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who built the Khajuraho Temples
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Who Built the Khajuraho Temples – The Legend, The Dream & The Prophecy

Khajuraho is a place with outstanding artistic structures and a unique history that unfolds right from the moment you head on through the streets and temples of the city. I have been to this mystical land – twice and learned about who built the Khajuraho Temples, why they were built and the history of the …

why vrindavan holi is famous
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Colors, Culture, Love and Magic ā€“ Why Vrindavan Holi is famous

In the season of cherry blossoms, liveliness and colors, I sit here in a resort looking out of this beautiful sliding glass door, towards the balcony, showcasing the land created with the “magic of love“. They call this place Vrindavan. (Vrinda means Tulsi or basil and Van means a forest). With some music playing in …