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Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World

The first and foremost question you shall ask yourself before travelling in a post pandemic world, is – “If I’d be comfortable to be stuck in a place for a few more days if I or someone in my group catches Covid19?” If your answer to this is “No.” – well, keep that bag down buddy and stay home. On the other hand, if your answer is “Yes!” and you realize the risk, well congrats to you!

It is the second year of the Pandemic known as Corona spreading throughout the entirety of the world we live in and it seems to be much more stronger, faster – and maybe even a little more pissed at us! Why? Because we took it a lot lightly!

When we stated it to be a “pandemic” we should have understood that it will at least be around for two long years – just like the previous one did (the Spanish Flu). But we took it lightly and weren’t actually afraid of it all. “It’s just a cold and fever” “the death ratio is very low” “no pandemic can stop us” and other nonsensical topics like these were called out when referring to Corona.

So it came back! Much stronger, Much faster – and as I said – Much Angrier!!

travelling in a post pandemic world

With it’s return, came the fear among us and our minds for it. Which should have come an year ago.

Nevertheless, the precautions now are much more stricter and followed worldwide with utmost responsibility. Many places have locked themselves down once again – and many have instated a night curfew here in India.

Corona messed all our lives up. As I once in a previous blog post said – Wise men are dying. People have been locked down inside of their homes. An uncontrollable disease has been floating around person to person across the globe. And most importantly, what suffered the most was Travel..!! 

Still there are people who actually do need to travel to not far-away but nearby places inside the country for work purposes or to find their “calm in the chaos” – with precautions of course. So I have brought out a list of things to Carry or Travel Essentials that you must have when heading out or travelling in a Post Pandemic World.

  • The Mandatory
    • Masks
    • Hand Sanitizers
    • Disinfectant Wipes
    • Gloves
    • Med Kit
  • What Luggage to Carry?
    • Carry on Bags
    • Rucksack
    • Duffel Bags
    • Camera Bags
  • Digital Essentials
    • Power Banks
    • Portable Wi-Fi
  • For the Photography Enthusiasts
    • Selfie Stick
    • Tripod
    • Smartphone Gimbal
  • Wacaco Nanopresso – Because, COFFEE!!!
Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World

Let’s elaborate, Shall we!!

The Most Mandatory Travel Essentials – Stay Safe on the Road!

1. Face Mask(s)

Face masks are the most mandatory item to have with you always and everyday – especially when you are outside your home. Also, you won’t be allowed to exit or enter a city without a mask – so – first and foremost, get yourself a proper face mask. It is recommended to carry a few masks along instead of just one.

Masks - Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World

2. Hand Sanitizers

Another one among our list of “the most mandatory travel essentials to carry in a post pandemic world” is a bottle of Hand Sanitizer. Always carry a hand sanitizer in your travels. Be it inside a city or outside of it. All the ads, influencers, news articles, and other people we follow have been telling us to do this since the last year. So follow it and keep your hands sanitized at all times.

Check out the Lifebuoy Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer from Amazon Here.

Sanitizers - Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World

3. Disinfectant Wipes

Ever since the lockdown took effort in March 2020, this item was very hard to find due to the excessive demand and the fear which struck in people’s mind for the first time. Get yourself a pack of Disinfectant Wipes for your Travelling in a Post Pandemic World Packing list. The only thing you need to know about it is that it’s “EPA-approved to kill the COVID-19 virus“. EPA stands for the Environmental Protection Agency and it means that – the product mentioned is not posing any type of unreasonable hazard to the user’s health.

Savlon is one of the brands which is actually very popular with the disinfectant wipes ever since the pandemic hit the world. Get yourself a pack from here.

Disinfectants - Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World

4. Gloves

Well there might be a few of you, like me, who do not want their hands to smell like alcohol day in – day out, courtesy of the Hand Sanitizers. So what’s the next best thing to keep yourself safe when roaming about unknown and unexplored places on the planet? GLOVES!!

You can wear the medical gloves at the grocery stores, at a public place, or for picking up food from a place or even for laundry to keep your hands clean. According to many articles and doctor’s recommendations – the latex gloves are the best choice to make when going for a travel venture amidst the corona pandemic – or maybe even as it settles.

Get yourself a pair right now!

Gloves - Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World

5. Med Kit

Be it Travelling in a Post Pandemic World or just in a fantastic mess this world has always been, a first aid or medical kit is always a great choice to pack with your collection of clothes and other items in the bag. Few of the most important stuff your med kit shall carry are – Bandages, Surgical Tape, Small Scissors, Tweezers, Antiseptic Wipes, Pain relief meds and an Antibacterial cream. These are somethings you must have. Also, I will be making a post on a list of must-have First Aid kit items shortly. (Comment down below if y’all would like to know, ‘aight?)

Btw, here is one amazing and quite affordable First Aid Kit with all the essentials you’d need while travelling anywhere.

Travel Buddy - Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World

The Best Kind of Luggage to Carry – While Travelling in a Post Pandemic World

As I have already mentioned in an earlier post – “Travel Light = Travel Right” is the best thing to do for any kind of travel you’re planning up for the future.

If you want to know how this would work, you can check out the blog post about “15 Amazing Travel Hacks to Save Money” to know more.

Here, I am going to list down the few must-have types of luggage to carry and roam around in a post pandemic world which will keep you safe and less worried, too.

1. Carry on Luggage

There are many advantages to using a Carry On – you no longer have to pay the extra fee and you no longer need to carry the heavy trolleys while travelling. Plus, you carry it around with you and not be standing in the long queue to get it in the tummy of the flight. It saves time – and you! especially during the current pandemic – era.

carry on - Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World

2. Rucksack Luggage

Best for trekking or walking along a way for large intervals, the Rucksacks are what you see most travellers carrying along in their journeys. One of it’s advantages is that it has plenty of small pockets to keep all the travel essentials safe and secured and easily accessible on the road, as well. Most of the rucksack backpacks are water resilient if you’re stuck in rain or happened to get it wet somehow. Also, they are lightweight and easily flexible.

One of the most popular rucksacks in Amazon is the Wildcraft 45 Ltrs Grey and Orange Rucksack. Check it out yourself.

Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World

3. Duffel Bags

A duffel bag, also called as a kit bag is basically quite spacious but comparably smaller-looking carry on bags which are best used for travel purposes. You can easily carry them around and keep all belongings safe with you at all times. Offering an adaptable design, sturdy outside and unrivaled roominess, it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why this style of gear is so popular.

Duffel bags are much affordable than the previous mentioned ones as they are smaller in size and great to carry tiny important items which are always required while travelling.

duffel bag - Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World

4. Camera Bag

All the previously mentioned backpacks are all unique and suited for the travel venture but these will not be enough or even safe to carry the important gadgets that you might carry if you are a photography or videography enthusiast, right? You’d need a proper bag to keep your DSLR and make sure it doesn’t break while travelling in a post pandemic world anywhere, anytime.

Camera bags are an outstanding creation and these are a must have to take the digital products along with you. These are light weight and very much durable bags to make sure your camera and it’s lenses, etc. stay safe while you venture to the unknown!

One of the best and popular camera bags is the DIGITEK Waterproof Camera Bag. You can check it out for yourself. A photographer shall always keep their equipment secured.

Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World

Digital Products that you shall always have in your packing list, Covid or not!

Roaming around for hours in a place which looks and feels like straight-outta fairy tale has now been more about “capturing the moment” than firstly living it. Still, with the technology savvy world, being an old soul about it all doesn’t really matters and we need to balance it out. So you gotta take a couple of hundreds, if not thousands of photographs at different angles with a bunch of short videos to capture it all in your lenses – be it a mobile phone gallery or the DSLR storage space. And the next step is to share them with your buddies, family or even fans!! So what you need to keep it all going without having to see a “battery draining” or a “weak Wi-fi” notification is to keep a few powerful and portable digital products along with you during the travels outside your hotels.

1. Portable Power Bank

While Travelling in a Post Pandemic world, taking things or borrowing them from the hotel staff might not be that easy – or even safe, for that matter. So it is just the more accurate way to just pack a handy power bank in your luggage, right? You can easily charge your devices through this on the road or while hopping from one place to another.

One of the Power Banks, which I actually personally do use is the Mi Power Bank 3i. You guys can check it out for yourself before heading for the next big adventure in the world coexisting with Covid.

portable power banks travelsole

2. Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Updating your social media accounts on the go or keeping touch with your office, friends or family used to be one of the most frustrating things while travelling for most people across the globe. Since the Pandemic occurred and post lockdown, when the world opened up again – we saw many people taking something called as a “Workation” which means a combination of “work and vacation” for a couple of days to refresh their minds while continuing the work from home. Imagine having those boring meetings with a backdrop of the Himalayas, for instance.

What is one of the most important thing required for serving that purpose while being anywhere in the world ? – To get yourself a handy and portable Wi-fi hotspot device. It will not only help you work, but will also keep people you care about informed about your adventures of the day!!

There are many interesting Wi-fi hotspot devices around, one of the best among them is this one. Check it out.

tp link Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World

Best Camera Accessories to Carry While Travelling in a Post Pandemic World

Photography and Videography has been a critical part of travelling since years now. If you don’t take a few pretty pictures of your trip, it does not seem to be complete. Everyone loves to take photographs – of themselves, of the place they are in, the activity their about to do, and just so much more. And the best thing about it now is that you do not need to be a professional in it, and you do not need an expensive camera to do so. Smartphone cameras and what people call “mobiliography” (taking photographs from your mobile phone) is very much trending now and everybody loves doing it.

Following is a list of the most amazing and best camera accessories you will need to carry while travelling in a post pandemic world

1. Selfie Stick

Alright, during these times or even after it all finally gets over – no one will like to stop by and get their hands on your mobile phones or cameras to click you a photograph with the majestic background or so. Neither will you be willing to give your mobile to a stranger to click your photograph with your spouse. These are messed up times and we need to be careful if we wanna live with the Covid strain which doesn’t actually seem to be going anywhere, any time soon.

One thing which you’d need is a Selfie Stick. Before you argue, “No! Your hands are not long enough” – the photograph just looks weird with a large arm taking the viewer to your faces. Get yourself a Selfie Stick, put down a timer, click amazing photographs!!

selfie stick travelsole

2. Tripod

A tripod is basically a device or a stand where you can attach your camera or phone, and keep it at a short distance to click amazing and insta-worthy photographs of yourself, with your friends, family members or anyone. A tripod is a must have while Travelling in a post pandemic world or even if you just like clicking photographs and taking amazing videos.

BTW, the above photograph you see for the recommended selfie stick, it actually acts as a tripod as well (2-in-1). If you want a proper tripod where you can attach your camera too, you shall consider getting this one – DIGITEK® (DTR 260 GT) Gorilla Tripod . It’s actually a Gorilla Pod – meaning a tripod which can be folded multiple times in whatsoever way you want.

Gorilla Pod - Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World

3. Smartphone Gimbal

Lastly in the Camera Accessories, I’d like to mention this amazing device which is very helpful, quite affordable and enough to make immensely beautiful videos of the incredible places you’d roam around once the Pandemic comes to rest. This is a Smartphone Gimbal. A gimbal is basically helpful for a camera to rotate smoothly around an axis – which results in amazing landscape as well as portrait shots of any place. Gimbals are a wonderful creation and if you are a videography enthusiast, you shall consider buying one for yourself to make marvelous cinematic looking videos for your travels.

Consider buying the Digitek 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal– it’s a bit less costlier and does the work perfectly. Read the reviews here.

Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World

Last in the list of Travel Essentials you Must Have While Travelling in a Post Pandemic World-

Wacaco Nanopresso


A Wacao Nanopresso is a portable Espresso Maker which is the perfect companion to travel with to anywhere at anytime around the globe!! As you might have heard, “Life Happens, Coffee Helps” and “If life gives you lemons – sell them and buy coffee instead!!!” (Aight, maybe not the last one as I just made that up, but you get the point!). I am a huge believer when it comes to Coffee and I know many of y’all are just like me as well. This last item is mentioned here just for our love of Coffee. Be it corona, or an asteroid coming oh-so closer to the earth – Coffee will remain till the very end with us!

Getting yourself a Wacao Nanopresso is great for when you happen to travel around while staying in camping tents with your buddies or on a solo trip up in the Himalayan Jungles.

Related – Checkout this list of the best camping equipment you must have when heading outdoors!

Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World

BTW, nothing of the above mentioned products have sponsored me to write this out at all- I have mentioned the things which I personally loved while researching on Amazon.

‘Cause in the end, It’s all about LOVE.

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