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Getting Lost to Find Myself – Why Manali is an Emotion to Me?

If I ever get lost, Come find me in Manali!

I’ll be in the middle of the mystical meadows. Find me up somewhere in the snow-covered valley of Solang. Come look for me in the crowds of so many beautiful faces at the Mall Road. I will be in one of those incredible cute cafes where there’s a live band performing almost every night. You will find me humming those old school evergreen Bollywood sounds with the band.

Itinerary Himachal

Manali Itinerary for 2 days | How I Fell in Love with My Best Friend

“You. Me. A Lifetime of Adventures 💙 “ My exams were over and it was the time for winter holidays. I and my family had been thinking to go somewhere to chill for a few days but we didn’t have a place in mind yet. Then a few days later, it just came to me …