When you think of traveling solo, you might picture a carefree person jet setting around the world with no worries or responsibilities. But did you know that solo travel can be a great way for introverts to recharge and reset?

solo travel tips for introverts
solo travel tips for introverts

There are many benefits to solo travel, including the ability to move at your own pace, set your own agenda, and decide how much or how little you want to interact with others. However, if you’re an introvert, the thought of solo travel can be daunting.

Here are the most essential solo travel tips for introverts to help you plan and enjoy the journey, whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro.

to help you plan and enjoy the journey, whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro.

Let’s Go!

Why travel solo as an introvert?

Introverts often get a bad rap. We’re often seen as shy, antisocial, and unfriendly. But introverts can be great travelers! In fact, solo travel is often the best way for introverts to see the world. Here’s why:

  1. We’re independent.
  2. We’re comfortable with alone time.
  3. We’re great observers.
  4. We’re adaptable.
  5. We do not need people all the time to have fun.
solo travel tips for introverts
best solo trips for introverts

As for myself, I considered myself an introvert for a long while until this new “thing in between” sort of trend found its way to my neighborhood. People told me I am neither an intro nor an extro, but “something in between” – an Ambivert.

But as far as I know, most of the introverts I know (including me) take their time to open up, and once they do – people start searching for the off button.

Being an introvert since the beginning, plus having an indescribable love for travel and being an aspiring writer all mixed up together to form what I am.

Travelling makes us explore new places, new things, new stories – and that is what an introvert mind craves for sometimes – a fascinating alone time in newer worlds. ‘Cause new worlds or new places seem like fantasies coming true. And that’s where we introverted souls have a blast in – in fantasy!

How to pick the right destination? 5 Best Places to Explore for Introverts

There are many different travel destinations that are well-suited for introverts. From quiet and relaxing beach towns to vibrant cities with plenty of things to do, there are a variety of places for introverts where they can feel comfortable and have a great time.

solo travel tips for introverts
solo travel photo tips

In my opinion, no place in the world is something that an introvert cannot solo travel to. But if you really want to know the best places for introverts to explore alone, we are gonna talk about it as well.

But before that, let’s find out what makes a destination “right” for us introverts?

  • A place full of calming energy with more nature and lesser people.
  • A place free of judgement, where locals do not try and hassle the travellers much.
  • A place with a story, a mystery to crack – a land straight out-of-a fantasy book.
  • An off-the-beaten path destination with many interesting opportunities to explore and observe.

In fact, there is also a report/article that came out in 2021 that listed down the best places for introvert travel by Merchant Machine. As per the list, here are the top 5 places to travel to as an introvert


solo travel tips for introverts

Canada is one the most incredible places to live, visit and explore. With the calming nature, soothing vibes, chilly atmosphere and incredibly humble people – this place takes the top position in the list for all the good reasons as a solo travel destination.

One of the best solo travel tips for introverts could be a suggestion to visit this country. They will get all that they need – an open space, a calming vibe, open-minded people and hassle-free journey.


solo travel tips for introverts

Ah, the land down under has been kind-of like a mystery to people who never got to venture there (including me). And as we have now established that introverts mostly crave for a mysterious land – Australia, the land of the Roos – is definitely gonna be on top.

Australia is a very relaxed country with so much to offer in amounts of wildlife adventures, underwater scenes, incredible monumental stuff and just the mere sense of calm and peace.


solo travel tips for introverts

Iceland is a wonderland – to say the least. A world so different, yet so familiar to us. Among the best places to travel for introverts, Iceland has made it’s way on the top 3 and with the best reasons.

The land of dramatic landscapes, cinematic sceneries and the beautiful Aurora Borealis cannot be missed for introverts or just any human being for that matter.

From a range of glorious glaciers, volcanic caves to giant waterfalls and magical geothermal pools, Iceland has more than plenty to offer.


solo travel tips for introverts

The largest country in the world has the largest amounts of things to offer for travelling introverts. Although, people might not believe it at first, but the local people of Russia are one of the most friendly and calming essence of human beings in the planet.

With the majestic palaces to incredible mountain tops and plenty of famous literature, Russia is a fantastic country to travel for introverts.

It would be an amazing, calming and fantastical experience when you explore the world of Russia solo.


solo travel tips for introverts

Finland has been quoted to be the Happiest Country in the World And the people there are also very friendly, and give out a calming presence. A place filled with lakes, saunas, reindeers and the place where Santa Claus comes from – Rovaniemi (the Santa Claus village).

During my college years, I met a group of three Finnish people, and even stayed with them a couple of times.

And I kid you not, they were one among the most friendly, cool and fantastic people I ever met.

Also, Finland is also called the Land of Introverts!! What else do you need to know about a place that is famously known to be a place perfect for you, right!

How to make the most of your trip?

After finding and deciding on a destination to travel to, the next big solo travel tips for introverts needs to be how to make this trip a beautiful experience! Well, these are a few ways –

solo travel tips for introverts
how to travel solo as an introvert
  • Make & Save a Travel Blueprint

A Travel Blueprint with all that you can do in a place, all that you wanna do, places to stay, most calming places, budget, stay and food options, local transfers, famous spots and everything in between shall be noted down and planned ahead of the journey. You need to know what’s next.

We love making plans, right. That’s the first step to make it the best trip possible, until the next one!

  • Choose the type of accommodation that suits you best

Where you stay makes up for a large chunk of how your experience in a place went. And choosing a comfortable stay option is the best thing to do before heading to the adventure.

If you want to meet new people from different cultures and countries, choose a hostel or a homestay. If you want more me time away from people – choose a single room in a hotel or resort.

  • Create a Playlist for solo transfers from point to point

Music is every introvert’s addiction, and also a way to avoid awkward small talk sessions with strangers while on a local bus or train journey from one place in your travels to another.

Create a travel playlist for yourself with all the best and most favorite travel songs of yours for shorter and longer journeys.

BTW, Check out the TravelSole Travel Playlist with the best travel songs of all time!

  • Opt for group walking city tours for a fantastic experience

Being an introvert does not mean that we hate all human interactions, sometimes to explore a city deeply, from within, the best way is to have a walking tour with local guides and a bunch of other travellers.

Who knows, maybe you find someone for further adventures during the walk, aye?

You can book the best city walking tours from Viator. They have the best of the best deals and tours that best define the places for travel lovers.

  • Embrace the Nature

The nature is our best friend when we travel solo. The best thing about travelling solo is that we have our own pace of doing things and exploring places.

We can sit around for hours just looking at the lake or a never ending ocean, the huge landscape of the mountains, a cute café in a colorful place, or just anything.

Hanging out with nature is what we introverts crave for the most from a destination – to feel the vibe, essence and everything about that location.

How to deal with homesickness and loneliness?

No matter how many solo travel tips for introverts you see or know or read about, solo travel has this weird thing that makes us miss home – at some point or another. Especially on longer travels.

Whether you’re travelling for work or for pleasure, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience some homesickness and loneliness at some point. This is perfectly normal – after all, you’re away from your home and familiar surroundings. But there are some things you can do to deal with these feelings and make the most of your trip.

solo travel tips for introverts
tips for introverts to recharge
  • Stay in touch with your friends and family

Introverts are known to be people who like their own comfort zone – their rooms, homes, their own little friend circle. And that’s all they want.

But when you decide to come to an unknown place to explore it – away from home – away from your comfort zone, you need to keep talking with your loved ones to not feel homesick or lonely.

  • Go on group tours & participate in activities

Going on tours is adventurous and it also makes for the best opportunities for solo introverted travellers to try and make friends with like minds. Once you do that, you will find that it’s not that hard to talk to strange travellers.

After all, you both come from different worlds to explore this new one – at least that’s one common thing. Maybe there are more.

  • Try and talk with people you feel a vibe with during your travels

Walking tours, adventure activities, etc. are the best ways to meet new people and sometimes you find really like-minded people with whom you feel at home with. You never know how or where you can meet the best people of your life at.

  • Take some time off

The most important thing and the best solo travel tips for introverts while exploring an unknown land is to take some time off. Just a day, maybe a couple of hours – where you do nothing. No travelling. Just sitting alone. With yourself. In a magical place. Thinking your own thoughts. It’s wonderful.

How to stay safe when traveling solo?

When traveling solo, it is important to take some extra precautions to ensure your safety. Here are some tips to help you stay safe when exploring the world on your own:

solo travel tips for introverts
solo travel tips for introverts
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Trust your instincts and don’t hesitate to leave if something doesn’t feel right.
  • Make copies of important documents like your passport and driver’s license.
  • Keep your valuables close to you, and don’t flash them around in public.
  • Let someone back home know your travel itinerary.
  • Research the areas you are planning to visit.
  • Be cautious when meeting new people, and don’t accept rides from strangers.

By following these tips, you can help ensure your safety when traveling solo – as an extrovert and as an introvert.


solo travel tips for introverts
solo travel tips for introverts

In conclusion, introverts can have a great time travelling solo if they plan ahead and take some time to prepare.

By choosing the right destination, planning activities that suit their interests, and being mindful of their energy levels, introverts can enjoy solo travel just as much as any extrovert.

If you’re an introvert travelling solo, we hope you’ll share your experiences (and tips!) in the comments below.

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