Our latest venture into the world of v-logs and YouTube to expand our overall reach has made us look for more experiences wherever we could find them.

One such experience we recently had was visiting the incredible Clock Tower Lucknow, which is actually the tallest tower in India.

Clock Tower Lucknow
Clock Tower Lucknow

This little adventure towards Old Lucknow started with a reel showcasing a beautiful light and sound show on the fountain at the Clock Tower/Ghanta Ghar.

We were at once intrigued and went straight towards this historical marvel.

Today, we tell you all that you need to know about the Hussainabad Clock Tower: from the timings, ticket prices to history.

History of Clock Tower in Lucknow

To understand how the Clock Tower Lucknow came into existence, we need to travel about a 140 years back in time.

The year is 1880 and the British Raj has firmly established its influence in India.

In the heart of Awadh (Lucknow), a city known for its nawabs, kebabs and an intricate architectural design, a decision was made to adorn the landscape with a monumental timepiece which would not only serve the mere practical purpose, but also symbolize the mingling of different cultures.

Clock Tower Lucknow
Clock Tower Lucknow

The idea first came into the mind of Nawab Nasir-ud-din Haider when the news of the arrival of Sir George Cooper (the first lieutenant governor of Awadh Province) – came along.

As the clock tower took its shape, in the timeframe of approximately 6 years, skilled artisans from Lucknow and beyond infused it with a fascinating, artistic charm.

Richard Roskell Bayne is called upon to design the structure, a 67 meters (220 ft) high clock tower, with the masterpiece clock imported straight from London.

When the Clock Tower Lucknow or the Hussainabad Ghanta Ghar is finally inaugurated in 1887 as a symbol of civic pride and a focal point for the people of the city.

Its chimes echoed through the narrow lanes of Lucknow, marking the passage of time for generations to come.

Architecture of the Clock Tower Lucknow

The architecture of the Clock Tower Lucknow reflects an interesting amalgamation of Victorian and Gothic style structural designs.

Gunmetal is used for building the clock parts, with the gigantic pendulum of 14feet and the clock-dial in the shape of a 12-fully gold flowers with bells around it.

Standing tall at a height of 67 meters, the tower commands attention with its imposing presence.

Clock Tower Lucknow
Clock Tower Lucknow

The structure is predominantly constructed of red brick, which lends its sturdy and enduring quality to it, as the intricate details adorn the overall façade.

As our gaze ascends the tower, the influence of a Victorian-design becomes more prominent, with decorative cornices, pilasters and ornamental friezes adorning the upper levels.

At the summit of the tower, sits the clock itself – a marvel of precision engineering imported from London, encased within a decorative framework.

The clock’s face seems to be adorned with Roman numerals, surrounded by intricate floral motifs. The hands of the clock move with a grace and precision, marking the passage of time for the city below.

The Clock Tower Mini Mela (Fair)

Beyond the popular and grand tower, we also witnessed a colorful mini fair as we moved past the clock tower Lucknow.

Bright lights and the aroma of freshly steamed momos and chilly potatoes welcomed us in.

We saw brightly decorated fair rides, small walkways aligned with different types of food stalls ranging from: Chinese food to local pani puris and more.

Clock Tower Lucknow
Clock Tower Lucknow

But what intrigued us more than any other thing was the rides: from mini roller-coasters to giant swings and so much more.

It is an absolutely fun experience when you try a ride for just about Rs. 50 per person and enjoy a priceless experience.

For generations, this fair at the Lucknow Clock Tower has been a cherished tradition, bringing together people from all walks of life to celebrate the spirit of community and togetherness.

Hussainabad Clock Tower Pond

Just opposite to the clock tower, nestled within the historic Hussainabad Imambada complex road: lies this fascinating little pond, adding a serene and tranquil ambiance to the very bustling surroundings.

As per the local lores, this pond was known as the Gharial ka Talab or Crocodile Pond back in the day when Nawab Saadat Ali Khan II had it constructed.

It is believed that there were live crocodiles kept in this very pond, lending it an air of intrigue and mystique.

Clock Tower Lucknow
Clock Tower Lucknow

The presence of these reptiles not only served as a deterrent against trespassers but also added to the allure of the garden, attracting visitors from far and wide.

Over time, the crocs were relocated and the pond underwent several renovations to become what it is today: a space for relaxation after a day of exploration at the infamous Heritage Walk.

Something that attracted our attention towards the Clock Tower Lucknow was none other than this pond: the water fountain, to be specific.

Although, we did not get to experience it first hand, will give it another go soon.

But what we learnt was that it:

  • Mostly happens every evening around 06:30 PM to 07:00 PM.
  • Its a light and sound show, that is free-of-cost (just like the entry to the Clock Tower).
  • Reach at 6.00 PM to be safe and not miss any part of it.
  • The fountains are not anything outstanding, but the sound and light show make up for it.


Over the years, the Clock Tower Lucknow has weathered the storms of time, standing as a silent witness, a watchful protector, a dark…. ahh, I mean to the ebb and flow of the city’s history.

Today, it continues to beckon visitors, offering a glimpse into a bygone era when the fusion of British and Indian influencers gave rise to architectural marvels which endure the living relics of history.

You can visit this gem, anytime: as it remains open for visitors for 24 hours during a day.

Share this blog with all your buddies and comment down below if you have visited this marvel or not?

That’s all folks!

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