“With great power comes great responsibility” – we have all loved this quote since it first came out in the comic book pages of our friendly neighborhood or in the 2001 movie. But it’s just not a movie/comic quote. It has a depth maybe more deeper that the Marina Trench.

If you have the power, the resources to travel across the globe, from one country to another and learn about different cultures, histories and whatnot – you also have a responsibility.

Ecotourism destinations
Ecotourism destinations

A responsibility to make sure your travel doesn’t harm the nature. How do we do that? by Ecotourism!

Ecotourism is basically a tool that keeps your dreams alive as you travel worldwide while also promoting sustainability and environmental conservation along the way.

If you consider yourself as a responsible traveler, here we have got a list of the most exciting ecotourism destinations in the world just for you. From the mystical rainforests of Costa Rica to unique fjords in Norway, and Kenya’s savannahs to New Zealand’s glaciers – we have covered it all here.

So sit back, relax and let’s dive into the best ecotourism spots in the world!

Best Ecotourism Destinations in the World

Costa Rica

If you are looking for the most popular ecotourism destination in the world, Costa Rica is where you’re headed. From fascinating beaches, deep dark rainforests, active volcanoes and interesting national parks, Costa Rica has got it all.

Ecotourism destinations
Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Some of the most interesting sustainable activities to do while in Rica are: Wildlife tours, zip lining and the unmissable surfing experience.

The most exciting spot for experiencing the best of ecotourism in Costa Rica is none other than the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. With over 400 species of birds and countless amount of wildlife, it has become a top choice for nature lovers, wildlife experts, photographers and bird watchers, etc.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The second on the list of most interesting ecotourism spots in the world are these pretty islands located off the coast of Ecuador.

Gaining popularity when Charles Darwin visited the destination, Galapagos offers some of the most diverse and unusual wildlife experiences from watching the sea lions, penguins, giant tortoises and a variety of birdies.

Ecotourism destinations
Ecotourism Examples

It is here when Mr. Darwin actually got an idea and inspiration for his theory of evolution.

The Galapagos Islands or Archipelago is considered to be a world of its own, forged with volcano eruptions and more than a thousand years of isolation. It is a place full of unique wildlife and must not be missed if you are a green travel enthusiast.


Moving on, we have another really popular ecotourism destination filled with otherworldly safari experiences, cultural tourism and so much more.

The Masai Mara National Reserve is infamous throughout the globe for being one of the most stunning conservation centers for wildlife and is home to some of the world’s most iconic animals and birds.

Also, another interesting thing to note here is that this is the destination where you could experience the greatest wildlife traveling roadshow to ever exist: The Great Migration!

ecotourism destinations
The Great Migration

The Great Migration is known to be one among the Seven Wonders of the World as every year, almost two million wildebeests, more than four hundred thousand zebras and other herbivores trek towards the Masai Mara reserve all the way from the Southern Serengeti in search of lush greenery.

It is also known as the biggest mammal trek in the world where the animals cover a distance of 800 kilometers in a circle through the different ecosystems of Serengeti (Tanzania) & Masai Mara (Kenya).

Best time to experience the migration: July to October. Although one should keep in mind that it is a completely natural process, so the timings cannot be fixed. It depends on the weather, the ecosystem and ofcourse, the animals.


Iceland is one of my favorite dream destinations in the world and it’s natural wonders make it a top class destination when it comes to finding ecotourism examples.

Ecotourism destinations in the world
Ecotourism destinations in the world

The country is like a land of geological wonders – from the dancing Aurora, the floating icebergs, the glacier lagoons and so much more.

Want to know more about Northern Lights? Read our blog where we explain the story of Aurora Borealis.

The place you shall not miss on your ecotourism venture in Iceland is this UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Thingvellir National Park.

Along with being a natural paradise, the park also attracts many geologists due to it’s unique geological feature that forms a boundary between the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia.

New Zealand

Next on the list of the best ecotourism destinations in the world has to be this incredible location called New Zealand.

ecotourism destinations
Ecotourism Spots in the World

With countless adventurous activities: hiking, kayaking, whale watching and experiencing the otherworldly landscapes, New Zealand is a dream destination for many travelers.

And why not, NZ has something to do for whoever visits here – and for whatever reason. Be it a luxury honeymoon, a family trip with the little ones, a solo soul-searching trip or a getaway with buddies – New Zealand will not take time in making you feel immensely peaceful.

Some of the very popular ecotourism experiences to have in NZ include: hiking, bird watching, kayaking, and learning about the Maori culture. Other than that, you can also visit the Abel Tasman National Park – a spectacular coastal park home to exciting beaches with crystal clear waters.


We discussed about the most interesting reasons to visit Norway that included watching the Northern Lights, experiencing the Midnight Sun, whale watching and other interesting things as well.

Ecotourism destinations
Ecotourism Examples

All those experiences, along with the magnificent fjords, the natural beauty and stunning island filled with numerous adventures makes Norway another popular ecotourism destination.

You can find some of the most classy eco-friendly accommodations while here along with some of the greatest sustainable travel experiences as well.

One among those experiences include visiting the Sognefjord – the longest, deepest fjord to exist in Norway. You may also visit a remote archipelago that is just perfect for outdoor ventures like fishing and hiking.


The rich history and diverse ecological systems of Peru make it a top ecotourism destinations in the world. Machu Pichu is a great example of the most famous archaeological sites to exist in the whole world.

Ecotourism destinations
Ecotourism In the World

Other than that there is also an exciting phenomenon called the Rainbow Mountains that one can experience here.

Herein you experience a mountain covered with different layers of varied colors forming something like a rainbow splashed over the mountain ranges. Locals even consider these mountains to be Godly and protectors of their villages.

Another fantastic ecotourism spot to visit here in Peru is the Manu National Park, home to more than 15k plant species and a diverse range of wildlife.


I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it” – remember this groovy number? No?

Remember when a zebra escaped the city zoo on his birthday, to go live in the wild (where he thinks he belongs) and his friends escaping the zoo to go find him and bring him back to his senses – and home??

Yes! I am talking about the most outstanding wildlife animated movie to ever be made – Madagascar!!

Ecotourism destinations
Madagascar Lemur

The movie showed the island nation in all it’s glory with the lemur king, the wild lionesses, other animals and just the vibe of it all.

Madagascar, the destination is one among the most fascinating places to ever exist when it comes to wildlife, scenic views, peaceful experiences and a serene environment. All these elements also make it a top choice for ecotourism as well.

Situated off the coast of Africa, Madagascar is a unique and biodiverse island nation induced with a range of astonishing ecosystems from deep rainforests to magnificent deserts.

Other than that it is a planet of its own for the interesting wildlife that spends its life here: lemurs, reptiles and a variety of other animals and birds call the island nation their home.

Best Ecotourism Destinations in India


When it comes to the best ecotourism destinations in India, Kerala holds the first position without argument.

Ecotourism destinations
Ecotourism spots in the world

Among many destinations in the state, Thekkady is the most fascinating one. With lush greenery, scenic hills and a diversified wildlife, this place attracts the majority of international travellers and wildlife explorers from different parts of the world.

The Periyer Wildlife Sanctuary holds the award for seeing the most visitors in Thekkady due to the diverse wild animals that call it home.

From watching elephants to tigers and other animals to exploring forest trails and wild hikes in the forest, this eco-friendly destination has it all for you.


Another really beautiful ecotourism destination in India is Sikkim, a land of magnificent landscapes, Buddhist cultures and incredible biodiversity.

There are many ecotourism activities to indulge in like trekking, birdwatching and exploring the local wildlife.

Ecotourism destinations
Ecotourism Destinations in India

One among the key ecotourism attractions in Sikkim is none other than Khangchendzonga National Park, a UNESCO site boasting few of the most spectacular mountain landscapes in the world.

Visitors can explore the park on foot, get some breathtaking photographs and views of the Himalayas, get into the guided treks and find out such a diverse variety of plants and animals that you might not even know the name of.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Next on the list of ecotourism destinations in India is the Andaman & Nicobar islands.

Surrounded by the Bay of Bengal from all sides, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are known for their pristine beaches with crystal waters, coral reef and a diverse marine life.

ecotourism destinations
Nature Based Tourism

You can find the Andaman wild pig, horseshoe bat and the megapode of Nicobar along with really energizing activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and learning about the traditional lifestyle of the local communities.

Among these, scuba diving is one such adventure activity that attracts many enthusiastic travelers to come visit this wonderous island and experience the unimaginable coral reefs, the depth of the ocean and discover the most exciting aquatic wilderness.

Great Himalayan National Park

The Great Himalayan National Park as the name suggests is one of the greatest national parks in the world. And that also makes it one among our list of the best ecotourism destinations in the world.

ecotourism destinations
Ecotourism in India

You can explore the outstanding wildlife of the Himalayas with the black bears, a grand variety of birds and of course the protector of the Himalayas, the Snow Leopard.

Other interesting things that you could experience here include: camping, trekking and hiking. Meeting the locals and understanding of the traditional lifestyles.

Another great thing that the park does is that it hosts educational programs to promote sustainable tourism practices and spread awareness for the importance of conservation.


We have already talked about how wonderful Bandhavgarh National Park is and what my experience of visiting the place was.

ecotourism destinations
Bhaag Mowgli, Sher Khan Aa Gaya

But it also is a very popular wildlife reserve, natural landscape and a family travel worthy ecotourism destination in India.

Incredibly famous for it’s tiger sightings, Bandhavgarh National Park hosts some of the most fun wildlife resorts in India. Other than that, the Jeep Safari is a really interesting thing to do while here – even though the chances of tigers being sights could be a mystery – the experience in itself is enough to excite.

Madhya Pradesh in itself has plenty to explore when it comes to ecotourism in India and one can find many waterfalls, etc. around the wildlife reserve.

Kaziranga National Park

Assam is a very fun and popular place to travel in India for both domestic tourism junkies as well as international travel lovers.

ecotourism destinations
Top eco-friendly vacation spots

What attracts a majority of travelers to this marvelous state in the North Eastern India is it’s tea plantations, the scenic vibes the place has and the home of the world’s largest one-horned rhinoceros, the Kaziranga National Park.

Other wild beasts one can find here include: Tigers, elephants and a large variety of migratory birds. You can explore the park on the back of an elephant or in a Jeep Safari and learn more about the traditional lifestyle of the villagers here.


The home to a large chunk of arguably the most loved wildlife creature on the planet – the Bengal Tiger (Sher Khan), the Sundarbans is among the largest mangrove forests in the entire world and that makes it another interesting ecotourism destinations for enthusiasts.

ecotourism destinations
Sustainable travel destinations

The Sundarbans ecotourism aims to protect the environment by promoting sustainable tourism practices that would support conservation efforts in the land.

Some sustainable or green tourism activities one can indulge in while exploring the Sundarbans are: bird watching, boat rides, nature walks and safaris.


Ladakh is the last but never the least of the best ecotourism destinations in the world. It gets a spot on our list due to being one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has some remarkable landscapes, historic monasteries and unique cultural experiences.

ecotourism destinations
Responsible tourism destinations

Made famous due to the bike travels, more than many vlogs and the movie 3 Idiots, Ladakh has now become one of the most favorite dream destinations for most Indians who love to travel. It has been included in the list of “places one must visit at least once in life” in very less time and now more than ever, people have been showering love to the destination.

What to keep in mind is that, we need to keep the destination alive, breathing and safe for our youngsters to come visit and experience what we do right now.

The Ladakh’s ecotourism mostly involves exploring the wildlife in here. This includes discovering snow leopards, ibex and yaks along with other snow animals.

Wrappin’ it up

There you go, people. From the fjords of Norway, the lush green rainforests of Costa Rica to the wildlife in the Sundarbans and the exciting venture to find the snow leopard in the Himalayas – the world is filled with the most exciting ecotourism destinations.

All the mentioned destinations not only provide a fun, wildlife or outdoorsy experience to the travellers, but also helps in supporting the conservation efforts and the sustainable development as well.

By choosing these or similar eco-friendly tourism destinations for your travels, you support responsible tourism practices, improve your carbon footprint on the planet and help in preserving these gems for our future generations as well.

Comment down below which among the mentioned is your favorite eco-destination to travel to. Share with friends and family. Let’s make this world a better place, together.

That’s All Folks!

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