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The Strange Phenomenon of Will o the Wisp | Aleya Ghost Lights in West Bengal

 “When Darkness prevailed, the lights would come” First of all, HAPPY HALLOWEEN PEOPLE!!!!! Halloween is known worldwide to be the celebration to ward off horrors while children dress up as their favorite spooky characters and go trick or treating. It is full of amazing adventures and incredible scares along with some very amazing parties throughout …

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The Eternal Flame at the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan

“All hope abandon, ye who enter here” The Door to Hell We have all grown up listening to all the tales, seeing various movies and even reading many sorts of books about the topic of Creation. About how we came to be. About the world we live in. About the scripts in The Holy Bible. …

Horror Places to See Travel

Story Behind The Most Haunted Place on Earth

Most Haunted Place on Earth The world we live in, is full of places of mystery, magic, natural and man-made wonders, interesting adventures, extensive fjord systems, dreamy waterfalls, heavenly treks, glorious beaches and what not. Also, just beside the most glowing and lighted-up streets and the most famous spots all over the world, exist the …