Who would have known what we went looking for about a thousand kilometers towards the southern part of the country, is lying right next to us all this time.

Chuka Beach
Chuka Beach

Uttar Pradesh’s best kept secret has been found and the world cannot keep calm!! The Chuka Beach is a wonderous sight situated in the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve and needs to be visited before it gets on to become affected by the tourism syndrome (too many people, too many facilities).

Let us know more about this beautiful serene and peaceful beach in Uttar Pradesh.

Where is Chuka Beach located?

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is a protected area in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is home to the endangered Bengal tiger, as well as a variety of other wildlife.

The reserve spans an area of over 860 square kilometers and is home to several different ecosystems, including grasslands, forests, and rivers.

One of the most popular attractions in the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is Chuka Beach.

Chuka Beach
Chuka Beach in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

Chuka Beach is located in the wonderous Pilibhit Tiger Reserve over the banks of Sharda Sagar Dam and makes for a calming and relaxing experience in the midst of the natural haven and wildlife reserve. Being at the Indo-Nepal border makes the weather really pleasant and the view even more magical.

This sandy stretch of riverbank is a haven for wildlife, and it is not uncommon to see tigers, elephants, and other animals come down to the water to drink or cool off.

Visitors to Chuka Beach can also enjoy birdwatching, as the reserve is home to a variety of different bird species.

How to Reach Chuka Beach?

Chuka Beach is situated at a perfect spot which makes it really accessible for a weekend getaway from Lucknow and other major towns in the state.

It is at a distance of about 264 kilometers from Lucknow and takes about 5 hours to reach. But the major attraction for the Chuka Beach is the route we take to reach there.

chuka beach
chuka beach is open or not

Going through the depths of the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve makes for a really adventurous route and experience while listening to the many sounds of the birds, monkeys, and maybe even a tigers’ growl!

There are the following ways to reach the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve –

Via Train: Pilibhit Railway Station is associated with every one of the significant Indian urban communities like New Delhi, Lucknow, Bareilly and Rampur. You can recruit a taxi from outside the station and arrive at the ocean side.

Via air: If you are a global explorer or need to take the air course to Chuka, you can book modest trips to New Delhi or Lucknow and take a train from the money to arrive at Pilibhit. To go by street from Delhi, it is a 8 hours excursion to Chuka Beach.

By Road: You can head to Pilibhit region as it is all around associated with different Indian urban areas by street and we mean uplifting news. You can likewise get a transport to Pilibhit from places like Lucknow and Bareiley.

The best way to reach the Chuka Beach in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is by road – take your own personal vehicle towards the Tiger Reserve.

chuka beach
chuka beach ticket price

For taking a safari into the jungle and towards the Chuka Beach, you need to take a ticket for the same. The Jeep Safari takes approximately INR 1800 (for up to 6 people) and you can also take your own vehicle inside – that costs approximately INR 400 extra.

The timing for visiting is from 10.00am to 02.00pm during the day. And the place is mostly open for travellers from November to June.

If you want to experience the best of the jungle, I’d suggest you stay at the beach. You can find the infamous and recently trending Beach Tharu Huts and Tree House stay options.

You can book your own tickets and stays online through the official Up Ecotourism site.

You can feel the essence of the jungle throughout the night with the sound of the water flowing – a fantastic experience!

Why Visit Chuka Beach?

First of all, it is a BEACH IN UTTAR PRADESH!

When I think of beach, we usually get a picture of Goa, Kerala, Chennai, Mumbai, even Odisha and West Bengal – but never Uttar Pradesh! Just the mere existence of something so wild – is an attraction on its own.

chuka beach
is chuka beach open today

No one would have thought something like that exists in any part of the state, not even the states close to this one. But when Chuka Beach got the well deserved respect and fame recently, people have gone bonkers and started planning their visit here as soon as possible.

Secondly, to live near the clear, blue waters where sometimes even the animals come down for a refreshing time, inside one of the most fascinating jungles of the country, and living in a tree house – all of it seems like a dream that comes true in Chuka.

Other than the beach views, you may also try out the speed boat experience which seems to be really fun. Also, the safari takes you deeper into the part of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve and you can get many chances to spot elephants, leopards, deer and maybe even a tiger (or two).

The most famous hut in the area is known as the Water Hut. Most of the photographs you’ll get online of the beach in Uttar Pradesh would be of this hut – standing over the clear waters of the sea.

How was the Chuka Beach discovered?

A dedicated IFS officer called Ramesh Pandey was the one who discovered the area and had the vision to turn it into a tourist hotspot.

In 2002, he took the responsibility to develop the area while keeping in mind the conservation of the tigers in the reserve and promoted it as a type of eco-tourism.

Btw, do you believe in conservation of forests and wildlife and everything related to it – I mean it’s not our world – it has always been theirs’. Least we could do – is preserve their habitat.

chuka beach
tharu hut chuka beach

But during the time, the state government did not support the idea with any form of financial aid – still it did not stop Ramesh.

He invested his time and energy in the project and spread awareness to his peers and as far as he could which led to many people investing in the eco-friendly project. Also, the villagers who live near the area – supported his vision and still do everything they can to keep the place clean and well preserved.

During the 2 years of his posting at the town of Pilibhit, Ramesh did all he could to make his vision come true and it did happen. He even successfully built the 4 infamous huts near the beach.

After he was transferred, the forest department took his vision as a responsibility and made the spot into what we see today.

It was actually in 2014, that the Chuka Beach Resort was made available for visits by tourists. But it was not after at least 7 years that this tourist spot got the well deserved fame and support and visitors.


In conclusion, Chuka Beach in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is a beautiful and secluded spot that is perfect for a relaxing getaway. The beach is well-maintained and the water is clean and clear. If you are looking for a place to enjoy some peace and quiet, Chuka Beach is definitely worth a visit. Be sure to share and comment if you enjoyed this hidden gem!

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