Video Games that Inspire Travel

“Video Games foster the Mindset
That Allows Creativity to Grow”

Video Games that Inspire Travel
Can we all just agree that we all have, somewhere in life, loved video games! Even if for just a small bit. Be it the small 8-bit games we found on the game stores back a century ago. Remember that first video game console you got and the cassette with “9999999 in 1” games? Well that was a thing to show off – back in the day. In school, we used to tell each other about the game cassettes, the scores we made, and everything.

And the most favorite of all those “9999999”, was the one and only – Super Mario!! A plumber heading through difficult and other-worldly situations to rescue the Princess, while fighting off terrifying creatures. Everybody went craazy for that game. And even are now, at this time.

Video Games that Inspire Travel

Video Games have been a part of our lives ever since. And as the world grew, so did the games.

There have been many video games that have inspired the players for many different things along the years – be it creative thinking, using tactics to pass through challenging situations, stealth, patience and so much more.

Today, we have prepared this list for you enthusiastic people, discussing about The Best Video Games that Inspire Travel in 2020.

Far Cry 3 | The Rook Islands

“You see, the thing is, up there. You thought you had a chance..
But hermano, down here, down here…? you hit the ground!” – Vaas 

Video Games that Inspire Travel

The Far Cry Series has always had some incredible location elements in their games. I listed the third, and arguably, the most popular game in the series, Far Cry 3.

Story: Far Cry 3 takes place in the Rooks Islands, where a group of friends have arrived to spend a few days to celebrate together. During a skydiving adventure, they are kidnapped by Vaas Montenegro, the pirate lord who plans to sell ’em off into slavery. The story focuses on Jason Brody, one of the friends who goes on to rescue the others while finding the secrets of the place and Vaas along the line.

Location(s): Rook Islands, Indonesia (fictional)

Video Games that Inspire Travel

Far Cry 3 is an incredible experience for all the gamers out there. The characters, the setting, the story, the quotes and the villain. Everything holds you in for the adventure. The game is one of the most amazing video games that Inspire Travel.

Uncharted 4 | A Thief’s End

It’s not going to be easy.
Nothing worthwhile ever is.” – Nate & Elena

Video Games that Inspire Travel

The Nathan Drake adventure is set in many different real life locations throughout the globe ranging from the widely spread forests of the Amazon to the mountain villages in Nepal.

My favorite among the series happens to be the latest. A Thief’s End. Uncharted is a series of Video Games that Inspire Travel big time and has inspired many people to head out of their homes and look for the unexplored natural destinations with incredible landscapes and less.. people. You can just play the game to explore the exceptional world the creators have built for you to explore.

Story: The story focuses on Nathan Drake, a former treasure hunter with a shady, dark past. He is looking for clues along the several extraordinary destinations around the world for Henry Avery’s treasure along with his brother Sam, who was presumably dead before.

Location(s): Panama, Spain, Borneo, Kathmandu, Tibet, France, Madagascar

Video Games that Inspire Travel

All the video games in the Uncharted franchise are a must experience games for all the gaming as well as the travel enthusiasts around the world.

Watch Dogs | Chicago, Illinois

I don’t look back anymore. I don’t regret. I look forward. Everything is connected, and I’ll use that to expose, to protect, and if necessary – to punish – Aiden Pearce

Video Games that Inspire Travel
Watch Dogs has been one of the most amazing futuristic games franchise ever made. You go around the famous cities and hack into security systems to find out clues which in turn lead you to your goals. It is amazing. The graphics right from the first game, the music, the technology based gameplay, everything is right with this game. 
Watch Dogs gives a great experience to the players and even the “watchers”, you know, people who say they don’t “game a lot”, but still interested in watching it all unfold, the curious ones.
Story: After his niece is killed, hacker and vigilante Aiden Pearce sets out on quest to take revenge on the person who did it while unfolding the hidden secrets of an organization in the fictional version of Chicago City.
Location: Chicago, Illinois 
Video Games that Inspire Travel
Travel within Chicago, Illinois in the States as you want and hack your way towards the many missions unleashing the main story of the game. It is indeed one of the best technology based video games that inspire travel within the amazing city of Chicago.


“How does a Good Man decide When to Kill ?” – Hitman 

Video Games that Inspire Travel

The Hitman series has always been a personal favorite right from the first game Agent 47. Along the years, the story, the gameplay and the graphics grew out to be insanely astonishing. Playing Hitman makes one feel like you’re actually really inside the game. 

The HITMAN came out in 2016 and formed a different and quite traveling friendly game setup. We visit many different beautiful places in the world to complete our missions successfully. These places include Paris, Morocco, Bangkok and a few more very famous destinations. And the best thing is that you can take your own time to explore the place and complete the tasks at whatever pace you wanna. You can roam around the galleries, see different kind of people, hear different stories, see some amazing views on the outskirts, and so much more.
Story: The game follows Agent 47, a professional assassin and his adventures into different locations around the world where he is sent to assassinate some very powerful people. It all goes seemingly unconnected when we find out towards the end that there might be something more, a connection maybe? 
Location (s): Paris, Italy, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido
Video Games that Inspire Travel

Stealthily make your way through different scenarios and try not to get caught or killed before completing the mission. It’s exciting. Sometimes frustrating too. But that’s life, right? A mixture of both.

Rise of The Tomb Raider | Tomb Raider

Everything lost is meant to be Found“- Lara Croft 

Video Games that Inspire Travel

Tomb Raider is a very much action and adventure filled game series. Many of us gaming enthusiasts have tried out the series and went on an exploration for hidden treasures of our own in our backyard or somewhere, maybe.

Lara Croft or the Tomb Raider is an exceptional treasure hunter and explorer who dugs deep into the many secrets of some deadly organizations to look for hidden treasures and deep secrets. One of the most amazing aspect of the game is that the story also takes us through a very informative and entertaining history lesson classes while we’re running and jumping and climbing high cliffs throughout the world.

Story: The game follows the story of Lara Croft as she ventures around and into Siberia in search of a legendary city named Kitezh. But it’s obviously not that easy, as she has to battle her way through with the paramilitary association Trinity, who wants to uncover the deep secret residing in the city which related to immortality.

Location: Siberia, Syria

Video Games that Inspire Travel

The Rise of the Tomb Raider takes us at an unimaginable adventure throughout different landscapes while telling us about the various historic events like the Soviet Union, the Byzantine Empire, the Mongol Invasion, etc.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate | Victorian Era London

The Deadliest Predator is the one you cannot See” – Evie Frye

Video Games that Inspire Travel
Okay now that you’ve read this far, you might be wondering “where the hell is Assassins Creed” right? Well it would be really, really wrong to be discussing about some of the best video games that inspire travel and not mentioning the historical masterpiece that the Assassin’s Creed Series depicts.
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate takes place in the Victorian-Era London. The best thing about the game? Well because “LONDON, Baby!!” (to be read in Joey Tribbiani’s voice from F.R.I.E.N.D.S)
We get to explore London right from the streets of the Whitechapel, along the beautifully flowing Thames river, towards the Dome of St. Paul’s. Also many areas which you can get up and personal with within the game are now not accessible by people in the London we know today. So there’s that.
Story: Jacob and Evie Frye are two professional assassins from a city called Croydon. They move to London, during the Victorian-era when they find out that the Templars have spread control all over the city.
Location: Victorian-Era London
Video Games that Inspire Travel
Assassin’s Creed Series will always remain close to hearts of most of the gamers since the first game. But what had all our hearts gripped, was the coming of the second game actually. Everybody loves Ezio Auditore’ Da Firenze’ right? You can’t argue with that.

Tom Clancy’s Division | New York City

They could have left. They could have gone home to their families. But they stayed to burn this thing out, to make sure it got stopped here” – Joe Ferro

 Tom Clancy’s Division might just be the most relatable game right now. It takes place in a Post-Apocalyptic New York City. How did the apocalyptical setting was caused? A deadly VIRUS!!! Seems relatable, Am I right?
New York has been one of my dream destinations since childhood. I have always had a dream to roam around the glowing streets. I grew up watching the infamous sitcoms like F.R.I.E.N.D.S and How I met your Mother which are both setup in the Big Apple, the New York City. And this game depicts New York in all it’s glory. The most interesting thing about the game is that you can explore the city on your own and even enter and experience the insides of the infamous structures. 
Story: We take on the roll of a Special Agent of the Strategic Homeland Division and our ultimate mission is to help the group re-establish its operations in Manhattan. The story takes place in a near-futuristic era of New York which is mostly crowded with garbage all over as the disaster due to a viral epidemic (The Dollar Flu) had just settled. 
Location: New York City
Video Games that Inspire Travel

Tom Clancy’s Video Game Series have all been a masterpiece with the technological aspects and the gameplay and even the storylines. Even if you’re not a huge fan of first-person shooters, you will love this game just for the gameplay, the location and the story.

Grand Theft Auto V | Los Santos

Hypocrisy, Civilization’s Greatest Virtue” – Michael

Video Games that Inspire Travel

Creating a list of the best video games that inspire travel, and not mentioning the GTA Series is like committing a crime. All the GTA games since San Andreas have been a part of our lives, it’s been in our chats with buddies, in our discussion groups, and in our minds. 
GTA V has an incredible setup location in Los Santos and the surrounding areas. You can just hop on, on any vehicle you want and drive throughout the city and explore some amazing locations. I have loved GTA because of its freedom to roam around for as long as you want and also the incredible storyline that it offers.

Story: The game follows three protagonists: a retired bank robber Michael De Santa, a drug dealer and arms smuggler Trevor Phillips and a street gangster Franklin Clinton. The Story goes that these three are pressured by a corrupt government agency and the powerful crime lords to commit heists throughout the city and its surroundings. 
Location: Los Santos (a fictional town based on Los Angeles)
Video Games that Inspire Travel

GTA V came out like a storm in 2013 and people went nuts over it. It’s a marvelous game and we have all been hooked since Vice City and San Andreas to the series.

Everybody loves travelling, exploring, and heading on an incredible adventure. I believe travelling the world is like an Open- World Video game of sorts, obviously without the shootings or the dangerous creatures hoping to kill us. But they are a marvelous way to learn so many things about so many different cities. 
So, tell me now, what are the games that inspire YOU to travel ?

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  1. Really cool concept – the video game and travel mix. I never would have thought of video games for travel inspiration, very interesting information you put here. That games will Inspire everyone to Travel. The brain develops from being challenged by experiences and video games are ideal to promote motivation, set clear goals & seek feedback. And these are the best video games to inspire you to travel to real places.

  2. Ohh god it’s so so amazing to read such stuff. Kudos to your creative mind for penining down this.

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