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Horror Blog United States

Story Behind The Most Haunted Place on Earth

Most Haunted Place on Earth The world we live in, is full of places of mystery, magic, natural and man-made wonders, interesting adventures, extensive fjord systems, dreamy waterfalls, heavenly treks, glorious beaches and what not. Also, just beside the most glowing and lighted-up streets and the most famous spots all over the world, exist the …

Blog North East India

World’s Only Floating National Park | Keibul Lamjao National Park, Manipur

World’s ONLY Floating National Park The world we live in includes many fascinating and extraordinary places through and through. Anything you could think of, there’ll be a high probability of the thing existing in some or the other corner of the world. This world is indeed beautiful and it sometimes could be quite a mess, …

Blog Thailand

The Legend of the Snake Rock | Khong Long Lake, Thailand

  Snakes. What comes into your mind when you hear that word? Well, they have always seemed pretty terrifying to me. Snakes have been engraved into all our cultures, whether you are from anywhere around the world. The Serpents have been depicted in our religious scripts with utmost importance. Some cultures depict them as a …