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Unique Guide to Murud Janjira Fort | Is Murud a Worthy Alternative to Goa?

Murud Janjira Fort is surrounded by the incredible Arabian Sea from all sides and has a reputation to be known as “a nearly unconquerable island-fort”.

This grabbed my attention and I researched about it to create a completely Unique Guide to Murud Janjira Fort and the things to do and places you can venture to if you ever find yourself in the small village of Murud.

Travel Destination

Why Elephanta Caves in Mumbai is Worth Visiting?

The Cave you fear to enter, Holds the treasure that you seek ! The World Heritage Site of Elephanta Caves in Mumbai, honestly didn’t cross our minds when we visited the City of Dreams for the first time a decade ago. We only visited the most infamous places in the city from the Gateway to …

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Myths and Stories of Deepavali, The Festival of Lights 2020 | Welcoming Hope in the Dark Night

 “Let the Light Shine out of your Darkness“ Ian Schneider | Unsplash The Myths And Stories of Deepavali, the Festival of Lights 2020  “It was a dark, moonless night. All the people were waiting outside their houses. Streets lit up with Diyas or lamps. Happiness and Hope spread throughout the city. Their King was coming …

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The Strange Phenomenon of Will o the Wisp | Aleya Ghost Lights in West Bengal

 “When Darkness prevailed, the lights would come” First of all, HAPPY HALLOWEEN PEOPLE!!!!! Halloween is known worldwide to be the celebration to ward off horrors while children dress up as their favorite spooky characters and go trick or treating. It is full of amazing adventures and incredible scares along with some very amazing parties throughout …


The Best Video Games that Inspire Travel in 2020

Video Games that Inspire Travel “Video Games foster the Mindset That Allows Creativity to Grow” Can we all just agree that we all have, somewhere in life, loved video games! Even if for just a small bit. Be it the small 8-bit games we found on the game stores back a century ago. Remember that …

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in the World 2020

“It’s a beautiful dream, A beautiful night. A beautiful world, When we dance in the light.” The Most Beautiful Places in the World The world we live in is an epitome of beauty and it is full of treasures. There are places both natural and manmade which burst out these amazing and extraordinary vibes out …

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Why The Rainbow Mountain in Peru is a Must Visit for Everyone ?!

 “It’s important to remember that we all have MAGIC inside of us” – J.K Rowling The Rainbow Mountain The world is straight-out fascinating. The most incredible places you will find in your travels will most of the time be the ones created by nature. The mountains, the beaches, the islands, the waterfalls, those incredible gorges, …