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Getting Lost to Find Myself – Why Manali is an Emotion to Me?

If I ever get lost, Come find me in Manali!

I’ll be in the middle of the mystical meadows. Find me up somewhere in the snow-covered valley of Solang. Come look for me in the crowds of so many beautiful faces at the Mall Road. I will be in one of those incredible cute cafes where there’s a live band performing almost every night. You will find me humming those old school evergreen Bollywood sounds with the band.

Blog Random Thoughts

“Into The Further We Go” | A Complete Guide to Astral Projection | Out-of-Body Experience

“High Beyond the Astral Sky, Lies a World Hidden from Sight” What is Astral Projection? All of us enthusiasts and psychological geeks out there have now, since so many years have an idea that our world, that we live in, is not the only world in the multiverse, right? There are so many things we don’t know about, …

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Myths and Stories of Deepavali, The Festival of Lights 2020 | Welcoming Hope in the Dark Night

 “Let the Light Shine out of your Darkness“ Ian Schneider | Unsplash The Myths And Stories of Deepavali, the Festival of Lights 2020  “It was a dark, moonless night. All the people were waiting outside their houses. Streets lit up with Diyas or lamps. Happiness and Hope spread throughout the city. Their King was coming …

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Why The Rainbow Mountain in Peru is a Must Visit for Everyone ?!

 “It’s important to remember that we all have MAGIC inside of us” – J.K Rowling The Rainbow Mountain The world is straight-out fascinating. The most incredible places you will find in your travels will most of the time be the ones created by nature. The mountains, the beaches, the islands, the waterfalls, those incredible gorges, …

Blog Depression

Behind Closed Doors | The Demon Inside My Head

“Because we are a generation of Broken Hearts and Broken People”   There are Demons, even inside the most smartest of brains. They stay behind closed doors of the human mind. They do not just creep in, in the middle of a night. Or when you think you’re the most depressed. They are always there, …

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World’s Only Floating National Park | Keibul Lamjao National Park, Manipur

World’s ONLY Floating National Park The world we live in includes many fascinating and extraordinary places through and through. Anything you could think of, there’ll be a high probability of the thing existing in some or the other corner of the world. This world is indeed beautiful and it sometimes could be quite a mess, …


Lucid Dreams | Travel within your Soul

” Let your dreams lead you to where your soul knows it belongs “  What is a Lucid Dream? Imagine going to sleep one night, normally, just like you do always. Imagine having a dream, about anything. And then, imagine being Awake in that dream. Imagine that amidst the dream, you suddenly realize that you are …

Blog Places to See Travel

The Legend of the Snake Rock | Khong Long Lake, Thailand

  Snakes. What comes into your mind when you hear that word? Well, they have always seemed pretty terrifying to me. Snakes have been engraved into all our cultures, whether you are from anywhere around the world. The Serpents have been depicted in our religious scripts with utmost importance. Some cultures depict them as a …