With traveling, reading and learning so much about travel in particular, I have come to realize that while it is a more trendy and popular choice to side with the lesser-known destinations around the world in today’s time, I still tend to be more touristy rather than the other way round.

Touristy Destinations
Touristy vs Lesser Known Destinations

I have come to realize that I actually prefer the popular places more so than the hidden gems. I mean don’t get me wrong, I enjoy venturing to unknown locales within a city to find maybe a hidden waterfall, a nature walk amidst the mountains and whatnot.

But I do want to get back to the more popular regions once I have had my time in the hidden world, and it’s time to relax.

I love to have a rich choice of accommodation types: from stunning resorts to hotel rooms with fascinating views to a swimming pool to enjoy with friends or family, absolutely brilliant choice of food and so much more.

Why “Touristy” Isn’t a Bad Word

I think there is a reason why popular destinations in the world are termed touristy. And that’s because they are “touristy”. They have all that one wants from a vacation: the hotels, the restaurants, so many tourists from around the world, so many things to do and explore, the traveling infrastructure and the undeniable comfort.

Touristy Destinations

I prefer to travel like a tourist when I am first introduced to a city. And that does not mean I would just go where everyone does. I mean we can always venture about seeing what’s interesting on GoogleMaps near our stay, or venture about any place nearby, that most people don’t know about. I am all for that.

But to directly take a cab to go to a village, stay with the locals, try and live like the locals, eat like the locals and all that magnificent stuff that people talk about now – that’s not for me.

And I hope its not a bad thing to not choose that travel lifestyle, right? It’s not like you have to go with the trend every time. You can mix it all up. You can choose a place that’s popular, has the stunning travel infrastructure with magnificent hotels, choices of local transport like buses, metros, etc. and also are close enough to the not-so-hidden villages with mesmerizing landscapes, interesting experiences and fun locals to hang out with.

Travel is a choice

It’s an experience. You do not ever have to choose one thing. You can choose two completely different approaches to travel on two different vacations.

And that is what everyone does, really. We don’t travel with friends like we do with family, right? We do not approach travel to a destination similarly when we are in a group vs traveling solo.

Touristy Destinations
Hidden Gem

Traveling can be anything you want it to be. And the people who judge you to like one thing about travel, that maybe they don’t prefer – are straight out stupid!

I enjoy the best of both worlds, if you will. I enjoy seeing the most touristy sights in a destination, but would also love to see if there’s something else around the corner, that maybe is a little less known or less populated. Or maybe try and climb a few extra steps, walk an extra mile, to get another view at the same destination.

I enjoy having local street food in the land that I venture too, but I also would love me a restaurant experience where I could enjoy my favorite meals from back home in a different surrounding. I love restaurants or food joints that cater to everyone’s needs. The ones with pretty outdoor patios, wi-fi, amazing insta-worthy interiors and backdrops and a menu with pictures of the food.

Trend or Heart? Choose what suits you best!

Some people tend to think that if they want to go to the infamous museum where the crowds go to or to experience the most popular stuff in the city, they would meet rolling eyes and weird faces. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do what you want on the trip.

Touristy Destinations
Touristy Destinations

If your group members judge you for wanting to travel like a tourist and not like a local, ditch them! You can tell them to go enjoy their local experiences, while you go ahead and act like what you actually are in this city: a tourist, a traveler!

Going off the beaten path is fun, its amazing and adds a new adventure to your travels. You find stuff that not many talk about. You get places entirely for you – with almost no crowds at all. You get to find stunning vistas in the likes of waterfalls, hot springs, a thousand year old temple, newer trekking spots, and so much more.

But it would be silly to be in Paris and not experience the Eiffel Tower, right? Same goes for most destinations. Every destination has so much to do, so much to offer the venturers. If you want to have the ultimate experience, in my opinion, you should always mix and match and create an itinerary that keeps it interesting, has all the major sights covered and also gets you to the more unknown locales.

Benefits of Off-the-beaten-path & Touristy ventures

Let’s also discuss what makes these two travel experiences stand out:

Touristy Destinations
Touristy vs Hidden Gems
Touristy TravelOff-the-beaten-path Travel
Comfort & convenience.Authentic cultural experiences.
Luxurious accommodations.Sense of serenity & solitude.
Variety of activities.Affordable and value for money.
Well-developed travel infrastructure.Amazing, unexpected discoveries.
Global community vibe.Meaningful conversations with locals.


In this vast world of travel and discoveries, the dichotomy between the touristy and hidden gems is entirely a personal journey. This revelation and understanding lets you embrace the beauty of both world, rejecting the notion that one must conform to a singular travel ideology.

The touristy destinations are not to be shunned; they are named so for a reason. It provides you with comfort, varied accommodations and the vibrant energy of fellow global explorers are undeniable.

The ultimate travel experience lies in fusing of both the worlds – a harmonious blend of iconic landmarks & hidden treasures.

So, reject the confines of travel stereotypes, mix and match, and create an itinerary that mirrors the individuality of your wanderlust.

That’s All Folks!

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