On our 7-days honeymoon trip to Thailand, the first day tour we had was none other than one of the most famous island hopping experiences in the country – the Phi Phi Island Adventure.

Today, we discuss with y’all is Phi Phi island worth seeing and by that we mean we will tell you our own experience from the kicking off of our adventure in Phuket to the journey through the breathtaking limestone cliffs and experiencing snorkeling and more.

Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing
Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?

So, go grab your virtual coconut water, kick back, and get ready for an epic tale of sun-soaked beaches, turquoise waters, underwater snorkeling experience and the unmistakable charm of Phi Phi.

Setting Sail

Our adventure began at our stay near Patong Beach, when halfway through our breakfast – we were called to hop on our minivan ASAP or it would leave without us.

We gobbled up whatever we could and got into the minivan and as soon as that happened, we were taken to the bustling Rassada Pier in Phuket.

Anticipation hung in the air at the pier like a gentle breeze of the sea winds, as more minivans and private vehicles came for the tour.

Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?
Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?

We were all given bands of different colors, each color being a group of its own having one rule: stay together.

After a brief of our journey for the day, our guide named Mario took us towards our speedboat.

After everyone was on board and the speedboat’s motors roared, I couldn’t help but get mesmerized by the beauty of the journey itself. The Andaman Sea unfolded before us, forming a canvas of azure blues and greens stretching to the horizon.

As we moved forward, we saw islands dotting the seascape, each one a potential hidden gem waiting to be explored. Some giant limestone cliffs overwhelmed us, while some stirred up our imaginations to try and form different shapes for the many islands we crossed to finally reach our first stop – the Phi Phi Don.

Phi Phi Don – The Island Pulse

The largest and only inhabited island in the Phi Phi adventure, the Phi Phi don welcomed us with rhythmic beats of island life. The sun played hide and seek with fluffy clouds as we stepped onto the pier.

The island looked pretty with a kaleidoscope of colors – from souvenir shops and beachwear boutiques to local eateries offering tantalizing Thai treats.

Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing
Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?

We didn’t wander through the streets as much, but if you are more into it – you can find yourself drawn towards the massive street food offering local delicacies that our fellow group members told us was a must-try. You may find some of the best Pad Thai, fresh spring rolls and coconut-infused delights for satisfying your taste buds.

PS- Trust me when I say this. We regret not getting our food from these vendors and getting the included lunch with the tour. The lunch was – just the opposite of everything remotely related to delicious. That’s all I’d say.

*We recommend you take with you some chips, cookies, and stuff that would satisfy your hunger during this day tour. Or be ready to indulge in one of the most messed up experience for your taste buds.

We did not try out the street food in Phi Phi Don, rather we indulged in a photographic session nearby as we took a long boat – you know, the same pictures we see on Instagram of girls (mostly) sitting at the pointy edge of a kayak-like boat.

Monkey Beach – Monkey Mafia

Our next adventure took us to this haven for nature and wildlife enthusiasts – the Monkey Beach.

You are welcomed kind-of by these macaques with long moustaches – one of which would be there right at the entrance of the beach – almost like a security in-charge checking everyone for weapons and/or food!

Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?
Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?

These macaques are the undisputed rulers of the beach and shall not be messed with.

Caution is advised before you set foot on their land: these little daredevils have no qualms about investigating your bags, your pockets and stealing whatever snack you are carrying along.

So, be prepared and do not carry anything in a polythene bag – that attracts these monkeys the most.

Still, the chance to observe these menaces with adorable eyes in their natural habitat is a worth-it experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

A word of caution: keep your belongings close, and your camera closer.

Phi Phi Leh – Snorkeling Extravaganza

After Monkey Beach, we had a short boat ride towards Phi Phi Leh. We stopped at a wonderful spot covering the sea with large limestone cliffs – for snorkeling.

It was included in our package, so we got our snorkeling gear on the boat, held our breaths, submerged into the crystal-clear waters and unlocked right in front of our eyes – a fascinating world full of colorful fishes, aquatic plants and other formations.

Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?
Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?

Jelly had a blast. She saw everything time and again – and experienced it as amazingly as possible.

However, I happened to have quite a different experience.

Although I already did a scuba experience in Goa which was wonderful – and it all felt easy.

But when I went inside the Andaman Sea near the Phi Phi Leh, I don’t know what was at fault.

The initial thrill suddenly was replaced by a sense of unease. Maybe my gear was not put up right, maybe as I took my breath the snorkel went inside the water and I couldn’t breath.

Whatever it was, I panicked. My heartbeats increased inside the waters, I couldn’t see. I thought I had left my fear of drowning way back into my early travel years – especially after my Scuba experience in Goa. But that wasn’t the case.

I know I couldn’t have drowned as I had the lifejacket, but when your mind fears something – and that happens – your brain goes all stupid!

All I could say to anyone who wants to try it- make sure your gear is set right!

Maya Bay – Beyond the Silver Screen

No Phi Phi Island tour can be complete without visiting the iconic setting for the “The Beach” – Maya Bay!

Truth be told, Maya Bay is crowded – at its peak! At least when we happened to visit it during our first day in Phuket.

But nonetheless, it’s beautiful.

Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?
Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?

As we approached the Bay, we saw many heads floating by, many people of all kinds running up and down the staircases.

But beyond that, we saw the bay’s sheer cliffs and powdery white sand emerging like a mirage. It was a cinematic dreamscape of sorts – reminding us of nature’s artistry.

The tranquil ambiance of Maya Bay, along with its Hollywood fame makes it a must-visit spot on your island hopping experience in Thailand.

You can get yourself some snacks from the Bay’s beach stores or have some weather-tackling coffee with your partner. Then we walk towards the other side of the island until we see the Maya Bay sign.

Bamboo Island – A Slice of Paradise

Stepping onto the shores of Bamboo Island, a hidden gem in the Andaman Sea – it feels like entering a postcard-worthy scene.

The powdery white sand stretches as far as the eyes can see. The island’s laid back vibe was just perfect as we had a day full of adventures and walks and photos.

Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?
Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?

Bamboo Island is much more than just a pretty face – it is one of the hubs for water sport enthusiasts and if you want you might indulge in activities like snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat rides and more when in here.

For families as well, there is so much to do on the island. We saw many people relaxing, soaking under the sun, kids making spooky looking castles of sand and parents having a relaxing stroll near the clear shores of the sea.

We rented two of those beach seats (THB 150 for both) and relaxed until called back by our guide to hop on the speedboat to finally return back to the pier, and then towards our stay.

Reflections on Phi Phi – Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?

As I sit here today, back from the trip of a lifetime for both of us, I reminisce about the Phi Phi Island tour from Phuket and tell you is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?

The answer is yes! Definitely! You need to experience the Phi Phi Islands if you are anywhere near Phuket or Krabi.

Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?
Is Phi Phi Island worth seeing?

From the hidden coves of Phi Phi Leh to the streets of Phi Phi Don and everything in between, each moment was a brushstroke on a tropical tapestry.

Except for the food, every experience we had and every landscape we saw during the trip was insanely serene and fascinating.

Whether you are a thrill seeker wanting to dive under the depths of the Andaman Sea or a sunset enthusiast here for savoring the breathtaking views from a hilltop, Phi Phi has something for everyone.

It’s a place where time seems to slow down, where the cares of the world are swept away, where the people and the landscapes all come together to create an experience that transcends the ordinary.

As the sun sets over your virtual journey to Phi Phi with us, consider this blog as an invitation to without fear, add Phi Phi Islands on your itineraries for your trip to Phuket and Krabi.

Stay tuned and subscribe for continuing with us on our journey as we take you through each trip on our days in Thailand.

May your compass always point towards newer horizons and may your travels be filled with moments that dreams are made up of.

That’s All Folks!

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