Our last day in Krabi, as per the package we booked pre-travel, was actually a free-day or leisure day.

But we did not want to relax or stroll around town for the entire day, before having to get on that flight back to India.

We wanted a different aspect of the vacation, something beyond the beaches and the islands, something like a Krabi Jungle Tour.

Krabi Jungle Tour
Krabi Jungle Tour

So, the previous night of this tour, we came back from our 4 islands tour, and headed to the nearby street market looking at the many travel operators spread all over.

We asked at almost half-a-dozen outlets before getting the best price for our Jungle Tour (1400 THB per person). This tour included: A guide, hotel pick-up/drop, lunch, Emerald Pool tour, Hot Springs & the Tiger Cave Temple tour.

Today, we share with you our experience of the Krabi Jungle Tour so you can find out what does this tour has in store for you, and decide whether it is worth your money and time.

What are the types of Krabi Jungle Tour one can get?

As I said, we explored a few travel operators and got ourselves some package pamphlets to learn more about the types of Krabi Jungle Tour that they offered, these included:

Krabi Jungle Tour
Krabi Jungle Tour Choices
  1. Half Day Jungle Tour (Emerald Pool & Hot Spring Waterfall):
    • Get to visit the Emerald Pool, a nature pool surrounded by two other beautiful pools (Crystal Pool and Blue Pool) inside the Jungle.
    • Visit the Hot Spring Waterfall as you walk through the nature trail to the freshwater jungle pool.
    • Price: Approx. 1800 THB per adult & 1400 THB per child.
  2. One Day Jungle Tour (Emerald Pool & Hot Spring Waterfall + Tiger Cave Temple):
    • Visit the Emerald Pool, while enjoying a nature hike into the very fascinating jungle sight.
    • Explore the different types of warmth in the Hot Spring Waterfall.
    • Visit Krabi’s most loved forest temple called the Tiger Cave Temple. It has 1260 steps to the top of the mountain.
    • Price: Approx. 2000 THB per adult & 1400 THB per child.
  3. One Day Jungle Tour (Emerald Pool & Hot Spring Waterfall + ATV Riding):
    • Swim at the Emerald Pool, take pictures of the Crystal Pool and Blue Pool.
    • Enjoy at the Hot Spring Waterfall, walk the nature trail towards freshwater pool.
    • Ride an ATV inside the jungle for a marvelous, adventurous experience.
    • Price: Approx. 3000 THB per adult & 2400 THB per child.
  4. One Day Jungle Tour (Emerald Pool & Hot Spring Waterfall + Kayaking):
    • Enjoy swimming at the Emerald Pool, intake the incredible vibes of the Blue Pool and explore the fascinating scenes of the Krabi Jungle Tour.
    • Visit the Hot Spring Waterfall and relax for some time and let your body get warmer at the many hot springs.
    • Experience Kayaking with your loved ones while witnessing the incredible views of Ao Thalane. This is one of the most loved experiences to have in the beautiful mangrove forest.
    • Price: Approx. 3000 THB per adult & 2400 THB per child.
  5. One Day Jungle Tour (Emerald Pool & Hot Spring Waterfall +Tiger Cave Temple + ATV Riding):
    • Hike towards the Emerald Pool surrounded by the views and sounds of the forest.
    • Explore the Hot Spring Waterfall and relax your body in the warm waters.
    • Attempt to climb the 1260 steps towards the Tiger Cave Temple.
    • Ride the ATV in the forest for an adventure experience.
    • Price: Approx. 3200 THB per adult & 2700 THB per child.
  6. One Day Jungle Tour (Emerald Pool & Hot Spring Waterfall + Elephant Riding/Bathing):
    • Visit the Crystal Pool, Emerald Pool and Blue Pool in the forest area in Krabi.
    • Enjoy at the Hot Spring Waterfall and explore the nearby freshwater jungle pool.
    • Experience one of Thailand’s most fun activity: Elephant Bathing/Riding.
    • Price: Approx. 4000 THB per adult & 3400 THB per child.

So, depending on your own budget and experience you are looking for, you can easily book the Krabi Jungle Tour with any one of the travel agents found mostly everywhere around your stay or the street markets.

We chose the second option: One Day Jungle Tour (Emerald Pool & Hot Spring Waterfall + Tiger Cave Temple).

*PS- Bargaining is key to get the best prices. Also, do not just go and book at the first travel provider you see on the street. As you explore more, the prices seem to get lower.

Beginning our Krabi Jungle Tour

Our journey began at our hotel as our minivan came to get us all to our first destination of the day: Emerald Pool (Khlong Thom National Park).

Our guide and the driver had interesting names: Shaisha and Nu. Both were incredibly friendly, especially Shaisha.

She had this marvelous vibe which one wants their travel guide to have, you know. She was fun, knew her English pretty well, had that cute Thai-accent and most importantly, she seemed to love what she does for a living: traveling, meeting new people and having fun.

Our minivan was packed with people from all across the world: Germany, the States, India and more. And each one was pretty interested about the whole tour.

Krabi Jungle Tour
Krabi Jungle Tour

One of the German travelers, seemed like a talker and created a sort of fun vibe in the van as we moved from our hotel in Ao Nang to the National Park (67 kilometers, 1h10m).

He continued to have a chat with Shaisha about the food, the lifestyle and whatnot about Thailand. It was an awesome moment that we still remember because not everyday you come across a group which is quite interesting and does not just spend the travel time sleeping and being quiet, you know, ‘cause that’s boring.

Krabi Jungle Tour #1: Emerald Pool and Fun Interactions

Well, as we reached our destination, we hopped off our minivan, and went straight into the jungle through a walking trail which took us deep into the forest and towards the three fascinating pools situated inside: the Crystal Pool, the Emerald Pool and the Blue Pool.

Krabi Jungle Tour
Krabi Jungle Tour

Out of these, the Emerald Pool was the only one where people could swim in or spend some time to relax, chill, take pictures of one other or the fishes that swam near you underwater.

As we embarked on the scenic walking trail towards the Emerald Pool, the jungle seemed to resonate with the sounds of rustling leaves and exotic birdcalls.

During the trek, a lively group of friends from USA joined us, accompanied by their guide.

Their cheerful banter and infectious laughter added an extra layer of fun and enjoyment to the journey.

In a spontaneous and playful moment, they engaged in a light-hearted flirting session with their guide, which I happened to hear as they were right behind us. (:P)

Curious about her travel preferences, they asked her about her favorite destination, to which she promptly replied, “Laos“.

Krabi Jungle Tour
Krabi Jungle Tour

Amused by her choice, one of the friends jokingly suggested extending his stay, proposing a joint adventure with the guide to Laos, leaving others from the group behind.

With a grin, the guide responded, “I’m not free.” To which, the friend replied, “Ah. So when will you be free?“. She told him, “I wouldn’t be free till April“.

Such unexpected moments of connection and laughter added a touch of humor and camaraderie to the jungle expedition.

After a short, fun trek through the jungle, we were rewarded with the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the warm mineral-rich waters of the Emerald Pool – a therapeutic experience for both body and soul.

After spending some time at the Emerald Pool, we trekked further into the depths of the forest and saw some interesting trees straight out of the Jungle Book and the magical-looking Blue Pool.

Krabi Jungle Tour #2: Hot Spring Waterfall

Following the invigorating visit to the Emerald Pool, we took a break for our lunch at a nearby restaurant called Khrua Rim Tarn Restaurant.

We got a Thai curry with Rice, which was pretty good actually. The ambiance, the food and the people around everything was great.

After lunch, our journey continued towards the nearby Hot Springs.

Krabi Jungle Tour
Krabi hot spring

Surrounded by lush vegetation, these thermal springs offered us a very unique opportunity to soak in warm, soothing waters – believed to have healing properties.

It feels like a set of many small and large natural Jacuzzis carved by Mother Nature herself, acting as a perfect contrast to the refreshing coolness of the Pool.

The best part about the Hot Springs in Krabi Jungle Tour was the little colored marks one could see at the many different spring.

These marks indicate the warmth level of the water: green means normal water, whereas red is for the hottest and orange is for slightly less hot water, yellow for a mild warm level.

People tend to enter the green-colored normal water at first, then gradually move step-by-step towards the red-colored hot water.

You can spend a lot of time their, switching springs, taking selfies and relaxing as your body experiences a peaceful warmth at the healing waters.

Krabi Jungle Tour #3: Tiger Cave Temple

One thing to remember before visiting Tiger Cave Temple: you (girls) must carry with you a more traditional or long dress so you can enter the temple area without having to pay those extra 40THB for the blue sarong to wear over your shorts and minis.

Tiger Cave Temple is situated at a wide area surrounded by a few other, absolutely stunning Thai temples, lush greenery as well as perfect stores for souvenir shopping or some coffee while exploring.

Krabi Jungle Tour
Krabi Jungle Tour: Here the climb begins

The most popular part of this place is obviously the Tiger Cave Temple, which is situated at a climb of 1260 stairs to reach the mountain top.

The initial stairs are small and it feels like you can do this, there’s nothing to worry about. But as you are finished with the first 100 steps, the stairs suddenly turn into large steps – which then starts to take a toll on your legs, your thighs, your breathing starts to increase, your heart starts to pound, and it all feels really tough.

To be honest, we could not complete the trek! And there is no shame in that. We tried our best, got to 260+ steps, then came back.

Our legs gave up. It was really hot, the steps kept on getting further and further apart, it wasn’t possible for us to do so.

Krabi Jungle Tour
Krabi Jungle Tour

Also, we saw many people who were climbing back down from the temple, who told us that it’s not worth it.

Well, we did not get to see and experience it first-hand, so we leave that to be considered their own opinion. If you happen to try this, comment down below if it is worth it or not.

We couldn’t climb the stairs, but that could not keep us away from having our own adventure.

It began as we came down and the monkeys attacked the market. They grabbed on whatever they could from anyone carrying any polythene bags or food in hand. It was a sight to behold!

We were almost frightened from the hordes of the macaques we saw coming down from the top of the mountains, it was scary, but also interesting to see.

Once, that settled, we had one of the best coffee in our entire trip at a nearby coffee shop, opposite the climb.

Krabi Jungle Tour
Krabi Jungle Tour

We spent some time inside the cafe, gathered some strength and walked around the area. We visited the Tiger Cave (not the temple, but the cave). It was a small temple-like structure with many Buddha statues put on all over, and about 6-7 stairs that took you inside the cave to witness a temple dedicated to a Tiger!

As per a Thai legend, a tiger used to come to this place when it was all a jungle area, before people came and burnt it all. The tiger, even after the jungle was wiped, came and a monk was frightened by it at the exact area where the locals then constructed a cave temple dedicated to this mysterious wild beast.

Krabi Jungle Tour
Krabi Jungle Tour

After exploring all that there was to explore beyond the obvious, we settled back into our minivan, which dropped us back into our hotel.

Factors to consider the adventurous 1260 steps uphill to the Tiger Cave Temple:

Although, the decision to climb the 1260 stairs to the summit of the temple in Krabi Jungle Tour is subjective and depends on individual preferences, physical fitness and whatnot, here are some factors to consider when deciding if the ascent is worth undertaking for you:

Krabi Jungle Tour
Tiger Cave
  1. One of the primary rewards for conquering the 1260 steps up top through the steep stairway is the stunning views and panoramic vistas that it offers.
  2. The Tiger Cave temple holds a heavy cultural and religious significance, and as you climb upstairs you could see some carvings on the walls adjacent to the stairs, providing glimpses into the rich heritage of Southern Thailand.
  3. The climb is undeniably strenuous, there is no other way to put it. It demands a lot of physical strength as the climb is steep, the stairs are uneven and not at all the same level at every climb.
  4. This climb is not recommended for people with health concerns or any kind of personal limitations.

Visitors should consider their own fitness levels, time constraints, and interests before embarking on the ascent. For those seeking a less strenuous experience, exploring the lower levels of the temple complex and its surroundings may still provide a meaningful visit without tackling the full staircase ascent.


Embarking on this spontaneous jungle tour in Krabi was one of the best things we did on our Honeymoon.

The Krabi Jungle Tour offered us a mesmerizing blend of natural beauty, mixed with relaxation and a cultural exploration opportunity.

The Emerald Pool, Hot Springs and the Tiger Cave Temple showcased the diverse wonders that make Krabi a truly exceptional destination.

And going beyond the sun, sand, beach and islands was a very interesting and unique experience for us both as we ventured into the jungles of Krabi and explored stunning lush green vistas and hidden gems.

Whether you seek adventure, relaxing vibe or a spiritual journey, this Jungle Tour promises an unforgettable experience which will leave you with lasting memories of the enchanting landscapes of the Thailand beyond beaches and nightlife.

Comment down below if you have a query or want to share your thoughts on the Jungle Tour in Krabi. Share this blog with people who tend to travel to Thailand or Krabi in the upcoming months.

That’s All Folks!

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