If you seek a place near Dehradun which is not overdone, overcrowded or over-anything, Maldevta is a place just for you!

A place filled with the mountain bliss, the sounds of the river flowing nearby and beautiful waterfalls just few steps away.

Today, we talk about my experience in this wonderous hidden gem in Dehradun. Find out how to reach, how far is it from Doon, where could we stay, is it worth spending a weekend in and more in this marvelous little place – amidst the nature.

Maldevta Dehradun: How to reach this gem of a place?

The distance from Dehradun to Maldevta is approximately 18 kilometers, which is pretty much an awesome timeline to reach the destination without having to worry about the travel time as such.

Maldevta Dehradun
Maldevta Dehradun

It takes a scenic 50-min ride to reach the Maldevta Farms from the Jolly Grant Airport, so you can just land in the city and head straight towards your resort/stay at this beautiful place.

If you are coming from other cities, the distance from Rishikesh to this destination is approximately 49 kilometers. And from Haridwar, the distance becomes approximately 63 kilometers.

Surrounded by nature from all sides, this small, quaint hamlet of a destination is considered to be Dehradun’s favorite picnic spot and local families, friends and even lovebirds ride here to spend a weekend with one other near the crystal clear waters of the Song River.

Reaching the Resort

We had our own vehicle so we moved at noon towards our resort situated at the most nearest point to the river. It took us about 50 minutes to reach from Bidholi, Dehradun to Maldevta.

The ride was mesmerizing just as the hilly roads started. We could see some outstanding views of the serene landscape unfolding right in front of our eyes. As one leaves the city beside and get deeper into the world of leaves and plants and large trees, we seem to have a sense of peace which comes within automatically.

Up until we reached the Song River flowing with full force and witnessed the waterfall for the first time, the roads started to converge into a steep, challenging and rugged path.

Maldevta Dehradun
Resorts in Maldevta Dehradun

As we moved up and down the path to reach our resort, the road demanded both patience and resilience at the same time. With steady climbs and uneven terrains it was an adventure of its own.

The path was filled with large, jagged rocks and deep ruts and there were a few times when you couldn’t see if there’s any road further or just a deep slope which could take us straight towards the high flowing waters of the Song river.

But as we reached our resort and heard the beautiful rhythms of the nearby waterfalls, it filled our hearts with enthusiasm and energy to go ahead and witness what we came here for: the Maldevta Waterfall.

Resorts in Maldevta: Where to Stay?

This picnic spot near Dehradun is a popular place for the locals to come and spend some days for relaxing, away from the city bustle.

And for that, this place is filled with unique camping sites, hotels and resorts that make your journey much more relaxing and memorable.

Here are the top resorts/stays in and around the Maldevta Picnic Spot:

Song Valley Resort – My Own Personal Choice

Right in front of the splendid waterfall and the fast flowing Song river, the Song Valley Resort was our own personal choice for staying at this marvelous destination.

It was a luxury camp site with about 11 camps, each set up with private washrooms, a double bed with a sofa-cum-bed at the corner and a cooler for keeping you cool during the summers.

The resort opened in the year 2021 and is surrounded by fascinating greenery and the sounds of the Song River – which meet your ear throughout the day and the night, even. And it is a sound that relaxes your very soul.

Other than that the staff is very friendly and you can get almost anything you want to eat over there. There isn’t a proper menu per say, but the staff asks you what you want to have in dinner and they try to get that done as best as they can.

We had Kadhai Paneer and Tawa Rotis and I kid-you-not, it was like one of the most delicious North Indian cuisine I ever had, especially in a resort up in the hills.

There’s also plenty room to walk around and just feel the grass (both natural as well as artificial grass) as you go ahead and click some outstanding photographs of the nature, the tree-covered hills, the flowing waters nearby and the wonderous flowers around the resort.

Other than that, there’s a beautiful pool which is cleaned daily in the evening where you can spend hours swimming and playing catch with friends or family. It feels absolutely refreshing and fascinating to experience a pool amidst the mesmerizing nature.

The Needam Resort – An Enchanting Hideaway

With fascinating balconies with the magical hills right in front of you, spacious rooms, friendly staff and a fun pool area makes the Needam Resort one of the most popular Maldevta resorts or accommodations.

Resorts in Maldevta
Maldevta Resorts

The USP of this resort is definitely the views one gets from the rooms – the mountains covered with greenery from top to bottom, residing just in front of you. It gives out the most serene vibes which one can feel as we wake up in the morning.

As the night arrives and the sun goes to sleep, the ground area is lit up with lights, making it a fairytale-esque land with bright lights at the bottom and a glimmering night sky above.

Popular as one of the ideal location for families, friends, couples and even solo-venturers, the Nadeem is one of the most lovely resorts in Maldevta Dehradun.

If you are more of a solo-traveler, you can also get a dorm-room with 8 to 10 beds and enjoy living with like minded people and share the experience of witnessing a wonderful landscape together.

Haut Monde Resort and Spa – Luxury Accommodation

If you seek luxury in the palm of a natural tapestry, Haut Monde shall be your best bet! With spacious, dreamy rooms, stunning views of the hills, a marvelous pool and a location which isn’t very far away from awe-inspiring hidden spots across the destination, Haut Monde is a popular resort in the area.

Other great thing about this luxurious accommodation is the abundance of fun activities to engage in – from guided river treks and ziplines to swimming and pool table games.

If you want to experience a holistic lifestyle, Haut Monde is just the right destination for you. With 24 living units including: 12 Vahati, 5 Himavat, 3 Moksha and 4 Anukrah rooms, the Haut Monde in Maldevta becomes a really unique and worthy stay option for peace-seekers and yogis and everyone else.

Along with world-class spa therapies, large and spacious yoga-shalas, a combination of traditional hill designs with the luxe-themed interiors and organic vegetarian food, Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort and Spa becomes the perfect choice for rest and revitalization.

The lavish swimming pool at the outdoors gives the guests a blend of luxury while being surrounded by the lush greenery and hills all around.

Things to do in Maldevta

Maldevta Waterfall

The most amazing and attractive thing to do when traveling to this masterpiece of a land is its waterfall. Going in full force during and after the monsoon of July and August, the Maldevta Waterfall is one of the most interesting hidden gems in Uttarakhand, situated right at the foothills of the Great Himalayas.

Maldevta Waterfalls
Mesmerizing Waterfalls

The roaring sound of the falls will reach your ears just as you come riding through the steep, rugged terrain leading towards the river.

As you hike a little towards the river, your eyes will automatically meet the heavenly falls falling into the fast flowing river, forming something like a mist all around it.

It is a place perfect for nature enthusiasts, waterfall lovers and photographers as well and is considered to be the most fascinating thing to do in the destination.

You can also see pre-wedding shoots carried on near the falls with the couple living something like a little movie scene themselves.


Other than witnessing and experiencing the most attractive thing in the valley, you can also enjoy indulging in some exciting hiking opportunities with your friends.

Maldevta Farms
Hiking amidst the Nature

Hiking through the wild forests, amidst the lush greens with the roars of the water flowing by is one of the most popular things to do in Maldevta and many locals as well as friends from around North India tend to come here for the same.

You have the hikes to the hidden falls, to the depth of the wild forests and so much more. You can walk the path where the birds chirp or the path where you can hear the water rushing from. It is all a marvelous experience to say the least.

Many resorts around the area will also provide personalized hiking/trekking or guided tours through the forest to have an adventure you can remember this place for.


Cyclists have a blast at Maldevta and why wouldn’t they. The rugged terrains, the serene atmosphere and the rushing river sounds all create just the perfect space for cyclists to ride along and have a fascinating experience.

Maldevta Cycle Routes
Cycling in the lush greens

Most of the early mornings in the area experiences many cyclists from Doon spread around, doing flips, riding through the steep terrains or relaxing as they witness the sunrise over the river.

Cycling enthusiasts can find outstanding picturesque landscapes with lush greens, meandering rivers and the panoramic views of the Himalayas. One can explore various routes that could take you through and across these breathtaking views.

There are multiple cycling routes and trails in and around the valley, where you can try out your cycling skills. Some of these trails are relatively easy and suitable for beginners, while some can be more challenging.


The most favorite picnic spot of Doon-ites or the locals of Doon, the Maldevta Picnic Spot is just an amazing place for spending some time off the work stress and with your family and loved ones.

Maldevta Picnic Spot
Maldevta Picnic Spot

Visitors here can enjoy a peaceful day by the river, have their picnic and even partake in several activities like trekking, hiking, birdwatching and more. This place is an ideal location for a picnic leading families to bond and relax in the tranquil ambiance of this gem in the Land of Gods.

Being one among the most easily accessible remote location in the land, this picnic spot is filled with large greenery spread all over and has something to do for travelers of all ages.

From the large garden to run and play around for toddlers, fun hikes for the teens and youngsters and relaxing waterfalls and riverside camping options for the peace-seekers.


Camping is one of the most outstanding outdoor activities to ever exist in the world. For me, personally, camping amidst the forest is always like a dreamy scenario.

Camping in Maldevta, Dehradun
Camping under the Stars

Imagine being surrounded by hills all covered with large, green trees, the river flowing nearby and the night sky filled with clear views of the stars and our galaxy at times.

Relax over the cold grass and witness the uncountable stars all spread over the sky for you to watch and try to understand the vastness of the universe, along with it’s magic.

You can find many resorts around the area where you can live inside camps with modern amenities, or you can ask the authorities or village panchayat for camping privately at a campground located nearby.

Also, the resorts offer a fun bonfire evening, where you can sit with friends or family members and share stories and legends and so much more – just making the night as memorable as possible.

Yoga & Meditation

Lastly, if you’re done with the hiking, camping and other stuff – Maldevta is also pretty famous for being a very peaceful and serene destination around Dehradun.

Maldevta Picnic Spot
Peaceful Spot for Nature Lovers

It is also considered as a perfect place to connect with our inner self through meditation and yoga. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, the tranquility of this destination provides you a conducive environment to relax, rejuvenate and find your inner peace.

The ambiance of the space here seems to be the most perfect place if you want to delve into the world of yoga and meditation and the magic that hides within it all.

The presence of fresh air and absence of the urban distractions, allows you to fully immerse yourself in your practice and helps you to achieve a deeper sense of relaxation and self-awareness.

Many visitors to this land of tranquility find physical flexibility, mental clarity and an emotional balance which people cannot have in the urban setting of their daily lives.

Is it worth visiting Maldevta?

Yes, visiting Maldevta is absolutely worth it. Offering a range of delightful experiences that make it a must-visit place for nature enthusiasts, adventurers and anyone looking for some unwinding in a peaceful setting.

Maldevta is worth visiting.
Maldevta is worth visiting.

Some compelling reasons, as per me, for why Maldevta is a worthy destination to visit:

  • Blessed with breathtaking natural beauty. Lush green landscapes, pristine riverbanks, dense forests, magical waterfalls and so much more await you on this interesting destination.
  • Escape from the city hustle bustle. It offers an oasis of peace and quietness which not many popular destinations can offer.
  • Indulge in the Adventure Opportunities. You can indulge in river rafting, trekking, hiking or camping. The thrilling experiences available here add an exciting dimension to your trip.
  • A paradise for photographers. It is a heavenly land for nature photographs. The stunning landscaped and the vibrant local life offers endless opportunities to capture beautiful moments.
  • Closer to other attractions. The easy access from Doon to Maldevta offers you to explore other nearby attractions such as Sahastradhara, Robber’s Cave, Tapkeshwar Temple and more.


Maldevta is a world of its own with vibrance of greens and blues and sunrise yellows spread all over each other like something of a masterpiece.

Maldevta Travel Guide
Wrappin’ it up

Tranquility, Nature, Adventure and Culture is what defines Maldevta in the most straightforward of senses. And that is what makes it one of the most immersive splendors of Uttarakhand.

Whether you seek relaxation from the stressful office work or just an adventurous weekend with your buddies or family, Maldevta Picnic Spot has something for everyone, making it a destination well worth your time and exploration.

Have you ever been to this wonderland? Tell in the comment box below your own personal hidden gems around the country.

Share the blog as much as you can.

That’s All Folks!

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