine the joy on your loved one’s face as they unwrap a travel mug designed for both aesthetics as well as convenience.

Travel Neck Pillow

travel gifts for backpackers
Travel gifts for backpackers

Looking for the perfect travel gifts for backpackers to bring them comfort and relaxation? Consider the timeless and thoughtful option of a Travel Neck Pillow.

This versatile accessory is not just a travel essential, but a plush invitation to unwind and find solace on the go.

Imagine your buddies nestled in a cozy neck pillow, whether its during a long-haul flight, on a scenic train ride or a road trip adventure.

Travel Backpack

travel gifts for backpackers
Gifts for ultralight backpackers

One of the best travel gifts for backpackers is well, a backpack. No, not just any backpack, but a travel backpack which is versatile and stylish combining functionality and fashion seamlessly.

A travel backpack makes for an exceptional gift blending together practicality with style and elevating your loved one’s travel experiences with a thoughtful and chic accessory which accompanies them on every journey ahead.

Consider their travel preferences and opt for a backpack that suits various scenarios.

Scratch Off Map

travel gifts for backpackers
Backpacking gift ideas

Something that you could easily gift me on my next birthday (:P).

Jokes aside, every traveler does want to have a scratch off map for their own country or the entire world to scratch off all those places that they travel to.

It is something no one would deny wanting, but also something that is quiet overlooked by us travel lovers when looking for things to get for ourselves, so maybe you guys could gift this to your loved ones.


Wrapping up this exploration of must-have gifts for travelers, its evident that the right accessories can elevate adventures to newer heights.

Whether you want a gift for yourself or for your partner-in-travel, invest in smart and stylish travel essentials can make a world of difference in how you experience the world.

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That’s all folks!

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