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Unique Guide to Murud Janjira Fort | Is Murud a Worthy Alternative to Goa?

Murud Janjira Fort is surrounded by the incredible Arabian Sea from all sides and has a reputation to be known as “a nearly unconquerable island-fort”.

This grabbed my attention and I researched about it to create a completely Unique Guide to Murud Janjira Fort and the things to do and places you can venture to if you ever find yourself in the small village of Murud.

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Why Elephanta Caves in Mumbai is Worth Visiting?

The Cave you fear to enter, Holds the treasure that you seek ! The World Heritage Site of Elephanta Caves in Mumbai, honestly didn’t cross our minds when we visited the City of Dreams for the first time a decade ago. We only visited the most infamous places in the city from the Gateway to …

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Best Places to Visit in Rishikesh | Rishikesh Travel

“Sometimes, you need to get lost in the way, just to find yourself again” Rishikesh or “the Yoga Capital of the World” is known for its religious nature as well as the adventures it holds within. People from India as well as other beautiful places around the globe come to this Land of God to seek …

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A Day Trip to Haridwar | Haridwar Sightseeing

“It’s not what you look at that matters, It’s what you see.“ HARIDWAR, Also known worldwide as a doorway through which the Holy river Ganges descends towards the plains. One of the seven sacred cities of the Hindu religion – known as Sapta Puri, and a major pilgrimage center. People from around India as well as from …

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To God’s Own Country with Friends | Kerala, India

I did my Master’s in Travel and Tourism Management from Lucknow University. Now all colleges offering degrees in travel and tourism always include at least one college educational tour in their course. It happened in the end of our third semester. Now, let me tell y’all this, that this tour would have been planned without …

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The Way of Life in the History of Khajuraho

” If Poetry is Worship, Mine would be the Temples of Khajuraho “ Khajuraho is known to be a destination of Divineness and Desires of Humanity. Famed for the erotic sculptures carved down by hand on the temples’ outsides – which is depicted worldwide as one of the most sensational form of temple art, this place …