You might have came across many magnificent clicks of the infamous Niagara Falls on your social media handles, lately. And it looks Magical, to say the least!

Frozen Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is Frozen! And it looks like a massive winter wonderland straight outta some incredible fantasy. Pictures of the Frozen Niagara Falls has been doing rounds on the internet and it was my duty to tell y’all lovely people about this nature’s masterpiece.

Frozen Niagara Falls

If you are anywhere nearby, you shall head towards the Frozen Niagara Falls at this time and experience first hand the mystical combination of Ice and Rainbows. Now’s the time to take the road more travelled as people in hoards have been visiting the area since the pictures came out. (Stay Safe, though. It’s still Corona era!)

Now if you think the entire water body is somehow frozen, well that’s not the case. Actually, it is partially frozen, with the surrounding mists turning into snow, as if Elsa has passed through it.

Due to the cold weather conditions across North of America, the illusion of a frozen waterfall is created. It was a few decades ago, in 1848 when the river and the falls seemed to be frozen at the same time. During that time, something like an ice-jam happened on the river which made it and the falling waters – seem frozen.

Reportedly over the past weekend, temperature in Niagara Falls hovered between 12 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frozen Niagara Falls

The Frozen Niagara Falls is a solid example of beauty growing amidst the chaos. As the frozen temperatures has been tough for people living around the area, magic exists in the form of an amazing landscape view of the Falls with the incredible rainbows falling onto it. It gives you peace. Just looking at it on Instagram and other places around the internet. Imagine really seeing it. Imagine, the experience!

Magic is essentially, the higher understanding of Nature!

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