Shatabdi is one the finest trains in the Indian Railways and this post will be a brief introduction about it and how my first experience turned out to be in the Shatabdi executive class of the train from Ghaziabad to Dehradun. We will also be discussing what all is included in the journey – the food, the leg space and other important elements and compare it with the normal coach of the train.

What is Shatabdi executive class?

Shatabdi Executive Class
Shatabdi Executive Class Journey

Shatabdi Express is one of India’s most clean, fast and pretty luxurious of trains and I have experienced it quite a lot of times to talk about it.

Now Shatabdi is basically a Fully Air Conditioned Chair Car Train with two types of classes – Chair Car and Executive.

Shatabdi Executive Class is mostly like the business class option of a domestic flight in India. You get your own separate compartment, with comfortable seating and all the amenities you need.

There’s a lot of legroom, so you can stretch out and relax, and the staff is very helpful and polite. The food is good, and there’s a lot of it – enough to keep you going for the whole trip. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about anything.

The staff takes care of everything, from boarding to getting off the train. They make sure you have everything you need, from comfort to fruits and other food items.

Shatabdi Executive Class chair car facilities

The major difference in between a normal chair car and a Shatabdi Exclusive Class Chair Car comes under the facilities. Obviously, the executive has much more of them. Let’s discuss these –

  • Leg Space
  • Head Rest
  • Comfortable Seats
  • 2×2 Seat Layout
  • Helpful Staff
  • Cleanliness
Shatabdi Executive Class
Shatabdi Executive Class Features

Leg Space

Leg space or comfort is one of the most essential feature that travellers crave for while travelling from anywhere to everywhere. Be it a long haul flight, a long route train ride or even choosing a perfect vehicle for your road trip, leg space is one thing that we think about the most.

And the transportation services know this very well – the major differences in between a regular seat and an executive/business class seat in any transport is the leg space and space to move around. The best feature of all in the Shatabdi executive class train is the space for movement that it provides for our legs. It is much comfier than the normal chair car and kinda makes you feel great about paying more.

Head Rest

Another important thing when it comes to comfort in the Shatabdi Executive Class is to have a head rest. The executive class seats have pre-installed head rests on them to save your head from dangling in the air which could later turn into a strain for your neck and spine. This feature is one of the coolest ones in the train which makes it differ from the normal chair car.

(BTW, you can check out this post about the best travel neck pillows for long flights and lengthy journeys ’cause not everywhere you’ll get a head rest, right?)

Recommended Travel Pillow for long journeys Trajectory Neck Pillow

Comfortable Seats

Next thing is the comfort that the seats provide in the executive shatabdi express train. I am not a 100% sure if they use some other kind of material in the executive coaches or there’s something in the shape or layout of the seats, but it just feels a little different when you sit at these seats.

It is much more comfier, more spacious and gives out a vibe where you can sleep without thinking of dealing with a sprain later on.

2×2 Seat Layout

Shatabdi express has total capacity of 500 seats of which 10% are in Shatabdi Executive Class and the rest being the regular chair car coaches.

Each Shatabdi Train Executive Coach has basically the 2×2 seating arrangement with 2 seats on the left and 2 on the right with the separation of the walking compartment.

Each row has two seats which provides the best kind of leg space and comfort anyone could ask for a sitting train journey.

Helpful Staff

I experienced this feature while travelling in both the types of the train i.e. an executive coach as well as a regular chair car that the staff also seems to be a little updated with the coaches.

I mean in the executive class they seemed much more helpful, ready to guide you and answer queries when compared to the chair car where you only seem them when they come out to give you the food items and stuff.

Also, the guys really looked like they do like this job as there were smiles and a comfortable vibe into all of them. Which is a great way for travellers to experience a journey.


One thing which anyone who has even for once travelled in the Indian Railways from anywhere to anywhere might tell you about these trains is the filthy toilets almost in most of the coaches (especially if it’s a sleeper coach – sleeper, 3a, 2a).

Surprisingly though, the Shatabdi Executive Class has never disappointed (me, at least) in this particular case. And just like my previous experiences in the express, the toilets were super clean and washed.

Shatabdi executive class food menu

Now comes the one thing which could be arguably the reason people like trains like Shatabdi, etc. – the food! I know y’all might be waiting for this one and here it is – time to discuss the food items in the Shatabdi Executive Class.

Shatabdi Executive Class
Food Menu

Executive Menu for Shatabdi Executive Class New Delhi to Dehradun (12017) –

During the train journey from New Delhi to Dehradun, we do not get to experience the lunch/dinner food items but there was a menu and a helpful staff from which I came to know about the delicacies they provide in them as well.

Breakfast –

  1. Tea/Coffee Kit (Tea bag/Coffee Sachets with Sugar and Creamer Milk)
  2. Kachori/Samosa
  3. Oatmeal Cookies
  4. Cornflakes
  5. White Bread (with jam, ketchup, butter)
  6. Cutlet
  7. Fries
  8. Banana
  9. Ice Cream

Lunch/Dinner Menu –

Veg Lunch/Dinner Menu Options –

  1. Basmati Rice/Plain Rice/Jeera Rice/Fried Rice
  2. 4 Roti (or 2 Parathas)
  3. Dal/Chana/Rajma/Sambar
  4. Paneer Do Pyaza/Shahi Paneer/Dum Aloo/Veg Kofta/Dry Mix Veg
  5. Curd
  6. Pickle Sachet

Non Veg Lunch/Dinner Menu Options

  1. Basmati Rice/Plain Rice/Jeera Rice/Fried Rice
  2. 4 Roti (or 2 Parathas)
  3. Dal/Chana/Rajma/Sambar
  4. Kadhai Chicken/Chicken Do Pyaza/Methi Chicken/
  5. Curd
  6. Pickle Sachet

Dessert Options –

  1. Frozen Dessert/Ice Cream
  2. Kala Jamun
  3. Rasgulla (2)
  4. Shrikhand (2)

Evening Snack –

  1. Roasted Nuts
  2. Dry Samosa/Kachori/Mathri
  3. Veg Sandwich with Mayo
  4. Sweet – (Soan Papdi/Coconut Barfi/Besan Ladoo)
  5. Tea/Coffee Kit
  6. Oatmeal Biscuits

Normal Class vs Executive Class

Majorly both these classes of the Shatabdi train in India are great for any kind of journeys but obviously there are some differences and it’s now time to discuss these with you all so you can know everything about the classes before booking your seats, aight.

Shatabdi Executive Class
Shatabdi Executive Class vs Chair Car
SEATING ARRANGEMENT2×3 (2 on the left, 3 on the right)2×2 (2 on the left, 2 on the right)
COMFORTNormal seats with adjustment option
| No leg Space
Seats with more comfortable shape
| More Leg Space and Head Rest
CLEANLINESSClean Cleaner (no items spread out on the walking trail, cleaning staff arrives almost every time)
STAFFDecent Staff | Not much interactiveInteractive and Helpful Staff

I know I haven’t added food in the above table because it needs a different table – Here goes!

TEA/COFFEETea/Coffee Kit (tea sachets/coffee pouch + powder milk + stirrer)
| Served in Paper Glass
Tea/Coffee Kit (tea bag/coffee pouch + creamer milk + stirrer) | Served in Cup
B/F MENUBread with butter, oatmeal cookies, juice, veg sandwich, veg cutletBread and butter, oatmeal cookies, bananas, veg sandwich, veg cutlet with fries, corn flakes with milk bowl
LUNCH/DINNER MENURice, Roti/Paratha, Dal, Veg/Non veg Sabzi, Pickle, DessertSimilar Menu with more quantity

My Experience in the Executive Class Train Journey

So this was my first ever experience of an executive (business class) chair car on a train journey and to be honest it was great! Like it wasn’t something entirely unique and very amazing that I’ll remember beyond death, but it was a great experience.

Shatabdi Executive Class
Shatabdi Executive Class Review

The leg space and the head rest were my favorite features of the train, other than of course the FOOD! The comfort is the major thing anyone looks for and opts to pay more for, right? And well this train provides you what you want – with a large leg space (I mean someone could literally dance over the space if they wanted to – not that I wanted to – or maybe I did). Other than that the head rest caught my eye which was really a great thing to add to the seats. Also, the seat quality was different than the chair car – much better with comfier cushion.

The food was much better than most trains have – and in my experience I can say that the Shatabdi food is much better than any train I experienced till now. It’s not very special or mouth-watering but it’s clean, properly packaged, the quantity is good enough and the taste is just fine.

We got to have the breakfast items for our journey early morning from New Delhi to Dehradun and it was full of so many different items to have for a couple of hours journey. I mean you’d not get bored as they keep providing something or the other in between a couple of minutes and you tend to spend time while waiting for the next item to arrive! (And it’s fine, right! I mean we all can act like kids from time to time as we wait for the staff to open our coach’s door and enter with something.)

Another great thing was the cleanliness – there were not one packet or food items or even a chunk of dust that could be seen on the overall train that I saw from the entry to my chair to the exit. Our coach was really clean – and that includes the toilets as well.

As for the end verdict from my side, the Shatabdi executive class is ultimate value for money when it comes to food, comfort and cleanliness.


If you’re looking for a comfortable and luxurious train journey, the Shatabdi Executive Class is a great option. In this article, I shared with you all about our experience traveling in this class and offer our honest opinion. We hope you find it helpful! Please Like, Share, and Comment if you enjoyed this post.

That’s All Folks!

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  1. This blog appears to have been written when shatabadi started. The state is pathetic now. Even toilets are stinking in executive class. Sorry to disappoint the blogger.

    1. I am sorry you had a bad experience. But this post was done in March right after I had the trip. Delhi to Dehradun Executive Class was really clean.

    1. Thank you for your review, it very detailed and helpful. I will be traveling shortly and look forward to the experience on the EC carriage. Traveling from Delhi to Jalandhar.

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