Letter to My Kids Lesson 02: Happiness

” Kids, I know it’s been a while since your last letter or shall I say, life lesson.

But the thing is, there are many things you need to know before you arrive in this world.

And many, that you’d need to figure on your own.  

Today, I thought I’ll tell you about THE most important thing you need to survive in this planet we call home, and that, kids, is to understand Happiness.

See, Happiness is always around the corner, if not outside, then inside your very soul. All you gotta do is to look for it.

There’s a saying that goes “You find Magic, only when you really look for it” and when you find Magic, that’s when you find Happiness.  

You don’t need people or things to find and to understand Happiness, kids. As you grow up, you’ll understand that Happiness always comes from within.

You’ll just know. You’ll be smart.

When you understand Happiness, Kids, you will also figure out that we do not stay happy all the time. Some things happen, some stuff goes on, some memories resurface which lead us towards sadness.

We get upset from time to time.

And that’s completely Human.

Life works that way. Balance is necessary.

When you come to exist in this world we have for you, you will meet all kinds of people: happy people, sad people, even the depressed ones.

The thing to remembers, kids, is that you shall never treat any of ’em differently.

Spreading happiness might be your “thing”.

Trying to make a sad person, smile – gives you the kicks, trust me, it feels good.

Making other people smile or laugh gives you happiness.  

Now to answer a question you might get, how to attain happiness?

Sometimes you gotta find it while other times it naturally comes to you.

Meeting your “forever buddies” for the first time, sharing tiffin boxes in the school recess, setting eyes on that first crush, falling in love for the first time, ..maybe even seeing your dear old parents smile…, 

These all are a few examples when you’d naturally feel happy.

See, kids, God has made us this way.

We find happiness with people, with things we get attached too.

We find happiness in passion. In dreams.

Some people find happiness with money, too.

And that’s completely alright as well.  

Kids, You aren’t in this world today. But, someday, you will be. And I need you to know how stuff works around here before you come.   “

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  1. Yes, well said. Happiness is enjoying things in your life, you can find happiness in small things like listening to music, watching sunset, talking to your favorite people, helping stranger, in singing & dancing, etc. all these makes your soul happy … and don't wait for special moments, make every moment special just do whatever you like that'll give you happiness. So just remember that happiness is very important in your life all you need do is just small efforts to make yourself happy.😇🙌

  2. Making someone smile gives me the kick.. . It's so good to see how beautifully u understand our minds. ❤

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