“High Beyond the Astral Sky, Lies a World Hidden from Sight”

What is Astral Projection?

All of us enthusiasts and psychological geeks out there have now, since so many years have an idea that our world, that we live in, is not the only world in the multiverse, right?

There are so many things we don’t know about, so many things we are finding, almost daily! and so many worlds out there. 

One such world, is known as Astral Plane: “the world where consciousness lives, a world where souls reside”. And the best thing about this place, is that you can travel there. No tickets. No money needed. No begging for leaves from your boss. All you need is meditation.

This trip within your own mind, to the Astral World, is called as Astral Projection. An ultimate Out-of-Body experience. Where, theoretically, your soul comes out of your vessel (body) and enters a different plane. A different world. An unknown world.  

Astral projection
Astral projection

There are many forums, groups and even self recorded videos of people telling their stories about Astral Projection and how their experience was. Just the thought of such a practice is really fascinating. Travelling through different realms, in our own mind. 

Concept of Astral Projection

Although this term might seem new to some of you, but it can be said without any doubt that unbeknownst to oneself, we all have experienced some amount of astral travel while asleep.

You know, those dreams of flying or visiting places you haven’t ever seen before. You might have read about many Yogis and spiritual Gurus talking about this concept, telling their stories about how they met their devotees while in a state of sleep, in an unknown place.

While in reality, their devotees might even be hundreds of kilometers away from them.   

There are theories which suggest when you wake up all of a sudden, or feel an inexplicable weird something in your body, it is basically your soul coming back home from Astral Travel.    Astral Travel is very much real and many researchers say that most of the times our soul might even be travelling to the Astral Place without us noticing it, as our body is asleep.  

Astral projection
Astral projection

How to do Astral Projection

Before we talk about How to do Astral Projection or Astral Travel, we must first believe that it is indeed real, and not a hoax.

The incredible idea of human souls leaving their bodies behind and travel through an inexplicable realm has been in talks and legends since old ages.

Out of body experiences have been recorded from many people of the modern world and from the shamans and gurus all around the world as well.

One thing you need to understand about the process, is that it can even be harmful. And you need to be careful and have a sense of control over your soul, when it travels. So it may return.  

One search on the massive world wide web and you will find many different documents – books, audios, videos etc. available to teach you the right process. Astral Projection is a natural process. To experience the process, to remember it, one needs meditation.   

Astral projection
Astral projection

In order to Astral Project your body, you need to have proper control over your mind. And that is achievable when you meditate. Before you head on to your Astral adventure, you need to practice meditation for days, even months.   

Astral Projection is a combination practice involving a lot of Meditation and Lucid Dreaming.   

Meditation makes you calm down your thoughts and hear the inner voice guiding you. While lucid dreaming, helps us to see and experience the world or Astral Plane.

How does Astral Projection feel like? An Out of Body Experience

Imagine floating around a hallway, flying from one corner to another. In a place which seems familiar, but isn’t quite.

Now Imagine turning downwards and seeing your own body lying over the bed. It’s your bed. Your room. But not quite. That is how it feels when you experience the first episode of an Out of Body Experience.

The world you see is an Astral Plane. A place where souls travel. People who have experienced it before have stated that it feels as if you’re actually out of yourself, out of your body, you even see your body lying there. Sleeping. And they say sometimes, it even feels real. 

Astral projection
Astral projection

Let’s try and imagine an Astral Travel together.  

As per the records of Astral Projection, here’s the basic story of how it goes. So you are out of your body. Your floating. It’s dark. The first thing you experience or see in the Astral World, is a form of light. The light is actually your guard.

A power to protect you. People have different forms of light which they came across during the trip. Some got a lantern, some a wooden stick on fire, some even a lightsaber! It depends. So you grab on the light and you start to explore.

This world, this unknown realm, it might actually look exactly the same as the real one. Except for the fact that you’re gliding above your body or vessel.

Also, some claim that it can be whatever world of whatever shape you want it to be.

Some people have even seen an amount of immediate future while in the Astral Plane and woken up to seeing the exact scene take place. It’s magical, incredible and a really spiritual experience.  

Astral projection
Astral projection

The Dark Side of Astral Travel

Astral Travel is said to be an experience you can never forget, and maybe even never understand completely, but is worth it. But every good thing, has a darkness behind it too, right?  

The Dark Side of Astral Travel was referred heavily in this amazing horror film franchise called Insidious. This concept was the thing that fascinated director James Wan to make a movie on. An exceptional movie.

The Dark Aspects of Astral Plane, referred as The Further in the movie, were made really clear in the storyline with the help of spooky visuals. And many researchers do believe that there can be some truth about the concept after all.  

Astral Travel
Astral Travel

So theoretically, when you Astral Body travels to this realm, it is still connected with the real body, through a silver cord – as light as a thread. This suggests that even when your body is empty, or without soul, it does not die due to the connection.  

But the dark part about the Astral Plane is that it is a place where souls travel, and where souls reside. Good souls, Bad souls, and maybe even a few evil ones.  

And these evil souls can sense a body, or an empty vessel from the real world. What they do next, is look for it. Many people in a phase of sleep paralysis have been noted to be seeing someone sitting over them. These are the wandering spirits trying to take control of the body.

They can attach themselves to your subconscious mind and try to scare you.   Some people even claim seeing the evil demonic spirits in their dreams, months or years after they astral projected.   

astral projection

Theories also suggest, that the connection of your soul and your body, that silver lining, is a very strong bond. Which the spirits cannot break on their own. 

But these spirits are really enigmatic and evil and even have plans to confuse your astral presence between what’s real and what’s not. The deeper your soul or Astral Body travels and indulges into confusion, the more the silver lining could loosen up. 

Times like these, is the major reason why people always say that the first step to learn How to Astral Project, is to learn meditation. Thorough Meditation. You need to have control over your body, your soul, and your subconsciousness.   

“You are stronger than them. You are alive!”

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  2. I had insidious movie in my mind while reading this and you mentioned it too in this blog. In this materliastic world it indeed a tough job to meditate and see your inner self consciously. But one can achieve that with practice. Beautifully written. Let's meet around the stars🌠⭐

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