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Getting Lost to Find Myself – Why Manali is an Emotion to Me?

If I ever get lost, Come find me in Manali!

I’ll be in the middle of the mystical meadows. Find me up somewhere in the snow-covered valley of Solang. Come look for me in the crowds of so many beautiful faces at the Mall Road. I will be in one of those incredible cute cafes where there’s a live band performing almost every night. You will find me humming those old school evergreen Bollywood sounds with the band.

Blog Random Thoughts

“Into The Further We Go” | A Complete Guide to Astral Projection | Out-of-Body Experience

“High Beyond the Astral Sky, Lies a World Hidden from Sight” What is Astral Projection? All of us enthusiasts and psychological geeks out there have now, since so many years have an idea that our world, that we live in, is not the only world in the multiverse, right? There are so many things we don’t know about, …

Blog Random Thoughts

Journey Through the Mind of a Psychopath | The World We Live In

“Do we understand the world we live in? Do we have to?” “ I sometimes think that maybe all this is a lie. Like a massive fraud. Everything that we know. Everything that has been told to us. By our parents. By our teachers. Everything that is written. I want you to switch off your …

Blog Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts 03: No More Excuses

Time.   “Man, this job sucks! I have no time for myself.” “I don’t have no time for my family.” “If I had time, you know, I’d definitely be working on my dreams.”   Working on your dreams. Creating a blog, maybe. Working out. Spending some quality time with your family. All these were your …

Blog Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts 02: Three Phases of Love..!

Pic By Fabrizio Verrecchia   Love. What does it mean? Is it a feeling, an emotion, a devastating sensation, or something entirely different. Maybe Love is the most amazing thing in this world. Maybe Love is what holds us all together. Not just us humans. But the entire multiverse itself. Love can be different for …