Snakes. What comes into your mind when you hear that word? Well, they have always seemed pretty terrifying to me.

Snakes have been engraved into all our cultures, whether you are from anywhere around the world.

khong long lake
khong long lake

The Serpents have been depicted in our religious scripts with utmost importance. Some cultures depict them as a symbol of evil power and chaos, while in some cultures they are treated as the divine power. Some people even worship the snakes, mainly King Cobra.  

The History of the world we live in, consists of many messed up and kinda fascinating tales and stories surrounding the Serpents. 

Today, we are going to discuss one such tale, coming from a beautiful lake in Thailand called the Khong Long Lake – The Legend of the Snake Rock.

Legend of the Snake Rock at Khong Long Lake

Basically, a few days ago, a photograph started to take rounds throughout the social media.

A photograph of a pretty mysterious and pretty massive rock carving which looks like a really giant snake. If you have ever played God Of War, you can imagine the Jörmungandr – yes, that big! An amazing video game by the way.

snake rock formation

 The photograph got viral and many memers took the opportunity to share it on their social media accounts, making it reach many others. People have been saying it to, maybe, be a snake who turned to stone, somehow.

snake rock thailand
snake rock

As you all know, whenever something so mysterious is found at any corner of the world, it always has a legend associated with it. “The Legend of the Snake Rock” is no exception. And today I am going to tell you just that.

This “giant snake rock formation” can be found in the Naka Cave National Park situated in the Beung Kan province of Thailand.

Alright Lovely People, time to put your “Imaginary Glasses” on and let’s start.. the journey!!

According to the Locals, the story revolves around a King Ue-Lue and consists of a pretty amazing series of events.

Khong Long Lake
Snake Rock Khong Long Lake

We journey back few million years, to the time when Dinosaurs just got wiped away from earth, and we find a very massively spread Kingdom called “Rattappa Nakhon“.

As most stories about a Royal Kingdom goes, there was a very respected King, called King Ue-Lue and his beloved, Queen Gaewganlaya. They created a wonderful little daughter together and named her Kiewkam. As she grew older, she was married to King Sampanta of the neighboring Kingdom.

They had a very handsome son and called him Fahoong. Fahoong became very popular among the two Kingdoms due to his intelligence and charm. 

Thailand Palace
khong long lake

One day, while roaming around the valley near the outskirts of the Royal Palace, Fahoong caught a glimpse of a beautiful young lady.

He didn’t waste any time in asking her what she’s called. She told him her name is Nakkarintrani. Nak-Rani was so attractive that Fahoong fell head-over-heels in love with her in the first meeting itself. When asked where she’s from, she told him that she is not from around here but came to visit a relative. 

They clicked immediately. You know how sometimes you find someone and you both just click! Like there’s a whole lot of story that happened in some lifetime which your souls know about.

As time passed, both started to meet up and have deep conversations of dreams and desires. Fahoong took her to many of his most favorite places around the Kingdom.

Shortly, Nak-Rani reciprocated his feelings and thus started a beautiful relationship between the two. It seemed as if they have known each other since way before.

legend of the snake rock
Like their souls recognize one-other.

Not waiting for much longer, Fahoong proposed to Nakkarintrani and even told her to stay with him in the Royal Palace till eternity.

But Nakkarintrani had a confession to make before anything happens. Fahoong was all ears when she told him her reality.

She told him she’s not a human, but a Naka or a Serpent. She told him that while crawling near the forests, she once saw him and fell for him at the exact moment. To make him love her back, she transformed herself into a beautiful woman and ran into him. 

serpent queen
khong long lake

 This shocked Fahoong quite deeply. He didn’t know how to respond and left. But you know the power of Love, right. He returned in just a few days and told her that he accepts her. That he loves her too much to let her go.

Nak-Rani became really happy and immediately went to her own Kingdom called “Nakarat Kingdom” or the Kingdom of Serpents to tell her father, the King of Serpents about her love story.

The Naka King was worried about his daughter’s choice to marry and live among the Humans, but like most fathers, his daughter’s happiness was of utmost importance. He agreed to get the love-birds married. 

legend of the snake rock
serpents and humans at khong long lake

Everyone was happy. And the wedding was arranged as a huge ceremony of 7 days in both Rattappa Nakhon and Nakarat Kingdom.

The Naka King even gifted King Ue-Lue a gem-engraved shining crown.  No one in Rattappa had a clue about the reality behind Nakkaritrani being from a Serpent Kingdom.

Things worked out pretty well and 3 years passed.  

Three years passed and the Kingdom along with King Ue-Lue started to get suspicious as to why Nak-Rani and Fahoong couldn’t bear a child. Nak-Rani started to fall sick due to the stress of the situation.

One day, she got so sick, that her powers started to weaken up and she transformed back into a large serpent. One of the servants of King Ue-Lue saw this and got frightened and fled from the scene.

Khong Long Lake
Khong Long Lake

King Ue-Lue was informed about this and he got so much angry for the deceit.

He wrote a letter to King Naka telling him to take his daughter away.

King Naka loved his daughter too much and couldn’t see her being humiliated like this by the entire kingdom. Fahoong went into deep depression due to everything as he was helpless and couldn’t do anything to make it all right.

King Naka came to take away his daughter and also the crown he gifted King Ue-Lue along. But King Ue-Lue denied having it as he sold it elsewhere. This enraged the Naka King so much that he swore he will return and burn the kingdom down to ashes

legend of the snake rock
khong long lake

The same night, he returned to Rattappa with his Serpent Army and destroyed most of the kingdom with the magical powers.

No one could fight the Naka Army and the whole kingdom was drowned and submerged into large amounts of water.  It is said the Kingdom used to be at the same place where now, the Khong Long Lake exists.  

khong long lake
khong long lake, Thailand

At last, the Naka King cursed the King Ue-Lue to turn into a large snake monster and be stuck in the place till eternity.

According to the Locals, the Snake Formation at the Naka Cave is no other than the proof of existence of King Ue-Lue.

The world is packed with many legendary places people like you and me don’t know about yet. I will keep looking for them and try and tell you all about them and the legendary stories it hides within.

That’s All Folks!

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