Leaving behind the security of a stable job can be daunting. But having an understanding family, and a partner who shares the same dreams and ambitions turns fear into fuel.

NEWS: We made the bold decision to leave our conventional jobs and dive headfirst into the world of creating content, travel blogging and YouTube.

Maybe it was a little easy for us since at the place we worked at: we did the same things we now would do for ourselves: content marketing, editing, seo and all that online jingle.

content creation lessons
Content creation lessons learned

The decision, although, was never to be taken lightly. It came with its fare share of apprehensions.

Yet, just the idea of chasing our passions of writing and creating content which resonates with others proved too strong to resist.

The decision was not just a solo trekking venture, but a joint leap of faith into the unknown.

We had no one else to guide us through, not many people still understand this sort of stuff. And it’s completely fine.

We became each other’s support, encouraging one another to embrace the challenges, learn and learn and maybe, some day – make it happen!

It wasn’t just a career shift, but a lifestyle change that bound us together on our pursuit of something creative and worth exploring.

Today, as we are in the midst of this journey, we like to share with all you readers: the 7 major content creation lessons that we learned as we transitioned from cubicles to the open-world.

Let’s go!

Communication is Key

As we embarked on this wonderful, and maybe even a tad-bit spooky journey, the first lesson we learned was the importance of communication.

Setting expectations and defining our roles in the new venture became crucial to maintain a healthy, harmonious partnership.

We quickly learned that successful collaboration relies heavily on open and honest conversations. This isn’t just about conveying information; it’s about learning together, understanding each other’s visions, passions, addressing concerns and aligning our goals.

content creation lessons
Content creation lessons

We have made it a point to schedule regular check-ins where we discuss our progress, challenges and upcoming plans as well.

Moreover, as partners in both life and work: we have recognized the importance of actively listening to each other.

Maybe, something that helps us better is our friendship. We are best friends, after all, before anything else. And we make sure we keep that side of us alive. And that helps us understand each other’s thoughts, ideas and stuff which might not be explained in words.

Courage is a Catalyst

I mean, of course, making a decision to just break free off the sheep-walk into following the path that would lead to our passions, demanded a hell-lot of courage.

Stepping into the unknown is no cakewalk, but it is this very courage that becomes the driving force behind every success, right?

The courage to face uncertainties, navigate challenges and push through doubtful moments, becomes a catalyst which propels us forward even when the path seems unclear.

content creation lessons
Content creation lessons

When we first thought of the idea to pursue our passions, we know we’d be facing n number of fears: the fear of failure, financial insecurity and the stress of society.

But the willingness to embrace whatever life throws at us, together, and to walk through every storm to reach your dreams – maybe that is what life is all about!

Courage is not just a one-time decision, it is something that empowers us to experiment with our content, to explore newer avenues and to evolve as creators.

Small Victories Matter

In the pursuit of our dreams, celebrating small victories has been crucial for our morale.

Even if it’s reaching a small milestone of 50 subscribers, a positive feedback on a blog post, a new follower on socials or mastering the skill of video editing, acknowledging these little wins, or victories fuels motivation and reinforces the sense of progress.

These triumphs, though would seem insignificant in the grander scheme, are the building blocks of our success.

Content creation lessons
Content creation lessons

Celebrating small victories serves multiple purposes: from providing a moment of reflection which allows us to appreciate the progress so far to contributing into a positive mindset helping us to maintain a sense of optimism and resilience in the face of obstacles.

Moreover, celebrating these small wins cultivates a culture of continuous improvement, which reinforces the idea that growth is a series of incremental steps rather than one giant leap.

As we navigate our way into the unpredictable landscape of content creation, we’ve come to realize that these minor achievements are the heartbeat of the entire journey.

Challenges are (like Thanos) inevitable

No journey is without its trials, and ours is no exception. Challenges are inherent in the pursuit of our passions. Maybe more so than the 9 to 5.

Challenges are inevitable. And you just cannot travel back in time to solve those challenges, right? We’re no Avengers!

Although, challenges are everywhere, but it seems when you decide to follow your dreams, your heart – the universe likes to play with you, to make you stronger or maybe to test your passion.

Content creation lessons
Content creation lessons

From creative blocks, keeping up with the algorithms to managing the ebb and flow of income, the challenges are an integral part of this entrepreneurial landscape. However, it is in these moments of adversity that we discover our resilience and determination.

Each challenge becomes an opportunity for growth, pushing us to think creatively, solve the problem and emerge stronger on the other side.

Embracing challenges as stepping stones rather than obstacles has been a vital lesson, reminding us that the path to success is often paved with hurdles that shape our journey.

Partnership Amplifies Success

Embarking on the exhilarating journey of travel blogs and social media handles as a couple has been a game-changer. The idea that two heads are better than one takes on a whole new meaning when pursuing your shared passions and dreams.

Our journey is not a solo endeavor but a shared experience and together, we celebrate the triumphs and navigate through the challenges.

The support and encouragement from a partner turns obstacles into stepping stones, creating a sense of peace, unity and resilience.

Content creation lessons
Content creation lessons

The encouragement during moments of self-doubts, failures, etc., the motivation to push boundaries and the unwavering belief in each other that some day – we will get everything we ever wanted – creates a solid foundation for success.

The shared vision of exploring the world around us, creating meaningful content and building a wide community aligns our purposes.

This common ground provides clarity and direction, allowing us to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with a united front.

Balance is a Continuous Effort

Balancing the demands of creating content, being consistent, social media management and personal life is an ongoing challenge, which never seems to leave you.

That’s why balance is important. And actively working towards it ensures a very sustainable and fulfilling journey. it is indeed a continuous effort to harmonize work and life, preventing burnout and fostering overall well-being.

Achieving and maintaining balance is akin to walking a tightrope – it requires constant attention and adjustments.

Content creation lessons
“Perfectly balanced. As all things should be”

In the world of travel content, where the lines between work and personal life can blur, finding the equilibrium is an ongoing process.

We have come to realize that balance is not just a static state but rather a dynamic interplay between our professional aspirations and personal health.

It involves setting boundaries, learning to prioritize and most importantly: recognizing when to step back and recharge.

Learning Never Ends

The world of travel blogging and creating content for social media is ever-evolving. And so, continuous learning is not only encouraged, but necessary.

Staying updated on industry trends, platform updates, honing skills and embracing a growth mindset has become an integral part of our day to day. Each day representing an opportunity to learn, adapt and improve.

Content creation lessons
Content creation lessons

The digital sphere is dynamic, with trends evolving rapidly. What worked yesterday may not be as effective tomorrow.

Hence, a commitment to staying informed and adapting to emerging trends is vital. From algorithm updates to new storytelling techniques, our willingness to learn and adapt has been another, really essential, driving force behind staying relevant in an ever-changing industry.

Key Insights for Content Creation Beginners:

Following are the major lessons we’ve learned about content business on three popular platforms – blog, Youtube and Social Media (Instagram) – that can be beneficial for y’all:

Content creation lessons
Content creation lessons
  • Blogging:
    • High Quality, Valuable Articles work
    • SEO is your friend
    • Engage with your readers
  • YouTube:
    • Titles and Thumbnails matter
    • Consistency is key
    • Engage with Audience
  • Socials:
    • Utilize All Instagram Features (from Stories to Reels)
    • Be consistent with the posts
    • Compelling and valuable captions

Most Important: Keep Making and Uploading Content!


In essence, our journey from the 9 to 5 grind into the world of travel blogging and social media has been and still is transformative.

Content creation lessons
Content creation lessons

It is a testament to the power of partnership, the courage to step outside the norm and the belief that pursuing one’s passion is a journey worth taking – especially when taken hand in hand with the love of your life.

Join us as we embrace the uncertainty, share our stories, and let the world witness the magic of following one’s heart ā€“ hand in hand.

Share the blog with everyone. Comment down below if you liked it.

That’s All Folks!

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